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Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Weekly Roundup: Free Macaron Day, Best NYC Breakfast Sandwiches and Your Al Fresco Dining Guide

  • Foods of NYC Tour: After looking at the different tours offered by Foods of New York Tours (they have a bunch), we decided to go with their Original Greenwich Village Tour, which took us to popular mom-and-pop food shops through the tree-lined and charming streets of one of NYC's oldest Italian neighborhoods, the historic west village.

  • Where To Get Free Macarons Next Week For Macaron Day: Next Friday, March 20th, a bunch of area patisseries will be offering free macarons at their stores for customers who come and mention the holiday. Brought to the USA by French pastry master Francois Payard in 2010, the festival has grown to include over a dozen local shops and has raised lots of money for City Harvest.
  • 12 NYC Restaurant Deals That Are Actually Pretty Great: In New York, discounted food and drinks rarely align with anything that's high quality. But as it turns out, many excellent, elegant restaurants actually offer sweet specials: prix fixe Sunday suppers, $1 oysters, and, of course, happy-hour deals. You just have to know when exactly to show up to places like Porchlight, Maison Premiere, and Birds & Bubbles. 
  • Andy Ricker on New York’s Tipped Minimum-Wage Increase: ‘A No-Win Situation’:This change comes at a time when there are a couple of other new government-mandated, owner-financed burdens on small business (sick leave, health care) that are already having an impact on the bottom line. [The increase in minimum wage] is definitely rough on an industry where a shrinking 7 to 15 percent profit margin is the norm for a well-run operation, and in a city where doing business is already extremely tough. 
  • First Look Inside Lauren Bacall's Dakota Apartment of 53 Years: Star of the screen, stage, red carpet, and more, Lauren Bacall passed away last year. For the last 53 years of her life, she lived at the Dakota, and her three-bed, 3.5-bath in the iconic building is already on the market, asking $26 million. 
    • Browse Lauren Bacall's Lovely Furniture & Art, Now At Auction: Lauren Bacall—beloved screen star, fashion icon, and arbiter of taste—passed away last year at the age of 89. As culture vultures everywhere continue to mourn, her Dakota apartment of more than five decades is already on the market, asking $26 million. Later this month, Bonham's is auctioning off her extensive collection of art, furniture, clothing, and more.

  • Not All Olive Oil Is Created Equal: A cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil contains healthy monounsaturated fatty acids — believed to protect against cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol  But not all olive oil is created equal. We spoke with olive oil expert Joanne Lacina of to get the lowdown on what makes a great olive oil, why extra virgin is so important, and the reason higher-quality oils are worth their weight.
  • This Biologist Just Harvested England’s First Farmed Truffle: A British biologist named Paul Thomas has harvested a truffle he planted six years ago in a Leicestershire field, and, as such, is declaring his success the "birth of the U.K. truffle industry." His find, a 39-gram Tuber uncinatum, an intense-tasting native species, is the first truffle to have been cultivated on British soil, and just one of the many he says he planted on 20 farms and estates.
  • Love Cast Iron Pans? Then You Should Know About Carbon Steel. Serious Eats has become an amazing resource for cast iron cookware. From recipes to seasoning instructions, myth busting to vintage restoration, we've got you covered. But there's another type of pan with similarities to cast iron that we haven't written much about, and it's made from carbon steel.
  • Why Bartenders Are Spiking Your Cocktail With Vinegar:Tart drinks are having a moment, from the profusion of new kombucha brands to cocktails built off shrubs or drinking vinegars: sweetened vinegar-based syrups infused with fruit and spices that date back centuries.


  • Caffé Dante not closing, longtime owner assures: Flotta has owned the 100-year-old cafe since 1970. Between fielding calls from press — responding to the rumors — he dismissed the buzz as having possibly been started by a waitress who picked up pieces of table talk.
  • Where to Eat Lunch Around NYU:  When you’re around the NYU/Washington Square Park area, your quality EEEEEATS options are pretty much endless, and yet it’s still possible to feel like you have no good ideas when it comes to where to get lunch. 

  • 15 Awesome Breakfast Sandwiches in New York City: The pasta-hungry hoards fill Il Buco Alimentari nightly, but breakfast is a bit tamer. Settle in to eat the breakfast sandwich, or take it to go. House-baked focaccia is stacked with eggs, thinly-sliced house-cured salame rosa, and a northern Italian cheese called salva cremasco, which has a bit of tang to cut the richness. The egg is left just a tiny bit runny, as it should be.
  • The Bowery FINALLY Stripped Of Dated 1980s Aesthetic: In the 1960s, photographer Jay Maisel scooped up this old circa-1800s building for just over $100,000, calling the 72 rooms at 190 Bowery home for around 50 years. Maisel didn't do much cleaning up—in fact, the place has looked downright abandoned—and allowed graffiti and street art to cover the exterior, making the massive building a testament to the older days of the Bowery, which has gone on to change significantly in recent years.

  • Navigating the Chinatown Menu of the Future at Flaming Kitchen: Instead of Shanghai, the menu concentrates on "Szechuan Cuisine and Hot Pots." Yet when you flip it open, much of the Shanghai food remains, along with Sichuan cold dishes and hot pots, all-day dim sum, and Cantonese and Chinese-American stir fries, plus a smattering of northern Chinese, Taiwanese, and plain American fare, like french fries and chicken wings, all washed down with fruit shakes and bubble tea.
  • 5 Easy Dipping Sauce Recipes for Your Dumplings: When it comes to dipping your dumplings, it can be tempting to reach for a bottle of soy sauce, vinegar, chili oil, or store-bought teriyaki rather than whip something up from scratch. And if you're eating great quality fresh or homemade dumplings, those sauces will do just fine.  But what if you're digging into a plate of frozen dumplings, where the filling may be satisfying but isn't exactly top-notch? Enter the homemade dipping sauce: a world of complex, customizable flavor boosters at your fingertips. 

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