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Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Weekly Roundup: A New Chelsea Market Tasting, Tomato Season is Fantastic and You Have "Chef" Mail Now

  • New Tasting on Chelsea Market Tour:  Last week Dickson’s Farmstand Meats started serving a delicious beef tartar to our tour guests.  This delicacy is based on the traditional French style, but with some added Dickson flair.  They take raw dry aged beef shoulder, which is a working muscle and has a lot of flavor (fat) as opposed to filet, which is passed through a medium sized dye to break up meat without over grinding.  That meat is all mixed together with some Minced Cornichon (tiny French pickles), Worcester Sauce, Red Wine Vinegar, Japanese Mayo (sweeter than american mayo), Salt and Pepper and Spicy Mustard.  Enjoy!

  • Katz's Is Selling Its Air Rights, But Promises Pastrami's Safe: The much beloved 126-year-old Katz's Delicatessen has sold the air rights over its corner location, but co-owner Jake Dell, promises "at no point will anyone value the corner of Houston and Ludlow for anything other" than the holy seat of pastrami. 
  • Tomato Season Brings Beautiful Bounty To NYC Greenmarkets: There's a whole world beyond the cherry and beefsteak tomatoes abundant at grocery stores, where you're lucky to find a tomato not devoid of flavor and marred by a grainy texture. Like all flora, there's a season for these things, and that season is now for the incredibly varied and beautiful tomato.
  • Lobsters Dying Out In Long Island Sound: Before you contemplate stealing a bunch of live lobsters from your local Shop Rite, keep in mind that the Long Island Sound is suffering from a serious lobster die off, threatening $40 lobster rolls areawide.

  • Science Crowns Mozzarella The King Of Pizza Cheese: The signature of a great American-style pizza is not the toppings du jour but the cheese: hot, gooey mozzarella, with big, dark splotches of caramelization.
  • 40 Percent of Restaurant Workers Live in Poverty: It's no secret that the restaurant industry doesn't pay all that well, but a new report from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) reveals that nearly 40 percent of all restaurant employees live in poverty.
  • New USPS Stamps Feature James Beard & Other Chefs: Five celebrity chefs will be honored on a new set of USPS stamps. According to the United States Postal Service, the chefs were chosen because they "revolutionized our understanding of food." James Beard is confirmed, and Linns reports that Chinese food champion Joyce Chen, legendary cookbook author Julia Child, Southern cooking ambassador Edna Lewis, and South American chef Felipe Rojas-Lombardi will also be honored.


  • At Play in the Cardboard Jungle: On a recent weeknight in Greenwich Village, amid the circus of New York University dive bars, comedy-show hecklers and the drummers of Washington Square Park, there was a different sort of chaos.  It was at the tables of the Uncommons, a board-game coffee shop just south of the park that claims to be Manhattan’s first. 

  • Dish Spotting, Bubby’s High Line $100 Sundae: Come summer, who isn’t a sucker for ice cream?  No, seriously.  But a $100 dollar ice cream sundae?  Bubby’s High Line just unveiled a new, over-the-top creation with homemade ice cream you’ll want to know the scoop on (get it, scoop?).
  • Landlords ditching big chains, seek quirkier retailers: Rather than the usual national chains, they’re looking for “a quirkier, less predictable mix of retail tenants, one that can bring more energy,” according to Crain’s. This trend comes as big landlords have millions of square feet of retail space available. Jamestown Properties was one of the first to pioneer the idea at Chelsea Market in the late nineties.

  • There Is No Secondi Choice: One of several reasons to like Bar Primi, Andrew Carmellini’s new restaurant at East Second Street and the Bowery, is that there is almost nothing on the menu but appetizers and pasta. You can eat all the things you go to Italian places for without ordering a $35 grilled salmon simply to prove that you know fusilli is not considered a main course in Milan.
  • Late-Night Egg Shop Opening in Nolita: Here’s one of those ideas that fall under the heading Why Hasn’t Anyone Done This Before? — a casual spot devoted almost exclusively to serving eggs around-the-clock, from 8 a.m. to midnight on weekdays and till 1 a.m. on weekends.

  • New Chinese Mothers Feast on Pickled Pigs’ Feet: According to traditional Chinese beliefs, geung cho warms the body and stimulates the production of breast milk. The hardboiled eggs also symbolize birth, and the yolk and white represent the ideal balance of yin and yang. “When a woman has given birth it’s said that she has exposed herself to the cold. The worry is that your body will remain cold, and this will invite sickness,” Young explains. “Eating geung cho restores balance.”

  • Anatomy of a Dish, Burger Ramen: Meet the burger ramen. It's noodles topped with a beef patty, American cheese and bacon. And it's just one of the must-try things at Berg'n, the much-anticipated and finally open 9,000-square-foot parking garage turned epic food hall in Crown Heights, Brooklyn from Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg guys Eric Demby and Jonathan Butler

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