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Friday, July 18, 2014

The Weekly Roundup: Dry Aged Burgers Rock, Crumbs not Crumbled and Ample Hills Takes Over Gowanus




  • The Best Ice Cream, Gelato, and Soft Serve in NYC: What makes great ice cream?  Clarity and intensity of flavor, sure. And a smooth creamy texture. Points for originality or nostalgia and add-ons like hot fudge.
  • Crif Dogs, the Newest Frank Shop in the West Village: Brian Shebairo and Isaac Joseph opened the third location of their frankfurter-centric Crif Dogs Sunday in the West Village. The shop is carrying on the hot dog tradition for 120 Mcdougal St., which most recently housed the short-lived Dogmatic.

  • No, New York City restaurants aren’t becoming extinct: Restaurants open and close in New York every week, and routine shutdowns when leases are up hardly portend the imminent extinction of every taco dive and four-star dining palace. And, hard as it may be for simpletons to grasp, the pricing-out of restaurants from some neighborhoods is often a boon to the city as a whole.  Without Chelsea Market’s redevelopment, there’d be no Buddakan.
  • 12 Best Vegetarian Restaurants In New York City: Beyond Sushi - You won’t even realize there is no fish in here because the mango and sweet potato components are so flavorful that you forget.

  • Nolita's Hidden Secret: Babel Fair Boutique: Don't have the time to travel the world? Well, stop by Babel Fair in New York City and you can get pretty close. Babel Fair is the center of world fashion. They carry international labels and styles--there is truly a global assortment: from Japanese denim to Argentinean leather, they have it all!

  • Planned for Madison Street: A Microbrewery: Paolo Rico Sarthou Tagatac, a college administrator from the Bronx, has been brewing beer for himself and his friends and family for a while. Now, he wants to brew it for the residents of the Lower East Side and Chinatown in a new brewpub planned for 116 Madison St., just west of the Manhattan Bridge.

  • New Amsterdam Market Has Come to an End: New Amsterdam Market, the long-running outdoor food market at South Street Seaport, has come to an end after nine years. In a note to supporters, founder Robert LaValva writes: "I was never able to raise the funding or attract the influential backers needed for our organization to thrive.
  • Rodeo Bar Will Sing Its Final Song This Month: Rodeo Bar, aka "NYC's longest running honky-tonk," will say its cowboy's farewell on July 27th.

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