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Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Weekly Roundup: Dominique Ansel Opens in West Village, Washington Square Park Guide and NYC Gets Two Food Delivery Apps

  • Announcing Eater's Young Guns Semifinalists for 2015: After months of poring over hundreds of nominations, interviewing chefs, grilling local Eater editors, and examining supporting material, the shortlist for the 2015 class of Eater Young Guns is complete and ready for its debut.
  • Uber Launches Its Super-Fast Food-Delivery Service in New York: Right on the heels of the launch of David Chang-backed Maple, Uber has expanded its own food-delivery service to New York. It works exactly like requesting a car on demand: Enter an address, tap "view menu," place an order (just lunch, for now), and wait mere minutes until the food arrives curbside.
    • DAVID CHANG'S NEW FOOD DELIVERY SERVICE JUST LAUNCHED: Maple, or the highly-anticipated food delivery service that's backed by Momofuku's David Chang, launched in Lower Manhattan on Tuesday, promising three daily-rotating lunches and dinners by professional chefs delivered in 30 minutes or less. The service comes amid an increasingly crowded -- like everything else in New York -- delivery space with the recent launches of two other on-demand food services, UberEATS and Arcade.
  • THIS ARTIST PHOTOGRAPHED OVER 1,900 BODEGAS IN MANHATTAN: As New Yorkers, we have the privilege and luxury of being able to get our morning coffee at like a dozen different places in our neighborhood in large part thanks to one of the city's most beloved, gritty, and prevailing institutions, bodegas. They're everywhere, and many of them are beautiful symbols of NYC, past and present, which is a lot of what photographer Gail Victoria Braddock Quagliata said inspired her to set out on a quest to photograph every bodega she could find in Manhattan, ultimately totaling over 1,900.

  • Chipotle to Stop Serving Genetically Altered Food: In a first for a major restaurant chain, Chipotle Mexican Grill on Monday will begin preparing only food that is free of genetically engineered ingredients.  In 2013, Chipotle was the first restaurant chain to indicate which items contained genetically modified organisms, and a small but growing number of restaurants, largely in fine dining, also now label their menus.
  • 7 Myths About Cooking Pasta That Need to Go Away!  There are many myths about cooking pasta that simply aren't correct and yet they persist. Read on for a few that we would like to see disappear!
  • On Food Labels, Calorie Miscounts: The method most commonly used to assess the number of calories in foods is flawed, overestimating the energy provided to the body by proteins, nuts and foods high in fiber by as much as 25 percent, some nutrition experts say.


  • This Map Lists Every Tree in Washington Square Park: Next time you're lounging around in Greenwich Village, pull up this new map of Washington Square Park. The map was created by "community and urban forester" Georgia Silvera Seamans (along with the good people at Washington Square Park Blog), and is part of WSP Eco Projects (a neighborhood group that "celebrates the wild things of the park").
  • Historic Photos of George Washington Monuments Throughout the U.S. and Abroad: People walk and ride carriages near the Washington Square Arch, covered in papier-mache wreaths, garlands of flowers, and American flags, in New York City's Washington Square Park during the celebration of the centennial of George Washington's inauguration on April 30, 1889.

  • 10 Things You Should Know About the New Whitney Museum: The new Whitney Museum of American Art has been four years in the making, with more than a bit of pomp surrounding its opening on May 1. You might have already read about its creator, Pritzker Prize–winning architect Renzo Piano, who also designed the New York Times building, the London Shard, and an expansion for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art; its expanded gallery space and collection of 21,000 works; or its $422 million-dollar digs at the southern base of the High Line, in the natty Meatpacking District.
    • Danny Meyer Moves In to New Whitney Museum: UNTITLED Danny Meyer’s restaurant in the new downtown home of the Whitney Museum of American Art puts the visitor on display, through floor-to-ceiling glass walls anchored with industrial cables, all designed by Renzo Piano. Michael Anthony, Gramercy Tavern’s executive chef, and his chef de cuisine, Suzanne Cupps, deliver a seasonal menu — spring onion and bacon tart; smoked clams with cucumbers and yogurt — that strives for lightness.

  • Il Buco Review: Show me another restaurant in this town that was originally an antique store, has a 200 year old wine cellar that Edgar Allen Poe used to chill in, and is so romantic that you’re pretty much guaranteed to see people trying to Fergie each other at the table if you hang around later than 10pm. 
  • Uncle Boons Continues to Wow Nolita With Spicy, Affordable Thai Fare: The restaurant's best dish, a coconut milk-brushed half-chicken, still comes with a generous pile of green mango salad, and it still costs just $22, the same price as on opening night. It is a one plate meal in our small plates world.

  • Danny Bowien’s Mission: That Mr. Bowien is a whirligig creative genius is by now a platitude, as true and unexamined as doctor’s warnings on cigarette boxes: Quitting Bowien Now Greatly Reduces Serious Kicks To Your Mouth. I’m as tired of hearing about him as I’m sure he is hearing about himself. What interested me most about the 32-year-old chef was how, and if, he could preserve that spark of creativity in the wind tunnel of hype.

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