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Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Weekly Roundup: The Best Slice Of Pizza In NYC, Blue Wine Is Now Trending and A Tribute To Porchetta




  • At Chelsea Market, Retail Growth and Vertical Flatline: High above and down below, big plans are in the works for Chelsea Market — but the building’s vertical expansion has been delayed, as Jamestown searches for an anchor tenant.
  • The Wayland Team Introduces a Stylish, Healthy-ish High Line Spot: The East Village's the Wayland and Good Night Sonny have a certain cool factor without any of the usual accompanying pretension. Let's hope that will translate to owners Robert Ceraso and Jason Mendenhall's new west-side concept, the Wild Son, which opens on Monday. 
    • The Wayland Team Opens MePa ‘Health’ Restaurant The Wild Son Today: Cocktail bar mavens Robert Ceraso and Jason Mendenhall — the partners behind The Wayland and Good Night Sonny — now have a less-boozy daytime restaurant near the High Line called The Wild Son. The restaurant at 53 Little West 12th St. opened today and currently only serves breakfast and lunch, with a menu focused on the "healthy philosophy" of eating grains, vegetables, meat, and fish.  

  • The Hamptons Top 10 Eateries: The trendy taqueria chain Tacombi opens its doors in Montauk this summer, offering a low-key alternative to the town’s fish-heavy fare just a few minutes from the Ditch Plains breaks.

  • World's 35 Best Ice Cream Parlors 2016: Historians tell us that the Chinese invented ice cream, and Chinatown Ice Cream Factory makes a good case for a long expertise (30 years!) in the craft, with delicious handmade flavors like pineapple, black sesame, red bean, and lychee — and those are just the “regular” flavors!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Weekly Roundup: The World's 50 Best Restaurants, The Best Iced Coffee in NYC and Foods of NY Tours In The News

  • My Weekly Obsession: Foods of New York Tours: Thanks to Foods of New York tours, we’ve had the opportunity to learn about the history, culture, and food in districts of the city that we may have not been able to explore as deeply without this tour company. We’ve had the pleasure of learning from the best tour guides in NYC, and experiencing restaurants that are local and family owned.
  • Greenwich Village Food Tour: Our tour guide was Joanna, who was very lively and helpful. She walked us around the place giving us food and telling us the stories of the restaurants and shops we visited. 

  • Sunday Funday Drunch Now Begins At 10 A.M. On Sundays: If anyone believed one lone assemblyman would stop New Yorkers from having their Sunday brunch and drinking it too, they clearly underestimate the state's zest for alcohol. Since earlier this spring, some lawmakers have been trying to lift the archaic blue laws that prevented alcohol sales before noon on Sundays. Yesterday, Governor Cuomo announced a successful completion of this task, with the new booze-forward legislation happening as soon as this weekend.
  • NYC’s Food Cart System Is Preying On Working Class Immigrants, Report Finds: The regulations surrounding food cart vendor permits has led to a black market that leaves many vendors — mostly working class immigrants — earning less than minimum wage, according to a report from Crain’s.
  • The Absolute Best Iced Coffee in New York: For many people, the arrival of warm weather also means the return of iced coffee, but this is a landscape fraught with peril, since so many places offer subpar versions. When done right, though, cold coffee is a wonderfully smooth, subtly aromatic staple of summer. These four spots definitely won’t disappoint.
  • Behind the Brisket: A Night With the Pit Masters Before the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party.  The sixteenth annual Big Apple Barbecue Block Party would be loud and hot, and frantic. But for now, the third-generation pit master from North Carolina’s Skylight Inn and Sam Jones BBQ didn’t seem concerned.

  • FDA Warns Whole Foods to Fix ‘Serious’ Food-Safety Violations: The FDA has delivered a rather severe letter to the grocery chain demanding it address, ASAP, a long list of problems inspectors uncovered at a food-prep plant in Massachusetts. Among their documented health hazards are ready-to-eat foods stored (and even prepped) under a ceiling leaking condensation, dirty dishes piled up near food, drums of "unidentified" chemicals, employees packaging quinoa cakes without washing hands, as well as Listeria welshimeri just hangin' out in the frankly very important sounding Veg Prep Room. 
  • You Want Tastier Coffee? Freeze Beans, Then Grind.  Colder beans produce smaller, more consistently sized particles when ground, yielding more flavor from less coffee, according to a study published in Scientific Reports.
  • The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2016: The Full List of Winners: The annual rankings, which have been criticized for their lack of female-run restaurants, their tendency to favor expensive European-style tasting menus, and their lenient attitude toward judges accepting free meals, were announced at a ceremony in New York this evening.


  • Wilfie & Nell Team Taking Over Massive Former Oliver’s City Tavern Space in West Village: The people behind trendy bars-with-good-food Wilfie & Nell, The Wren, and The Penrose will soon be making their mark on one of the West Village’s biggest bar spaces. The Bua Bar Group, which runs six bars city-wide, has taken over the former Oliver’s City Tavern space at 190 West Fourth St. for a new bar with former Ai Fiori chef PJ Calapa.
  • Vinyl Mania Can’t Save the Greenwich Village Record Stores: “Music stores encapsulate a moment in history,” said Emily Judem, co-director of “For the Records,” a documentary about the demise of the Manhattan music mecca Bleecker Bob’s in 2013. “When you walk into one, they bring you back to a time that seems to be disappearing.”  That’s especially true in Greenwich Village.

  • Where to Find the Best Mochi Desserts in New York: Sweet, soft, pillowy and addictive, mochi is like a marshmallow, but so much better. The popular Japanese sweet rice cake has become a dessert sensation in New York, finding its way into sundaes, pastries and even donuts. Here’s your guide to the greatest mochi desserts the city has to offer.  

  • REVIEW: Frankel's Delicatessen. Frankel’s is not another Russ & Daughters. And it’s not even close to Sadelle’s. But it’s just as worthy of your Saturday morning.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Weekly Roundup: NYC's Hottest Pizzerias, 50 Best Restaurants Runners-up and Carla Hall's Southern Kitchen Opens

  • David Bouley Plans to Retool His Restaurants, and Himself: The long-influential chef, snowy-haired and preternaturally vigorous at 63, looked up from the pad to make sure he was getting through. Then he continued. “Bouley is Relocating,” he scribbled, to a new space that will accommodate only 20 to 25 seats and open only five days a week.
  • Jackson Hole UWS Location Closes After More Than 40 Years: The Upper West Side of local diner burger and diner chain Jackson Hole has closed after more than 40 years in business, according to a report from West Side Rag. The neighborhood blog spotted a sign on the papered up windows at the restaurant at 517 Columbus Ave., announcing the closure and thanking locals. "It is with great regret that we have decided to close our doors after 42 years in business," the sign says.
  • Lawmakers Are Fighting to Prevent a Plastic-Bag Fee in NYC: New Yorkers may be saved from the city's grocery-bag tax before even paying a cent on it. The surcharge, which was passed by City Hall a month ago, is proving massively unpopular with lawmakers up in Albany, the Daily News reports.
  • New York City's Hottest Pizzerias, Spring/Summer 2016: While it seems that we already have an abundance of pizza options here in NYC, not just representing our own clearly defined style, but also numerous regional variations, there's always room for more.

  • Here’s the ‘World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ List of Runners-up: Despite the name, the minds behind the controversial "World's 50 Best Restaurants" list remain unable to actually narrow it down to 50 entries. Today the organization released its list of runners-up, numbers 51 through 100, in advance of the full lineup's reveal next week on June 13.
    •  Thomas Keller's Per Se and French Laundry Drop Off World's 50 Best List: Chef Thomas Keller, whom some regard as one of the godfathers of the modern American tasting menu scene, saw both of his pricey venues, the French Laundry and Per Se, fall into the back fifty. That's a heck of a drop given than the Laundry, now coming in at No. 85, occupied the No.1 spot in 2003 and 2004, while Per Se, now No. 52 was No. 6 in 2013. 
  • Drinker’s Dozen: Sweet Treats Get a Boozy Boost.  Putting alcohol in a dessert seems like a great idea until you're staring down a gut-bomb rum cake or sickly-sweet bourbon balls at a family dinner. When it comes to these classics, too much of two kinds of a good thing is less than wonderful. 
  • How To Make An Egg White Omelet Actually Taste Good: Egg white omelets don’t have the best reputation.  More often than not, an egg white omelet is a bland, rubbery, sad excuse for a breakfast, but not always.  There is a way to make egg white omelets actually taste good, and we’re going to share it with you.


  • The Absolute Best Restaurant in the West Village: It is all of those things combined, filtered through the singular vision of Rita Sodi, a self-taught chef who opened the place as an extension of her own home table and a tribute to her mother’s country-Tuscan cooking.
  • NYC's Rebel Rebel Records To Close Due to Rent Hike: Hot on the heels of the news that influential East Village record store Other Music will shut its doors next month, Greenwich Village's Rebel Rebel Records has announced that it's going to call it quits, too. The news marks a sad closing chapter after almost 28 years in business at 319 Bleecker Street.
  • THINGS YOU DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT BIG GAY ICE CREAM: Here are 10 things you didn’t know about the phenomenally popular soft-serve outlet.

  • 9 Secret Streets in New York City: Washington Mews, Greenwich Village One block north of Washington Square Park, this cobblestone street is lined with horse stables and homes dating from the 19th century.

  • Historic Gansevoort Street Revamp Advances With LPC Approval: A low-slung stretch of landmarked Gansevoort Street will begin a new chapter in its history. The Landmarks Preservation Commission has approved developers William Gottlieb Real Estate and Aurora Capital Partners' proposal to recast the south side of Gansevoort between Greenwich and Washington streets as high-end retail, offices, and eateries. 
  • At La Sirena, the Pleasures and Pitfalls of a Big Restaurant: Descending from a room in the Maritime Hotel upstairs and settling in for pancakes made with mascarpone and crushed almond cookies after the kitchen opens at 7 a.m. Casing the bar at night. Backing up to frame a picture that will prove they ate at Mario Batali’s new restaurant, his first in New York City since Eataly came along.

  • Inside Carla Hall's Southern Kitchen, a Brooklyn Chicken Shack With a Country Vibe: Many TV chefs like to go big when they open their restaurants — see Gato, La Sirena, or even Guy's American. But for her first-ever proper restaurant, The Chew's co-host Carla Hall decided to go small. The tiny space that was once Whiskey Soda Lounge is now a fast-casual restaurant dedicated to Nashville-style hot chicken — available in several different spice levels — and hearty side dishes. 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Weekly Roundup: Anthony Bourdain's Blade Runner Inspired Market, Riis & Rockaway Beach Season Eats and Badass NYC Female Chefs

  • Greenwich Village food tour, New York: Manhattan's ultimate foodie experience - the 'walking picnic: Pace your eating, is our guide Bert James' advice, but from the twinkle in his eye he doesn't really mean it. We've come to the west side of Lower Manhattan to do a "walking picnic" – otherwise known as the Greenwich Village gourmet food and culture tour. There will be food.

  • Anthony Bourdain’s “Blade Runner” inspired market coming to New York’s Pier 57: Bourdain envisions a Blade Runner – inspired Hawkers Market in the heart of the sprawling 1952 structure on New York’s Hudson River. 
  • MEET THE MOST BADASS FEMALE CHEFS IN NEW YORK: If the modern culinary landscape has taught us anything, it’s that women are a force to be reckoned with. But even in an age where there’s a totally female-focused food outlet like Cherry Bombe; consecutive women being named editor-in-chief of Food & Wine; and big wins for women at the James Beard awards, female chefs still don’t get the same airtime as their male counterparts.
  • All The New Things To Eat & Drink At Rockaway Beaches This Summer: It seemed like there were an unusually large number of new restaurants and concessions opening out on Rockaway last summer, and the good news is that the best of the bunch are back to feed all of our beautiful beach bodies once again. 
    • What to Eat at Riis Beach this Season: Not to be outdone by the Rockaways, nearby Riis Beach has significantly upped its food game in recent years.  So now, instead of slinging frozen burgers and fries from one or two dingy stands, they’ve lined the boardwalk with 18 notable, highly unique vendors — from Wild Feast Foods and its Atlantic-caught fish dishes, to the shawarma-serving Samesa and Coney Dog-slinging Ed & Bev’s, both courtesy of the infamous Sussman brothers. 

  • The Best, Weirdest And Most Disgusting Candy At The Sweets & Snacks Expo: Chicago played host to the behemoth trade show known as the Sweets & Snacks Expo for another year this past week, and we were on-hand to sample (okay, stuff our faces) with the newest and "most innovative" products to be found on the trade-show floor.
  • FDA Finally Takes a Stand Against the Food Supply’s Crazy-High Sodium Levels: The FDA finally gave the food industry a strong incentive today to cool it with the insane amount of salt it crams into what people eat. The agency has long tsk-tsked Americans for their sodium intake, noting that it's linked to a variety of health problems, but this move marks the first major step by the government to curb salt content at the source.
  • General Mills Just Recalled 10 Million Pounds of Flour Over E. Coli Fears: Hold the measuring cup if you're planning on baking. General Mills issued a voluntary recall Tuesday for 10 million pounds of its Gold Meal, Wondra, and Signature Kitchen brands of flour due to the possibility that they may be contaminated with E. coli. 
  • The Eater Guide to the Whole Entire World: We tapped dozens of local experts to open the doors to the best, the coolest, the weirdest, the most inspiring culinary experiences a traveler can have — in short, these maps are exactly what we want to have at our fingertips when we step off a plane.


  • Meet the Legendary Dosa Man of Washington Square Park: It's strangely difficult to describe what a dosa is. The "NYDosas" street cart, operated by Thiru Kumar, tries to get ahead of this with a sign that reads: "A crepe made of rice and lentils." Yes, that is technically true, but dosas are so much more than that: South Indian in origin, vegan, crunchy, sizable, cylindrical, cinematic, made from a fermented batter... whatever they are, they're insanely delicious, and Kumar, aka "The Dosa Man," makes the finest in the city.

  • Chelsea Market owner doubles down on retail space: Jamestown, the real estate investment firm that owns Chelsea Market, is planning to double the building’s lease-able space by renovating the mostly unused lower level of the property to add 80,000 square feet of retail space.

  • The Meatball Shop’s Sauce Hits Shelves: Plenty of regulars at the Meatball Shop savor the tomato sauce that often accompanies those meatballs. Now, they can take it home.
  • Summer Places: Dispatch From Pig Beach.  The most important aspect of a summer place is a summery outlook, partly expressed through the selection of food and drink, partly through a build-out that invites carefree lingering. Here begins an Eater series on New York City’s greatest summer refuges, with some hints on what to eat and sip.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Weekly Roundup: Your Memorial Day NYC Dining Guide, Walt Disney Worlds Food Theme Park and This Season's Beach Restaurants

  • Memorial Day Dining Guide 2016: While we’re in no real hurry to see the end of spring, it’s hard not to get excited for the seafood-slurping, beach-going, barbecue-scented onslaught of summer.  And since Memorial Day weekend is essentially the gateway to the season, you’ll want to celebrate it in style!  From a crawfish boil at John Fraser’s Narcissa to fish tacos and rum punch at Brooklyn’s Barge Bar…
  • NYC Beach Restaurants 2016: The Newest Eats at The Rockaways, Coney Island, Jacob Riis: It may not feel like it quite yet, but it's almost beach season here in New York. Some seasonal vendors have already started opening up for the summer, and many more will make their debuts in the coming weeks. Tons of new eating and drinking options have popped up since last year.  Here's a preview of what to eat at the beach this summer…
  • 8 Secret Off-the-Menu Dishes in NYC: Evidenced by the bevy of unmarked storefronts and speakeasy-style bars, NYC's dining scene thrives on insider info. In partnership with Bravo's new digital series, Going Off the Menu (hosted by Liza de Guia and Russell Jackson), we're delving into some of the city's tastiest off-menu treats. From hidden fish 'n' chips to a secret burger, impress your pals during your next meal out by ordering one of these hot off-the-menu dishes. 
  • And GQ's 12 Best New Restaurants of 2016 Are...A year spent eating our way across America to find the chefs pushing food forward, the trends that we hope become classics, and the new restaurants that we’re sure will become old favorites in due time. All chosen by our freshly minted eater-in-chief, Brett Martin.

  • The Future of Vegan Food Could Include Artificial Oysters and Veggie-Based Blue Cheese: It's been a banner year for meat-free proteins, with Silicon Valley investors dropping millions into bunches of promising vegan-friendly start-ups. And now a new report from Bloomberg says the vegan-food-tech world could soon have its first billion-dollar company in Hampton Creek, the maker of Just Mayo vegan spread. 
  • Walt Disney World Basically Just Opened A Theme Park For Food: If you vacationed at Walt Disney World in the past few years, you probably wound up at Downtown Disney, grabbing a table at Planet Hollywood or eating dinner beside a larger-than-life dinosaur in a Mesozoic Era-themed restaurant. While the old classics still remain (yes, T-Rex is as busy as ever), so, so much has changed since your past visit.
  • Memorial Day Grilling Checklist: Summer is unofficially upon us, and what better way to welcome it than with a spectacular Memorial Day cookout? Here’s everything you need to know to lift your grilling game, pick the perfect hot-weather beers and more. Your summer is going to be just delicious.


  • Amazon Begins Food Delivery From Top Restaurants For Prime Customers In NYC: Blue Ribbon, Juniors, John’s Pizza, Umami Burger And More:  Amazon has begun food delivery to customers in Manhattan from some of the borough's top restaurants as part of its new Prime Now food delivery service. Among the trendy eateries on the menu are Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken, Umami Burger, John's of Bleecker Street and Junior's Restaurant & Cheesecake.

  • The Hangman's Elm: The oldest living tree in Manhattan comes shrouded in sinister legend.
  • New Greenwich Village Location of Pommes Frites Finally Opens: Major reopening alert: Pommes Frites is back. After months of delays, the popular East Village French fry counter that was destroyed in the Second Avenue gas explosion reopened TODAY at its new location in Greenwich Village. The owners announced the grand opening plans on Sunday night. The new outpost at 128 MacDougal St. features more seating and more deep fryers than the old one, co-owner Omer Shorshi said. 

  • Restaurant/Orange Pajama Pants Emporium Spice Market to Leave its MePa Home: Spice Market — a restaurant where the servers are dressed like they're attending a slumber party sponsored by Fanta — is being forced to leave its home at 403 West 13th Street. The Real Deal reports that the building's new landlord, Midtown Equities, is planning to boot  Jean-Georges Vongerichten's 12-year-old restaurant and its neighbor, the furniture store Vitra, when their leases are up next year. 
  • First Look: Dizengoff, the Philly Hummusiya, Opens in Chelsea Market.  The duo behind Philly's acclaimed Zahav and Federal Donuts finally opened their long-awaited outpost of their casual Israeli concept Dizengoff, in Chelsea Market. "We’ve always been sort of interested/terrified of New York," says partner Steve Cook, one half of Cook n Solo (along with famed chef Michael Solomonov), "but it's only natural that we'd be curious about it. It’s the food capital of the world and where I fell in love with food.

  • Ich&Kar Opens French Cheese Board, a New Concept Store in Nolita:  Located just down the street from McNally Jackson Books along a quiet stretch of Spring St., French Cheese Board has opened, a concept store in a corner of town that has always bubbled with retail experiments. Helena Ichbiah, one half of Ich&Kar, the French design duo who created the store, was quick to assure that the concept was not just about selling—she wants guests to take their time and enjoy an authentic experience of the culture from the moment they enter.

  • The Absolute Best Ramen in New York: Since the first craze of the 2000s, the city’s scene has expanded well beyond its original territory in the East Village and midtown, raising the stakes, introducing new styles, and increasing New Yorkers’ expectations. Here, the city’s five best ramen spots as defined by the excellence of their broths, the quality of their noodles, and the thoughtfulness of preparation. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Weekly Roundup: David Chang's Ando Launches, Restaurant Workers Get Overtime Raise and The Best Dim Sum Restaurants In America

  • Super-Chill Governor Cuomo Wants to Let Brunchers Drink Before Noon: The rule's been around since Fiorello La Guardia was New York City's mayor, and it turns out Cuomo himself maintains a pretty forceful dislike of it: "The law was created 80 years ago right after Prohibition," he told reporters yesterday. "It is the most bizarre, arcane, frustrating, maddening law that you could imagine."
  • Meet the Author Whose New Novel Is All About New York Restaurant Culture: Like many writers, Stephanie Danler has also held more than a few restaurant gigs, working in well-regarded places like Tía Pol, Buvette, and Union Square Cafe. But unlike other authors, who treat their day jobs as nothing more than a way to pay the bills, Danler channeled her experience into a debut novel, Sweetbitter, which is out next week
  • Upper West Side Charmer Telepan Closes After 10 Years in Business: The Upper West Side just lost a bit of its culinary soul. Bill Telepan sends word that last night was the final service at his excellent farm-to-table restaurant, Telepan. The chef explains: "Like most restaurants, we operate with very small margins. As our costs go up each year and our revenue has not kept pace, we have been operating at a loss and cannot sustain the business."  
  • AndoWatch 2016: Cheesesteak Bibs, $60 Order Cap, Vegetarian Dishes on the Way.  David Chang's enigmatic new restaurant Ando launched earlier this week with service for 200 people, and a delivery range limited to Midtown East.  Throughout the week, Team Ando has been sending access codes to more customers, and now, bits of information are starting to leak from the Momo Mothership that suggest that Chang has some very big surprises in store for this new venture.

  • Amazon Will Launch Its Own Private-Label Foods: Amazon couldn't stand everyone else getting their own cool meal-delivery kit, but apparently that's not the only new push it wants to make into the food world. The company will reportedly launch several new lines of private-label brands with an emphasis on food and household items and a potential lineup including baby food, coffee, cooking oil, nuts, snack foods, spices, tea, and vitamins.
  • Obama’s New Overtime Rules Will Give Restaurant Workers Much-Deserved Raises: President Barack Obama is raising wages unilaterally because he can't raise wages through Congress. It's pretty incredible when you think about it: In the face of staggering income inequality, wealth inequality, and stagnant pay — even during a time of economic growth, when workers should be getting raises — Republicans in Congress have blocked the president's effort to increase the minimum wage from $7.25 per hour, a paltry $15,000 a year, to $10.10 per hour. 
  • The First Role for Many Actors: Waiter.  While waiting for their big break, many performers put in time as waiters and at other food service jobs. They may not be on Broadway yet, but they often toil in tantalizing proximity, either at restaurants in or near the theater district or as servers at glitzy parties with boldface guests.
  • Ben & Jerry’s New Flavor ‘Empower Mint’ Is More Political And Punny Than Ever: Called Empower Mint, the creamy peppermint ice cream was launched as part of the brand’s Democracy Is In Your Hands campaign, a yearlong effort to bring attention to social issues, such as voter ID laws in North Carolina that Ben & Jerry’s says “disproportionately keep African-Americans and other minorities from casting their ballots, confusing registration processes and shorten[ing] early voting periods.”


  • Bleecker Street locals weigh in on empty storefronts and commercialization: It’s manifested in more than 15 empty storefronts between Christopher Street and LaGuardia Place and the juxtaposition of small businesses with big-box brands and high-end fashion boutiques in the shopping district.  Locals would love to see the strip returned to its mom-and-popglory, when institutions like Bleecker Street Records and Aphrodisia Herb Shoppe attracted throngs of tourists and community patrons. But challenges stand in the way, none bigger than commercial rent prices.
  • The Absolute Best Doughnut in New York: The Doughnut Project: The “everything” doughnut, sesame seeded with a whiff of dehydrated garlic, seems like a shameless bid for a particular kind of Instagram fame. Same to the jumbo chocolate-bone-marrow, a holdover from the West Village shop’s recent “Meat Week,” which seems like a hybrid PR stunt and Dickensian punishment but still ends up fairly delicious. 

  • Vegan Hotspot By Chloe Opening New Location In South Street Seaport: Uber trendy veggie burger destination By Chloe is opening a huge new outpost in the Seaport District — the third big name to announce restaurant locations in the Howard Hughes Corporation's downtown development plan. The West Village restaurant will take over 2,500-square-feet of space on Front Street by 2017, and diners will be able to eat food in the restaurant or to-go.

  • How One Business Owner Grew to Be the Big Apple’s Go-To Cookie Shop: Eleni Gianopulos is celebrating the 20th anniversary of her company, Eleni’s New York. What started as a classic cookie company run out of Eleni’s kitchen is now well-known in the Big Apple and across the country as the go-to place for adorable and intricately decorated sugar cookies, homemade classic drop cookies, and eye-catching and delicious cupcakes.
  • Hummus Sensation Dizengoff Will Open in New York Next Week: As of now, the Chelsea Market stand will open officially May 25 — and, just maybe, earlier — serving five types of hummus and three salatim, or vegetable salads, all day every day, and breakfast shakshuka until 11:30 a.m. The beer will be local, the wine Israeli, and the frozen mint lemonade spiked with bourbon, if desired.
  • High Street on Hudson, A Review: High Street on Hudson draws crowds at most hours of the day, some for their excellent breakfast, many for the amazing sandwiches they offer during lunch, and dinner is usually bumping too, when the menu turns more advanced and adventurous. We've been various times for various meals, and we like High Street a lot. They certainly do a lot of things, and they do a lot of them well.

  • The 16 best dim sum restaurants in America: Given Doyers Street’s notoriously grisly gang wars in the early 20th century, it’s a surprise that the original owners of Nom Wah decided to set up a dainty tea shop there in 1920, turning out reputation-making moon cakes. Today, the biggest fight on the block is the weekend wait for Nom Wah—now the oldest dim sum parlor in the city. 
  • Taste-Testing Durian, The World's Smelliest Fruit: ’Tis the season for durian, the large, notoriously pungent fruit native to Southeast Asia. If you’ve never tried durian before, the experience is pretty unlike that of eating any other fruit—or food, for that matter. 

  • Brooklyn Brewery To Open Huge Brewery, Rooftop Restaurant at Brooklyn Navy Yard: Following in the footsteps of Russ & Daughters and the Mast Brothers, Brooklyn Brewery confirmed this weekend that they, too, will be planting a massive production facility at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The Williamsburg-based brewery signed a 40-year lease for 75,000-square-feet at the Navy Yard — space to be used for offices, a brewery, and a huge rooftop beer garden and restaurant. 

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