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Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Weekly Roundup: All Things Chocolate and Valentines Day, Harlem EatUp! Festival Lineup and the History of Northeast Cheese

  • The Kitchen-Counter Chocolatiers: The Cahills are part of a small but growing cohort dedicated to making chocolate at home, a pursuit rooted in the proliferation of American-style, bean-to-bar chocolate. Like beer, cheese and coffee before it, chocolate has captured the attention of those interested in making small batches of food and drinks using traditional methods with ingredients purchased as close to the source as possible.
  • Check Out the Amazing Lineup for the First-Ever Harlem EatUp! Festival: It's about time Harlem got its own splashy event to celebrate the food of the neighborhood, and from May 15 to 17, Marcus Samuelsson (along with honorary chair Bill Clinton and seasoned event marketer Herb Karlitz) will host a four-day festival. 
  • How I Built a Barbecue Restaurant in Brooklyn: The Importance of Mentors. Barbecue as a genre has blown up in the past few years in New York. But of the 40 or so barbecue joints in New York, only eight, including mine, are "stickburners," which is barbecue-speak for a place that cooks solely with wood, with no assist from gas or electricity.

  • A Former Maitre d’ Explains Why YouShould Stay Home on Valentines Day:  Are you planning on going out to eat for Valentine's day this year? You might want to reconsider. Even though a restaurant seems to be the easy, romantic option, that couldn't be further from reality. Valentine's Day is, in fact, a nightmare for everyone involved in the restaurant business
  • AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF SUSHI:The nigiri and tuna rolls we eat today are a far cry from the pungent, rice-less, barrel-fermented stuff that originated during the 3rd century B.C. Japanese cooking instructor Yoko Isassi breaks down sushi's five evolutionary stages.
  • How the Northeast Set the Course of the American Cheese Industry: It took until the mid-19th century, when new waves of immigrants crossed the Atlantic, for other cheeses to take root in the U.S. As the colonies expanded northward (see: Vermont) and eventually westward, cheese making traditions followed, laying a strong foundation for cheddar across the Northeast.


  • The 10 Best Chocolate Shops In NYC: It's almost Valentine's Day, a holiday meant to shame the single, stress out the committed, and send the plush stuffed bear industry into the black. But it's also a day meant for chocolate, whether you're purchasing a box for a loved one or consuming it whole on your couch while watching Mother, May I Sleep With Danger. Here are the best places to purchase chocolate in the city

  • 8 Must-Try Dumpling Spots in NYC: At the new Mission 2.0, Danny Bowien's playful Chinese hot spot, each meal begins with these gratis veggie and cilantro dumplings (pictured above), seared together in a gyoza maker like a giant pancake. 

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