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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rocco’s Top 5 Treats for a Traditional Italian Thanksgiving

As we all know, Thanksgiving is that one special American holiday that no one in the rest of the world seems to know about. For us Italians transplanted here, it became one special day for us to enjoy in a family meal and give thanks to all that we have accomplished that we could not have anywhere else. In the old country every day, was a day to share a meal with family and give thanks, especially after World War II when food was hard to come by. But thankfully that has changed for the better.

Here are Rocco’s, we don’t forget our old traditionand the new ones we are fortunate to have acquired in America. Mr. Rocco and his wife Maria make Thanksgiving all the more special with their North vs. South cooking that the kids and grandkids love so much.

Each holiday Mr. Rocco, who is from Calabria in southern Italy, and Maria, who is from Luca, Tuscany, each makes their own special lasagna. The difference in flavors is staggering, yet both are worthy of a place in a lasagna hall of fame if one exists.

But you ask what about dessert in our house?

Well, here there is no north vs. south, or American vs. Italy battle of the holidays. Maria leaves it up to Mr. Rocco and her son Rocco, Jr for the desserts. Even after a multi course meal, our family still has room for these desserts. And the reason is easy: we only make what we love and what we love we share with family.

For a Rocco’s Family Thanksgiving, we have our top five that bring the tradition of Thanksgiving to a close, allowing us to celebrate family, great food and acknowledge what we have found in our new home here in America. 

5. Tiramisu
A luscious stack of espresso soaked savoiardi cookies and sponge cake, layered with mascarpone and chocolate. Rocco’s tiramisu is a moist treat that expands on the holiday faire, even though we enjoy this all year round.

4. Struffoli
A special pastry puffs dipped in honey and coated with sprinkles, almonds and hazelnuts. A traditional dessert that we pick on for hours as we share our stories over Sambuca and lemoncello.

3. Panettone
Mr. Rocco’s favorite cake that he makes in two different ways: Milano and Genovese. The Milano is taller and lighter with mixed fruit and a wonderful aroma of flavors. The Genovese is similar to a Milano in texture, but is a bit heartier and adds pignoli nuts. Both are big hits dipped in coffee, and the next morning toasted with a bit of butter.

2. Pastiera DiGrano
Rocco’s grain pie, a cheesecake with whole grain is a traditional Easter dessert. But we love it all year round, especially at Thanksgiving. Not an easy cake to make, yet it shows off the family artistry with each bite. 

1. Pumpkin Pie
Yes, we are Italian and have our special traditional Italian desserts for this wonderful holiday. But how can we not enjoy a wonderful Rocco’s Pumpkin Pie, coconut and pecan pies on our adopted American Holiday? Just in case there are any questions about our pie toppings, we only use our own whipped cream made in our shop every day.

Other treats are of course all our cookies, cheesecakes, our cannoli, which we fill at home as our tradition dictates, and all our other pastry that are just too many to list here.

From our family to yours, have a safe and wonderful holiday and give us a call to see if we can help you enjoy our great products at your holiday.

 Pasticceria Rocco

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