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Saturday, August 17, 2013

FNYT Photo Contest -- Now on Facebook, Twitter, AND Instagram!

We at Foods of New York Tours are super excited to announce the launch of our NEW Instagram page!!! Click HERE to follow us. Sharing #foodporn is part of our job after all...

Since February 2010, we have hosted a monthly photo contest on our Facebook page. Winners receive 2 free tickets for another tour. That's a lot of free tours!

Starting this month, we are now running photo contests on THREE different social media networks--which means guests have TRIPLE the ways to win. Each month, we will pick a different photo contest winner on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Pick your favorite way to connect with Foods of New York Tours--or post photos on ALL THREE channels to increased your odds of winning. 

Here are some tips: When you post a bunch of photos, we know you really want to win. And the real secret to winning? REMEMBER to upload your photos!

How do you enter? Connect with Foods of NYTours

  • Instagram: Use the hashtag #foodsofnytours and post to us

Check out the slideshows below of the past 44 months of winners!


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