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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Big Fun on Barri's Tour

As Barri said in her interview, being a tour guide means every day is a little different. Well sometimes, it's a lot different. When I asked whether she ever saw any famous people when giving her tours -- New York, especially downtown neighborhoods like Greenwich Village and SoHo, is known for its plethora of celebrities strutting the streets -- she told me the following story about standing outside the building in Greenwich Village where the popular TV show Friends located many of its exterior shots.

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"One day I was there with a group, and there's another tour that does television and movie tours. They have a bus that says 'Sex and the City' on it because they also do the Sex and the City tours. So that was parked over on Hudson Street, and their group got out and was standing on the corner. A lot of times we meet them on that corner because they're looking at the Friends building for their tour.

We were across the street on Bedford Street, and some car drove by, and then for some reason decided to back up (down the one way street going the wrong way). It pulled right in between their tour and our tour and rolled down the window. The guy who played Mr. Big on Sex in the City, in character, leaned out and said, 'Don't believe any of it, it's all bullshit.' He gave that Big smile that he does on the show, rolled up the window, and took off."

To the endless thrill and amusement of the tour groups, I'm sure.

The "Friends building," located at the corner of Hudson and
Grove Streets, and featured on our Original Greenwich Village Tour.

Barri mentioned that she has also sighted Whoopi Goldberg, Beyonce and Jay Z, Alec Baldwin, Gisele Bundchen, Meg Ryan, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Mickey Rourke while giving her tours (all with little stories, but none of them as amusing as her run-in with the in-character Chris Noth). And, of course, she has probably seen countless more celebrities that she either didn't recognize or was too busy to really notice. Never a dull moment!


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