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Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Weekly Roundup: FNYT in the News, A Sneak Peek at F&W Chef's Club and EVOO Takes a Hit


  • Per Se to Join Restaurants Charging in Advance: The system, called Tock, has been used since 2012 at the Chicago destinations Alinea and Next, where the co-owner, Nick Kokonas, devised the proprietary software. Diners at those restaurants reserve tables and pay online, in full, weeks or months in advance for nonrefundable tickets. Service charges are included, leaving only liquor charges to be added at the end of the meal.
    • Once an Icon, Per Se Is Showing its Age: Per Se, Keller's East Coast analogue to the (marginally cheaper) French Laundry, helped set the bar dramatically higher for how much money and time New Yorkers were willing to spend in dining rooms. Per Se's nine-course, three-hour feasts helped usher in our American era of extended tasting menus, paving the way for Blanca, Brooklyn Fare, Atera, Momofuku Ko, and other venues serving 16-30 courses for hundreds of dollars or more.
  • Amid Bugs, Hail, Floods and Bacteria, Italian Olives Take a Beating: The devastation has already translated into rising prices in Italy for a family staple, and will soon be felt by consumers worldwide. The commodity price for Italian extra virgin olive oil has doubled since last year, and the outlook is also very bad for Spain, the world’s biggest olive oil producer.


  • The 13 Best Sandwiches In NYC: The sandwich is the greatest culinary invention of all time. Sandwich chain Num Pang knows what it's doing when it comes to cooking up tender, melt-in-your mouth, fatty pork.
  • The Everything Guide to Last-Chance New York: Here, we offer a spotlight on the places that belong to a dying breed of shop (or mobile knife sharpener, or roller rink), which are in many cases the very last of their kind. Get to these glove-makers, fleabag hotels, Chino-Cuban eateries, dirt roads, and seltzer men while you still can.
  • Martha Stewart to open a café in Chelsea:  Martha Stewart Cafe will open in the Starrett-Lehigh Building in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood, where the domestic maven's company headquarters are located. Cafe managers now are hiring baristas.

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