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Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Weekly Roundup: Pepperoni over Sausage, Street Food goes truckin' and The High Line grabs #5 in the World

  • Summer Streets Are BACK, Baby: The rock-climbing, zip-lining, architectural-touring, meditative-perambulating, solace-steeping ritual that is Summer Streets will return for three consecutive Saturdays. On August 2nd, 9th, and 16th, from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., the DOT is declaring a holiday from the noisy, noxious, death machines on seven miles of road; Park Avenue and Lafayette Street from East 72nd down to Chambers Street. But wait, there's more.
  • Ben & Jerry’s Debuts Lazy Sunday and Other SNL-Inspired Ice Cream Flavors: If its limited-edition "Schweddy Balls" flavor was any indication, ice cream company Ben & Jerry's is sort of adept at making flavors tied in to Saturday Night Live, so in honor of the show's 40th anniversary, they've concocted four Scoop Shop flavors (so no pint do-ups, sadly) based on sketches and shorts.
  • The Beer Trail: 8 New Microbreweries to Visit: Brooklyn Brewery was just the beginning. Thanks to the rise of local microbreweries with on-site taprooms, it’s possible to embark on the hops-and-malt-driven equivalent of a wine-tasting weekend in Napa without ever leaving town.

  • Wage hike eyed for tipped food-service workers: Low-wage workers who believe they were left behind in the 2013 deal to raise the state's minimum wage might finally be getting some relief from the Cuomo administration.
  • Papaya King's First Food Truck Hits the Streets Next Week: Classic New York hot dog joint Papaya King is launching its first food truck later this month. The bright yellow vehicle will start roaming the streets on June 23, selling those cheap all-beef hot dogs and tropical juices, as well as onion rings, fried pickles, and fried Oreos. 
  • The Halal Guys, Cashing In on Street Cred: More than a decade after three Egyptian men switched from selling hot dogs from their Midtown cart to serving halal food to Muslim cabdrivers, the Halal Guys are about to become a fast-food chain.


  • Nobody’s buying sausage pizza anymore in NYC: To the list of bygone New York City pleasures, add one more slice of life — the sausage pizza.  While pepperoni and cheese remain the most popular, the sausage slice has been replaced by buffalo chicken and pineapples, artichokes and ziti.
  • Quirky Lots Shape Building Projects: In the 1920s, when New York City extended Sixth Avenue south to lower Manhattan, it obliterated entire streets and the homes of thousands of people, leaving a patchwork of demolition scars.  But adversity sometimes begets opportunity. Developers, filling in some of last remaining scars, have turned some of the Greenwich Village and SoHo lots into buildings with prominent designs and necessarily unusual shapes.
  • The 10 Best Ice Creams in NYC, 2014 Edition: Whether you're looking for wacky combinations, baller banana splits and sundaes, or just a scoop of plain vanilla, it's a great time to not be lactose intolerant in New York. The city that never sleeps has quickly become the city that can't stop, won't stop shoveling icy desserts into its mouth.
  • Three Great Cheap Places You Should Know About: Ramen Thukpa is one of the few eateries left in the West Village where you can score a bargain-priced meal at any hour.

  • Flavors of Georgia Coming to Bleecker Street: Bleecker Street will soon be getting a taste of Georgia. But don’t expect barbecue sauce — these are the dumplings, grilled meats and cheesy breads of the small Eurasian country. 

  • Green Space So Exclusive It’s Off Limits Even to Residents: The Schumacher, a historic printing plant on Bleecker Street in NoLIta that is being converted, had an original light well from 1883, which helped illuminate the interior of the building. With 21 condos for $4 million to $25 million, buyers could hardly be expected to look out onto an empty concrete shaft, like the denizens of some nearby tenement. Worse yet would be if it became a party venue.

  • 8 Chinese Dishes You Need to Know: Asian fusion is over, and one thing is clear: across the country, the best chefs are diving deeper into their obsession with hyper-regional fare. They’re going beyond the chow fun and pad Thai that have become as American as apple pie to approximate new delicacies like xiao long bao and larb moo.
  • 'Elixir of Long Life' recreated using 19th century recipe: Medicinal brew of alcohol and herbs was once used as a 'miracle cure’: The secret to everlasting life may have been found, if this 19th century ‘miracle cure’ proves to be the real deal.  In May, archaeologists found bottles beneath a hotel construction site in Chinatown that once contained medicinal remedies. 

  • The Dumbo Shake Shack Opens: The long-awaited Dumbo Shake Shack opened this past Tuesday. The menu is the same as all the other locations, plus, as always, a couple location-specific concretes. One of those, named for the nearby Jane's Carousel, includes crushed sugar cones, sea salt, caramel sauce, and banana. The other one blends vanilla custard with a slice of pie from the beloved Four & Twenty Blackbirds (the pie flavor changes seasonally). No word yet on whether this spot will also get those new handcut fries, but it does have wine on tap.
  • Brooklyn Now Has Its Very Own Artisanal Scotch: Out of all the handcrafted whiskey getting made in Brooklyn, the borough has until now not had a Scotch whisky to call its own. Probably because Scotch has to be made, you know, in Scotland. But now that gap in the market has been filled by Jura Brooklyn, a single-malt Scotch that master distiller Willie Tate says was inspired by the people of Kings County.

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