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Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Weekly Roundup: Best Soups in NYC, Ode to Prime Rib and Food Trends for 2015


  • Why Some Chefs Just Can't Quit Serving Bluefin Tuna: In November, the International Union for Conservation of Nature's Red List moved Pacific bluefin tuna from "least concern" to "vulnerable," which means that the fish is now threatened with extinction. It joins the southern bluefin, which is "critically endangered" — the third, and most threatened IUCN designation — and the Atlantic bluefin, which is "endangered," the second level. In all cases, overfishing is making it nearly impossible for the spawning stock to rebuild the population.
  • Food Trends to Watch for in 2015: When predicting the dining trends that would take over New York’s restaurant scene in 2014, we have to say, we proved uncannily accurate — cauliflower and ancient grains where simply everywhere last year! So let’s see if we can successfully spot the burgeoning trends of 2015, from the rise of Spanish cuisine to the hottest new condiment; harissa!
  • We've Got the Beef: Since the 1970s, when we first started raising it, American Wagyu has been shunned as an inferior version of the Japanese original. But a new crop of quality-obsessed American Wagyu farmers are out to change all that.
  • In Her New Book, Ex-NYT Critic Mimi Sheraton Reveals the Ultimate Food To-Do List: Despite her 2006 memoir Eating My Words: An Appetite for Life, former New York Times restaurant critic Mimi Sheraton calls her latest book 1,000 Foods To Eat Before You Die: A Food Lover's Life List her actual autobiography.


  • GANSEVOORT MARKET GUIDE: 6 VENDORS YOU NEED TO CHECK OUT.  Just a few blocks over from Chelsea Market and The High Line you will find Gansevoort Market, an amazing 8,000 square foot hub made up of food vendors of all styles. Inside you’ll encounter a wide range of eats, spanning from sushi, crêpes, lobsters rolls– basically, whatever your little heart desires.
  • THE 8 BEST UNDER-THE-RADAR RAMEN SPOTS IN NYC: Deep inside Chelsea Market you'll discover this gem of a ramen ya run by Chef Esther, who infuses her Korean roots into amazing (and decidedly unique) bowls of ramen, including her kimchi ramen, which's based off of a popular Korean stew called jjigae. 

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