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Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Weekly Roundup: Faicco's Knows Heros, Katz's "Roast Beast" and Brooklyn Is Now King Of Culinary Destinations

  • Enjoying Small Plates in the City of Big Dreams: We decided to try the “Original Greenwich Village Tour” (they offer 6 different tours, visit their site link above for more info), which took us all over the quaint yet still star struck West Village neighborhood of Manhattan.


  • Foraging for a Pastry Chef in the Bronx: Malcolm Livingston II Prepares to Move to Noma From WD-50
  • Dunkin' Donuts Finally Delivers On The Cronut Front: In July 2013, we asked Dunkin' Donuts if they'd jump on the Cronut craze and create their own hybrid, but we were told, "While we have been a leader in both donuts and croissants for years, we do not have plans to introduce this particular product in the U.S. at this time." Well, things have changed—this week the chain has unveiled their Croissant Donut.


  • Battle of the New York City Heroes! Faicco's Italian Specialties — This West Village pork store has been around since 1900, and makes heroes at the rear of the store; people line up for them at lunchtime. The original sandwich menu was all cold cuts, but a couple of years ago hot sandwiches were added, and the roster has been expanding ever since.
    • NYC'S 7 BEST ITALIAN SUBS: Faicco’s, This place looks like a deli from a movie that’s set in a New York deli (note to self: work on screenplay). It’s been in this location since the early 1940s.
  • A Day in the Life of Sushi Nakazawa's Alessandro Borgognone in 33 Photos: Alessandro Borgognone may have risen to international prominence virtually overnight with the success of Sushi Nakazawa, but he has worked in the restaurant industry his whole life. 
  • The Courthouse That Escaped the Gavel: The Preservation of Greenwich Village’s Jefferson Market Courthouse

  • Rings Around the City: Specialists in miniature cake doughnuts, including Doughnuttery in Chelsea Market and Carvin’s Mini Donuts in Harlem, rely on a machine that drops a knot of dough into a trough of hot oil, where it bobs until ejected by a metal claw.

  • Best New Restaurants in NYC's Chinatown: There’s a swath of town where the Lower East Side meets Chinatown—a haven between the tourists hunting for knockoff handbags on Canal Street and those lining up for a slice in Little Italy—that reminds us that an authentic, just-gritty-enough New York still exists. With a slew of new restaurants (and rumblings of hotels to come), we doubt this area will remain off the beaten path for long. Here, a few of our favorite neighborhood pioneers

  • Best Culinary Destination, Large Domestic: With close proximity to farms and food producers and a truly collaborative community of food lovers, artisans, and chefs, it's no wonder that Brooklyn, our experts' pick for Best Large Domestic Culinary Destination, is home to such a vibrant dining scene.

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