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Friday, December 26, 2014

The Weekly Roundup: A Few Best Of 2014 Lists, History of Bleecker Street and Monthly Music in Chelsea Market

  • Ryan Sutton's 18 Best Dishes of 2014: Choosing the best new restaurants of the year is a somewhat philosophical endeavor. The critic wonders: What are the culinary establishments that best represent where we're going, or where we should be going, as gastronomic community? But picking out the top new (or relatively new) dishes is easier: These are the items we crave. 

  • What The Hell Is Umami, Anyway? Most of us were taught as children that there are four kinds of tastes: sweet (which we love), sour, salty and bitter. But there has been a gaping hole in all of our educations. One of the most important and most glorious flavors we experience daily -- the one that makes brothy soups so heart-warming, seared meats so satisfying and aged cheeses so delightful -- has long been ignored. That flavor is what we now refer to as umami.


  • Best bakeries in America: With three François Payard Bakery locations throughout New York City, New Yorkers know this is the place to go when they’re craving a delicate and perfected French macaron.
  • Artichoke Basille Pizza Is Coming to Astoria: Pizza cousins Francis Garcia and Sal Basille will bring the seventh outpost of their wildly popular chain Artichoke Basille Pizza to 31 Street in January 2015. They will take over the space formerly that housed 50-year-old institution Frankie’s Pizza, which shuttered back in October.

  • Downtown NYC Smackdown, SoHo vs. Nolita: Each week, Yahoo Travel pits rival destinations against each other to determine once and for all which place is the best. This week it’s SoHo vs. NoLiTa, in a New York neighborhood showdown.
  • The 10 Best New Restaurants of 2014: Keith McNally says he builds the kind of restaurants where he’d like to eat. Anyone seeing how well Cherche Midi has turned out will wonder why all other restaurateurs don’t do the same. 

  • A Chef Regains His Focus: For a chef with busy restaurants on both coasts, motionless moments are rare. But this was October 2013, and Mr. Bowien had just received word that Mission Chinese Food, the Lower East Side palace of psychedelic-Sichuan cuisine that had hurled him into the international spotlight, had been shut down by New York City’s health department for an array of sanitary violations, including the presence of mice.
  • Off the Beaten Path, and Well Worth a Visit: Taste of Northern China, The Manhattan Bridge heaves above this shallow storefront, which is around the corner from 88 East Broadway on Forsyth Street but takes the two lucky 8s as its address. 

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