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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Shopkeepers Secrets #2: Eleni's Bakery

Meet Amber (Merchandising Director of Eleni’s New York on our Chelsea Market/ Meatpacking District Tour)

MUST EAT ITEM: The sugar cookie (AKA: The Conversation Cookie).

Amber says never before has she tasted a sugar cookie that wowed her so much and the details (as seen in this years OSCAR nominee cookies) are unlike anything she's (and we've) ever seen!

A broken cookie or a new item always means it’s time for customer samples (and snacks for the staff!). On our visit to Eleni's, and as an homage to our northern neighbor, we tried the Boston Cream Cupcake.

WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW: Although Eleni is known for her Conversation Cookies, she actually started her business with her Mother’s oatmeal raisin cookie recipe. At first, she didn’t even have a storefront but instead, ran a small catering business out of her New York apartment. Now, we can all dream a bit bigger.


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