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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Your Photos Make My Life

One of my favorite things about working for Foods of New York Tours is the photos. No, not our pictures; your pictures. Pretty much daily, people who have taken tours share the pictures they took during the tours on our Facebook page (if you didn't know, each month we choose one picture submitter to win two free tour tickets). And yeah, it's great to win free stuff. But the best part about all these photos is that we get to relive the tours over and over through your eyes!

And it's so interesting to see what people document.

Let's Take a Look

Many people take pictures of their tour guides (sometimes immortalizing priceless moments or really capturing their personalities in the process)...

Tour Guide Bert with treats from Faicco's
Photo by Janet Noh
Tour Guide Anny
Feb 2012 Winning Photo by Donald Murphy

Some people document the food specifically and/or themselves enjoying it. It's always fun to see people loving the food.

Half-slice of Joe's pizza on the Greenwich Village Tour
Photo by Naldy Diaz (see more here)

Indian food wrap from Masala Times
Photo by Kassi Farkas

Some of my favorite photos are the ones that people take of the scenery, architecture, and other interesting things they see on the tours that are not necessarily food-related. It's a food tour, sure, but you get a healthy dose of NYC culture, too.

Beautiful, understated door in Greenwich Village
Photo by Naldy Diaz

Weird things happen in New York City...
Photo by Heike Joerss-Schultz (and lots more here)

Then, of course, there are the ever-meticulous bloggers who take our tours and document every moment, like The Taste of Travel, who recently reviewed our new Nolita tour. It's the honest feedback from bloggers and other tasters that really help us better our tours all the time. (So if you write a blog post about us, or have already written one, make sure we know about it!)

With all our different tour guides, and the weather changing every day, and varying conditions in Manhattan all the time, and us changing the tasting stops on the tours every so often, no two tours end up being exactly alike. And this is such a great thing!

So please, keep sharing your photos. You could win two free tour tickets! But more importantly, they make me happy.

In Other News...

  • We were honored earlier this week to accept a 2012 Village Award from the Greenwich Village Society for Historical Preservation. It's important to us that we genuinely contribute to our "home" neighborhood, so being honored in this way is truly special.
  • Check out Tour Guide Kerianne's shoes featured in New York Magazine's sidewalk survey of New Yorkers' feet. See if you can pick hers out!
  • We're now sharing an interesting historic NYC photo on our Facebook page every Thursday. Make sure to "like" us for your weekly dose of New York history.

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