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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Weekly Roundup: Po is Back Open, A Little Pappy Van Winkle History and 10 Awesome NYC Lunches

  • What Happens When Second Graders Are Treated to a Seven-Course, $220 Tasting Meal: One Saturday afternoon last month, six second graders from P.S. 295 in Brooklyn got a head start on the fine-dining life when they visited the acclaimed French restaurant Daniel. There, five waiters presented them with a seven-course tasting menu 
  • Restaurant Review: Élan in the Flatiron District: If you remember David Waltuck’s cooking at Chanterelle, eating at his new restaurant, Élan, can be a little unnerving. Chanterelle, a downtown pioneer when it opened in 1979, was an institution by the time it went out of business, just a few months short of its 30th anniversary.



  • Is Minetta Tavern's $61 Strip Steak Worth It? Welcome to Suttonomics, where Eater Data Lead Ryan Sutton looks at facts, figures, and interesting data across the restaurant industry. This week, Ryan takes a look at why Minetta Tavern's strip steak costs almost $80 after tax and tip.
  • NYU May Renege on Promise to Build Public School: One of the promises that NYU made to the Greenwich Village community in order to soften the blow of its massive expansion was a new seven-story public school on Bleecker Street. But now the University may be getting the opportunity to go back on that promise as the Department of Education has until the end of this year to commit funding for the school and they're not so sure they want to. 
  • Bleecker Street Music , New York City: Bob Dylan definitely wouldn't recognize the Bleecker Street of today, but back in the '60s, the strip in New York's West Village (often dubbed "the Left Bank of America") served as the birthplace of the folk scene. Smoke-filled dive bars and coffee shops offered intimate spaces for Dylan and Joan Baez to find their voices — not to mention jazz legends like Miles Davis and John Coltrane.
  • Once Upon A Tart Is Re-Opening – Welcome back, Jerome!  A true marketer, word has already spread around SoHo that the beloved store at 135 Sullivan Street will re-open officially November 7th, this time with longer hours.

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