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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mills House

"The Mills House" (160 Bleecker Street) seen on our Central Village Tour was built in 1896 as one of three gentlemen's hotels created by Darious Ogden Mills. A wealthy philanthropist, Mills wanted to create a men’s hotel for the poor and the working class who would have otherwise stayed in a "flop house."

Interior courtyard of The Mills House

Each of the 1500 rooms had their own window; some faced the street and others faced an interior courtyard. There was a network of lounging rooms on the premises, meant to keep the men away from the pool halls and saloons at night. The charge to stay was 20 cents a night, which was half the price of other “flop houses”. 

Mills House Restaurant menu from March 23, 1900

The cost for meals was 10-15 cents a day. The Mills House was so nice that not just the poor would stay. The 1900 census found clerks, cashiers, janitors, coachmen, laborers, porters, waiters, a doctor, a lawyer and a stockbroker. Allen Ginsberg stayed there in 1951; he paid $2.00 at day.

Add from the New York Post- December 2, 1970

“By the 1960s it came to be known as the Greenwich, and was a seedy hotel which was generally considered a source of crime and drug activity in the neighborhood,” (Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation).

In 1976 it was converted to luxury apartments and renamed the Atrium. - See more at: 


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