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Friday, January 31, 2014

The Weekly Roundup: Things Overtaking NYC--Super Bowl, 7-Elevens, Lobster-Shaped Linzer Cookies

  • Press: Intrepid Veggie, New York, New York!: Props to Anny for an incredible review all around! "I start by saying that I cannot do this tour justice in words, I’m an amateur cook and blogger and am not going to pretend to be otherwise, I just hope that if anyone out there is actually reading this and in New York they will book one of these tours."

  • How the Neighborhoods of Manhattan Got Their Names: For an island of only 24 square miles, Manhattan sure has a lot of neighborhoods. Many have distinct monikers that might not seem intuitive to the lay-tourist, or even to a lifelong New Yorker. Here's where the names of New York's most famous 'hoods came from.
  • Veggie fav kale will be served at Super Bowl: The kale and chicken sausage represents Manhattan, said Eric Borgia, executive chef for Delaware North Sportservice, which is overseeing the food at the Super Bowl. He plucked his own grandmother’s recipe for rice balls to give Seattle and Denver natives a taste of Brooklyn. His Nana Fusco’s version has eggplant, tomato and ricotta salata. For Queens, Lucky’s Asian Street Food stand will be serving up pork and chicken steam buns with pickled slaw and spicy sriracha aioli. A grilled chicken hoagie with broccoli rabe and provolone will represent The Bronx, and a Philly cheesesteak should harken to boardwalk fare from the Jersey Shore, he said.
  • Super Bowl 2014: Times Square turns into Super Bowl Boulevard: New York City's Times Square is now known as Super Bowl Boulevard. The 13-block Super Bowl Boulevard features a giant toboggan run, a merchandise shop and more.
  • De Blasio and NYC Bagels: Visiting Washington for the first time as New York’s mayor, Bill de Blasio offered plenty of political arguments and one culinary claim. Asked where to buy bagels, the mayor unequivocally endorsed one in his neighborhood. Bagel Hole on 7th Avenue on Park Slope offers “the most authentic, traditional authentic” New York City bagel,” the mayor told reporters following a news conference at the U.S. Conference of Mayors' annual gathering in D.C.
  • 7-Eleven woos a tough crowd: New Yorkers are notoriously hard to please—and when it comes to 7-Eleven, the suburban strip-mall staple known for its Slurpees and orange-and-green logo, they've been especially scornful. But the convenience-store chain is aiming to win over the tough crowd by adding amenities tailor-made for urbanites, from digital machines that copy keys to Amazon package pickups.
  • In New York's tough restaurant marketplace, some fave places are on the endangered list: So say a prayer for Yonah Schimmel Knish Bakery, El Sombrero, Stage Restaurant, The Four Seasons and Bic. Eat there while you still can!Several treasured city restaurants are hanging on by a thread, seemingly destined to suffer the same fate as other area eateries that met their demise in recent months.

  • Preview Sturgeon Queens, a History of Russ & Daughters: Filmmaker Julie Cohen will soon premiere Sturgeon Queens, a long-in-the-works documentary about the Lower East Side's iconic appetizing store, Russ & Daughters. The film chronicles the history of shop through interviews with several generations of the Russ family, plus a mix of loyal regulars and celebrity customers like Mario Batali, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The release is well-timed to coincide with the shop's 100th birthday this year, but also catches it at a moment of significant expansion. 
  • Sara Kramer on the Journey From Mamma Mia to Glasserie: Before she was the chef at Greenpoint hot spot Glasserie, Sara Kramer was the lead in the touring production of Broadway hit Mamma Mia. In the clip above, Ms. Kramer explains why she left the theater for the kitchen, and she talks about the similarities between these two creative worlds. 
  • Extra Virgin Suicides : An illustrated guide to the olive oil journey, including fun facts like "to combat fraud, a special branch of the Italian Carabinieri us trained to detect bad oil."
  • The importance of texture in food: Be it clidgy, suent or grumous, the texture of what we eat greatly affects our enjoyment of food. The chef Mario Batali says that the single word “crispy” will sell a restaurant dish quicker than any number of clever adjectives. Picture “aubergines” on a menu. You might hesitate to order them, fearing they would be flaccid or oily, as they so often are. Now think how much more appealing “crispy aubergines” sound. “Crispy” makes everything appear as safe and crunchy as chips.


  • Cheese from Coast to Coast: This week Murray’s opens its 100th location — you can find our newest cheese counter inside the Ralphs store in the heart of Studio City, California.  With this latest shop within a shop, Murray’s becomes the first coast to coast specialty cheese company in the US.

  • Dominique Ansel Channels 'Friends' For New Valentine's Treat: Saccharine sitcom Friends and Cronut-creator Dominique Ansel: together at last. The chef has created a new treat for Valentine's Day, which references one of the show's more memorable scenes, where Phoebe explains true love through lobsters. Adorkable. The lobster-shaped linzer cookies come with a "You're My Lobster" note, and a rep for the bakery confirmed to us that yes, this is a nod to the below scene, adding, "So very New York and nostalgic." They roll out this Friday, but remember, if you buy them for someone that's it. True love, forever. No breaks.

  • Pastis Will Now Close For Renovations at the End of March: The Post now confirms with a Pastis spokesperson that the restaurant has postponed the closing until the end of March because the landlord "would like us in the space until the last possible moment." Insiders whisper that this basically translates to "the landlord's waiting for building permits." When Pastis does finally go on hiatus, it will be for around 15 months while the landlord gives the building a complete renovation

  • Carmellini, Pickard & Ostrom to Open Bar Primi This Year: A rep for Andrew Carmellini, Josh Pickard, and Luke Ostrom confirms that the team is planning to open an Italian restaurant, tentatively called Bar Primi, in the former Peels space at 325 Bowery. If everything goes according to plan, this "casual pasta shop" will open this summer. Taavo Somer, the restaurateur/designer behind Peels and Freemans, is working on the interiors. Carmellini, Pickard, and Ostrom also operate downtown blockbusters The Dutch, Lafayette, The Library at The Public, and Locanda Verde. With the planned openings of this restaurant, John McDonald's steakhouse, and the new Momofuku Ko, and the recent debut of John Fraser's Narcissa, the northern stretch of the Bowery is really heating up. 

  • Insider's Guide: NYC's Best Chinese Food, with Wilson Tang of Nom Wah Tea Parlor : If you're looking to side-step the hype and find delicious food, follow an off-duty restaurateur. We asked the owner of Nom Wah Tea Parlor and Fung Tu to let us in on his favorite off-the-clock eats.
  • Chinatown Revisited: My mother is the oldest of five siblings, most of whom grew up in New York’s Chinatown. They are voracious eaters and bargain hunters, and lifelong visitors to Chinese neighborhoods everywhere. When we talk about a good Chinatown, we point to certain signs: live fish for sale, dragon eyes in sidewalk produce displays, smokers, crowds. A few years ago, I wrote a book about American Chinatowns and my family’s history in them. People often ask, “What’s your favorite Chinatown?” or “What do you look for?” I wondered if there was a shorthand I could offer, to sum up the best of the best. And so: fish, dragons, smoke, crowds.


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