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Friday, October 4, 2013

The Weekly Roundup: A Pastis Farewell, Michelin Stars, Banksy in NYC

  • Banksy launches month-long graffiti exhibition in New York City: Anonymous graffiti artist Banksy recently announced plans to make New York City his personal canvas for the month of October. His first two installments of his daily 'Better Out Than In' project have already been vandalized. Located on Allen Street in New York City's Chinatown, his first piece, pictured below, was tagged and defaced several times before being fully painted over on Wednesday.
  • NYC's 100 Best Restaurants: The release of our 2014 NYC Restaurants Survey has arrived, and to celebrate, we're counting down the top 100 restaurants in NYC. From upscale sushi to Brooklyn comfort food, a wide array of cuisines and neighborhoods are represented in this blockbuster list. 
  • Map: Where to find the 100 best dishes and drinks of 2013: Track down mouthwatering quesadillas, burgers and more with our map of all 100 best dishes and drinks.
  • In Queens, a Drive-In for the Car-Free Set: There is an oft-overlooked drawback to being a city of subways, buses, taxis and Citi Bikes: Car-free New Yorkers miss out on that suburban experience of the drive-in movie. For a few weeks, though, that will change, when a parking lot in Queen is transformed into an open-air theater that brings a touch of small-town quaintness to Flushing Meadows.

  • The Michelin Guide to New York City 2014 Unleashed: The Michelin Guide to New York 2014 is out. Here's what you need to know about this year's list. Public received one star!
  • The Softness, the Crunch, the Nostalgia of the Fish Taco: In conversation with these people, all you have to do is call up a memory of the fish tacos that come from the Pacific Coast of Mexico — especially from Baja California, the rugged peninsula that juts southward into the sea like the spoke of a tuning fork — and it can send them into mists of nostalgic delirium.
  • A Walker in the City: Over the past four years, William Helmreich, a sixty-seven-year-old professor of sociology at CUNY, has walked almost every street in New York City: a hundred and twenty thousand blocks, or about six thousand miles. He’s written a book about the effort called “The New York Nobody Knows,” which will be published next month. 


  • Most Narrow House In New York Barely Wide Enough For A Bed, Bought For $3.25 Million: Space is definitely at a premium in New York City, but some homebuyers have other things on their wish lists ahead of square footage. Like George Gund IV, who recently dropped $3.25 million on a space less than one thousand square feet that is only 9 ½ feet wide. The city's Landmarks Preservation Commission says that 75½ Bedford Street in Greenwich Village is New York's narrowest townhouse, according to The Wall Street Journal.
  • Hopes for a Street Resistant to Rebirth: For decades, it’s been a retail version of a hard-to-crack whodunit: What is wrong with West Eighth Street? Now a spate of recent leases by more than a dozen food-related businesses, as well as the opening of a much-anticipated boutique hotel, is spurring landlords, restaurateurs and real estate brokers to suggest another Eighth Street revival.
  • Greenwich Village Board Game Cafe Opening This Fall: "What is a play cafe?" is the first question asked and answered on this Kickstarter page for The Uncommons, a board game cafe planning to open in Greenwich Village (230 Thompson Street) this October. The former occupant of the space is the Village Chess Shop. Think: board games, D&D, coffee, tea, and hot mini-donuts, served day and night.

  • Pastis to Close at the End of the Year, Maybe for Good: In April, news broke that Keith McNally had plans to close Pastis at the end of the year so that the landlord could build on the space. McNally specifically told Gael Greene that the restaurant would be closed "for nine months" starting in January. But now Crain's reports that the restaurateur filed a notice with the Department of Labor indicating that all of his employees will be laid off after January 1. It sounds like there's a possibility that Pastis might not return.

  • Additional Details Emerge on the Russ & Daughters Cafe: With the liquor license application now public, we now have some additional information on the Russ & Daughters Cafe planned for 127 Orchard Street. It’ll be a classic dairy and appetizing establishment serving its familiar food during all hours proposed (8am – 12am daily).

  • Best Brands: Xi’an Famous Foods: It was one winter break from college when Jason Wang, 25, first saw the crossover appeal of the spicy northwestern-Chinese street food served in his father, David Shi’s Flushing-basement food-court stall. “The lines went out the hall, up the stairs, and down the street,” Wang remembers. He was studying business at Washington University (he’d later take a job at Target’s HQ), and put together a website to advertise his father’s noodles, now served at six New York locations.


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