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Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Weekly Roundup: Bourdain Market Channels Blade Runner, Good Cheap Bourbons and How To Make Black Seed Bagels At Home

  • NEW YORK CITY STORIES: …it was time for a Foods of New York tour in Greenwich Village. In a word, wow! Greenwich Village is wonderful, packed with amazing architecture, delis and restaurants, and we all decided that we’d love to live there (I’m plotting a bank job even as you read this, he says, half-seriously). Our tour guide Barri was amazing (hi Barri!) and she imparted a wealth of knowledge regarding the architecture and history of Greenwich Village (you may notice the exterior of the Friends apartment in the photos below, even though the actual series was shot in LA), as well as showing us some of the best places to eat.

  • Stroll Around Le District, The Giant New French Food Playground In Brookfield Place: There's a new destination for fromage, fleurs and frites on the west side at Le District, a sleek new culinary playground stocked with restaurants, bars and lots of counters dishing out all sorts of French treats. The space has more of a natural flow than some of the other recent food markets, including the Hudson Eats food court located just upstairs.
  • Vital New Details About Anthony Bourdain's Food Hall, Bourdain Market: Stephen Werther, the entrepreneur who's working with Anthony Bourdain to open Bourdain Market, his wildly anticipated New York City food hall, was in Singapore yesterday, to speak before the World Street Food Congress. This is the annual conference hosted by KF Seetoh, the Singaporean street food authority who is helping the duo plan Bourdain Market. At one time, Bourdain himself was expected to reveal new details about his mega food hall at the conference, but instead it was Werther who made the appearance. Still, just as hoped, he unleashed a lot of juicy new facts.
  • 21 New Cocktails That Will Make You Feel Even More Excited About Spring: Even if it doesn't quite feel like it outside, it's springtime in New York — and that means it's time for the city's bars and restaurants to update their menus. Bartenders are starting to use ingredients like rhubarb syrup, fresh berries, and celery juice, and conceive new riffs on mimosas, gimlets, and Pimm's cups.
  • How Pegu Club Forever Changed the Cocktail Game: Pegu's upcoming anniversary feels more historically momentous than the others. Its opening arrived at a time when the public's taste for high-form whistle-wetting was ready to go mainstream, and the media was ready to take such stylish imbibing seriously. 
  • Step Inside What's Left Of Roseland Ballroom: The demolition of Roseland Ballroom began last summer, and it has been almost exactly one year since it shuttered. Recently a series of aerial views showed the gutted venue from above, and now one man has snuck "inside" for a closer look.

  • These 6 Food Trends Are Already Taking Over 2015: Every year something new in food makes the headlines. From bacon weaves to grilled cheese, people love reading about and looking at pictures of delicious things they probably shouldn't eat. Some foods, however, tend to be more interesting than others.  We dug around and found a handful of popular food trends for this year. Expect to see more of these pop up on your newsfeed in the months to come.
  • HOW TO BUILD THE PERFECT BURGER, ACCORDING TO CHEFS: There's not just one way to make a great burger, but there are some tried-and-true techniques that contribute to patty greatness.
  • 10 BOURBONS YOU CAN AFFORD TO DRINK EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. To guide you on your way, we tapped Derek Brown -- owner of Washington, DC's Southern Efficiency, Mockingbird Hill, and Eat the Rich -- as well as his Southern Efficiency bar manager J.P. Fetherston, to give us a list of bourbons they feel provide the most bang for the buck. And because bourbon's a journey, not a destination, they also gave us an easy primer on how to track down your own reasonably priced favorites. 
  • How to Make Bagels With NYC's Black Seed: New York bagels are the best bagels — or is Montreal-style better? With NYC-Montreal hybrid Black Seed Bagels, people get the best of both worlds. Here, the team shows off exactly how to make perfect bagels at home.
  • April Bloomfield on the 3 Cookbooks Everyone Should Own: Bloomfield says she owns "too many cookbooks to count," so I asked her a bit about which cookbooks she considers essential, and which cooks she looks to for inspiration.


  • 13 New NYC Burgers To Try Right Now: Bar Sardine; A juicy meat sandwich for the ages. The burger is smothered in a BBQ mayo special sauce, smoked cheddar, thin crispy potatoes (on the burger!), thin onions, and cucumbers. The reinvented Bar Sardine doing things right.
  • Empellon's Alex Stupak Details Tasting Menu Plans and Ambitions for a Taco Empire: Yesterday the news broke that Empellon Cocina is currently closed, with a dining room renovation and lengthy tasting menu in the works. Chef/owner/taco whisperer Alex Stupak told Grub Street that his East Village Mexican restaurant will reopen April 28, with a new look, a refreshed menu, and an 18-course tasting that he'll serve to just one table a night. But a few details, like the price of the tasting, and the extent of the renovations, were left unknown. 
  • The Story Behind Hess Triangle, Once The Littlest Piece Of Land In NYC: There is a small plot of land located outside of Village Cigars at Seventh Avenue and Christopher Street that has a big story behind it, which begins around 1910, when nearly 300 buildings in the area were being torn down to widen streets and construct new subway lines. One of the casualties of this project was The Voorhis apartment building, owned by David Hess.

  • An Old-School Butcher Shop Endures in SoHo: The Cinquemanis come from a long line of Sicilian butchers. Pino came to New York on his honeymoon in 1973, got a job as a butcher and never left. In 1992, he officially took over the Sullivan Street spot and put his name on the window.
  • Mamoun’s Falafel satisfying, but not spectacular: This past October, Mamoun’s Falafel opened its doors on Witherspoon Street. The latest location for the regional chain that started in 1971 in New York’s Greenwich Village, Mamoun’s brings Middle Eastern cuisine to Princeton, nestled in a location between Olives and Subway.

  • NYC Food Hall Smackdown: Comparing 8 of the City's Best Indoor Markets.  Indoor food halls are proliferating faster than Duane Reades these days. The massive success of Eataly, plus the popularity of outdoor fairs like Smorgasburg, has convinced developers that the upscale food court can be a big draw. Though there are some big multivendor concepts in the works, a hall called Hudson Market coming soon to Chelsea and Anthony Bourdain getting in on the action with his upcoming Bourdain Market, the recent openings of City Kitchen and Le District made it seem like a good time to compare eight of NYC's most important indoor food halls.
  • Untitled Prepares for Its Big May Debut in the New Whitney: Danny Meyer's team packed up its knives last fall when the museum closed its Upper East Side location to make way for its downtown digs. The museum will reopen May 1, and Untitled is slated to open at the same time.
  • World of Beer Is Exactly What It Sounds Like, Opens Next Month In Chelsea: New York's first outpost of World of Beer, an insane Florida-based chain that is as much the Disney World of beer as it sounds, is finally, after almost one and a half years, about to open. The Chelsea location is slated to open in early May.

  • RESTAURANT OF THE MONTH: IL BUCO ALIMENTARI E VINERIA.  I have to say, I think Il Buco is my favorite restaurant, at least for now. They serve a wonderful a variety of Italian dishes, but they don’t leave you with that heavy feeling you sometimes get after eating a plate of lasagna. Everything is super fresh and flavorful. Nothing is over the top, just done right. I’ve been there a few times (for breakfast and dinner) and here is just a summary of the things I’ve tried.

  • At Pearl River, Four Decades of Helping New Arrivals From Asia: With the news this week that Pearl River Mart, at 477 Broadway in SoHo, would close in December because of a significant rent increase and an unsustainable business model, it became clear that Mr. Chen’s routine — and those of his 40 employees — would soon disappear into the capitalist cloud.

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