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Monday, January 12, 2009

Are you Hungry??

Well we're just about stuffed! And for good reason.
Let's get right to the point...

Over many years (nine, to be exact) of providing Culinary Walking Tours of downtown NYC we have become quite adept at finding the best of the best. A pat on the back (and a fully belly) for us!

Through painstaking efforts (lots of tasting, testing, nibbling, gnawing and all around general biting) we have scoured the city to find the BEST BITES.

We've decided that is is our duty, our obligation and our mission to begin to share these secrets with you.

We've organized our thoughts into convenient and digestible nuggets for you to bite at - and each week we will provide to you, our top three winners for each theme or food group of that week. We will inform you of our opinions - of what we consider to be the best of the best in our favorite downtown neighborhoods.

If you'd like to write us and give us suggestions for a food you'd like us to cover, feel free to send away to with the subject heading: BLOG BITE IDEA.

From sweets to savories and from hot soups to cooling gelatos - our goal is to give you the inside scoop into our culinary walking tour - just without as much walking.

Of course if you'd like to taste all of our recommendations with a guide by your side - sign any and all of our walks though the neighhood - complete with food tastings included.

And WELCOME to the first entry of the Foods of New York Blog. And EAT UP!

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