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Friday, April 12, 2013

Shopkeepers Secrets #10: Lucy's Whey

Meet Nathan, manager of Lucy’s Whey on our Chelsea Market/ Meatpacking District Tour!

MUST EAT ITEM: Nathan is obsessed with the grilled cheddar and fig sandwich, which we taste on the Chelsea Market Tour!

Made with Cabot Vermont Cheddar and Mitica Fig Jam (the jam is sold at Lucy’s Whey) it’s the perfect combination of sweet and salty that Nathan craves. Every day, he finds a way to sneak away to their hidden office under the stairs before of after the daily lunch crowd descends on the market to have one. (How very Harry Potter of him.)

“The mission of Lucy’s Whey is to showcase quality American cheeses, support the craftspeople and farms who make and grow good food, and educate the public about artisan cheeses.” All of their cheeses are carefully selected, but when asked for some highlights, Nathan says his “comfort cheese” is the Pleasant Ridge Reserve, an Alpine style cheese similar to a Gruyere.

If you’re planning a wine and cheese party, Nathan recommends the Cabot Clothbound Cheddar, because it’s sure to please both cheese experts and cheese novices.

WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW: Speaking of wine and cheese party… don’t overlook the importance of the presentation of your cheese. Lucy’s Whey has beautiful olive wood cheese boards that are handmade in Tunisia. Or if you want to stick with the American theme, they also carry boards by Brooklyn Slate Company. A must have for any NYC “foodie.” Either one will definitely take your next party up a notch.

Alas, all parties must come to an end and maybe you have some left over cheese… I’m guilty of throwing it in a ziplock and saying goodnight… if I’m being diligent, I’ll wrap it in plastic wrap, but Nathan informed me that is not a good idea either. Plastic wrap suffocates your cheese, which masks the flavor and increases spoilage. Nathan recommends purchasing “Cheese Paper” (sold in the store). A two-ply paper, one side standard butcher paper, the other has a film that allows the cheese to breath and gives it the right amount of humidity.

A small price for such a precious commodity.


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