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Friday, July 24, 2009

In the Need for an Icy Treat?

You wanted it and now you got it: Summertime is upon us!

Those lazy, crazy, hazy and hot days of summer are here - and with August around the corner - it's only going to get worse. Well, bring on the heat - because we've got the treat - that will cool you down so much that you might start suffering from February Flashbacks.

Cold weather: STAY AWAY! Cooling beverages: BRING IT ON!

Here, below, are 3 of our favorite icy treats.


I can't imagine two more perfect symbols of summer: fresh lemonade and sweet juicy strawberries. Put them together and you won't be able to control the summertime joy that will emanate from your soul.

Run right over (Well, ok don't run. We know, it's hot out.) to Once Upon a Tart ( featured on our Central Village/SoHo Tour ) and pick up once of these tasty beverages.

But if you want to know which is the best tart in the shop, well then you'll just have to take the tour.

Drink up & enjoy! But get it fast... because it's only for summertime!

MIDDLE BITE: Cool off with a Cone

There is no wrong time to eat gelato.
In fact, a few of us over at Foods of NY have been known to eat it 3 times a day.
But this is only on rare special occasions and trips to Italy!

And don't worry your little head about your one-a-day habit. In fact, gelato has a lower fat content than ice cream. The italians knew what they were doing on this one. Typical American ice cream has 13-15% fat while gelato comes in at a low 5-8%. We likey!

Our FAV little west village spot for gelato is L'ARTE DEL GELATO. And if you take the Original Greenwich Village Tour you get a coupon for a FREE little cone of your own. Because when it comes to gelato, sharing is not an option.

Enjoy your free cone today - just come on by and take the tour!


Summer is a time for freedoms and for the pleasures that we don't often allow in the cold of winter. It is a time for tank tops and sunburned shoulders (just don't forget the SPF).
Summer is a sunny, sparkly kind of time.

A perfect time for SPARKLING SAKES from our newest favorite spot in the West Village.
If you take the Greenwich Village Tour - we'll tell you all about these fun & fruity drinks.

Try our favorite - the Asian Pear Sparkling Sake!

That complete's our list of bites - or sips and licks in this case.
So cool off and take a breezy summertime walk with us.

We'll see you on the streets!!
--Amy Bandolik for Foods of New York

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