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Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Weekly Roundup: Be a Grilled Cheese Expert, An Apple Guide For The Season and a Taco Tour at Cafe El Presidente

  • New Zagat Guide Has a Few Surprises: Two restaurants whose owners once worked at Peter Luger Steak House give perennial award winners like Per Se and Marea a run for their money in the 2015 Zagat Guide to New York City restaurants, released on Wednesday.
  • Café El Presidente Offering Up New Taco A Day For Two Weeks: Taqueria Café El Presidente has made a splash since opening in Flatiron earlier this year. And for the next two weeks they'll be taking diners on a regional taco tour of Mexico, offering up a new taco special hailing from a different Mexican state each day.
  • Meet the Venezuelan Arepa King of NYC: The affable owner of Arepas Café (and its newer sister, Arepas Grill, which opened last year) in Astoria, Queens, Romero is betting that these cornmeal cakes from his native Venezuela—seared on a griddle and packed with an array of savory fillings—may one day be as widely eaten as, say, Mexican tacos.

  • A Guide To Choosing The Best Apple For Pies, Cider And More: This little chart should help you pick the perfect apple for whatever you have in mind -- whether you intend to whip up a pie, cider, butter or sauce... or you just want a crunchy, crisp addition to your office lunch.
  • The Science of Baking Bread (And How to Do it Right): Today we're going to discuss what equipment we need, how to score bread, talk all about what really goes on inside our ovens during baking, and how those processes transform dough into bread.
  • In Umbria, an Italian Olive Oil Worth the Accolades: Ms. Antonelli Franceschini and her husband, Augusto, make an extra-virgin olive oil called Cuore Verde, using only young moraiolo olives that they grow on small plots of land on the gentle hills around Spello. The enoteca sells and serves it.


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