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Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Weekly Roundup: Burger Week, It's Asparagus Season and Your NYC Dim Sum Guide

  • The Hottest Burgers in New York City, 2015: Great burgers abound in New York City, and a new one is born nearly every day. Since it would be impossible to try to keep up, here's a list of the 18 best new burgers in New York City. Some are fancy, some are out-there, some are straightforward, all-American greatness, but all are worth seeking out.
    • 14 Burger Recommendations from New York's Hottest Chefs: In honor of Burger Week, Eater asked some of New York's best chefs to tell us their favorite New York City burgers. Specifically, we asked for the cheap burgers and the neighborhood favorites — the burger they'd eat after a long night working the line. 
    • Two Centuries of Hamburger History in New York City: There’s no shortage of origin stories for the hamburger, so popular throughout the United States that it might be considered the national dish. But a true account of the burger’s birth may be lost in the murk of popular history, since most of the tales of how it began seem dubious.
  • Don’t Mess With My Bacon, Egg and Cheese: Egg sandwiches are found all around the country in one form or another — on a biscuit in the South, maybe; with Taylor pork roll in New Jersey, for sure. The ones in New York City, though, have a character of their own. What makes them New Yorky is not the ingredients, but the way the sandwich is purchased and consumed: quickly.
  • New Bill Aims to Cut Back on Useless Violations Issued by the DOH and Other Organizations: The bain of nearly every NYC restaurant's existence is fighting Department of Health violations. Councilwoman Helen Rosenthal is introducing a bill that aims to reduce the number of violations issued by the DOH and other organizations, specifically the violations that are typically dismissed when challenged.   
  • At Silver Moon Bakery, the Baking Never Stops: To celebrate her retirement, Ms. Norell started baking at home and selling to parents at her daughter’s school. Soon she found herself an apprenticeship at Amy’s Bread.

  • 8 Ways To Cook With Spring Asparagus: Anyone else see the first asparagus of the spring popping up in markets? We had a collective mini-meltdown of happiness when those generous bundles of sharp points and slim stalks edged out the fibrous fatties, so we’re celebrating with our eight favorite asparagus recipes. Expect these on our dinner tables until September or so. 
  • A Visit to the Coolest Culinary Garden Around: This summer, more than 50 varieties of tomatoes planted in the garden will be transformed by The French Laundry kitchen team in ways that will make you question the very nature of the fruit. The chefs will dry them into sheets, press them into tomato water to use as a stock, make them into jam, and can them whole.
  • Study Shows That People Are Getting Even More Obsessed With Pop-Up Restaurants: If you thought pop-up restaurants were just another food trend that would go the way of fat free cookies and foam, you might need to reconsider. According to a study released by Eventbrite called "The Rise of Pop-Up Dining Events and the Experiential Diner," the pop-up trend is alive and well.
  • A Field Guide to the American Sandwich: A celebration of the sandwich, and an attempt to create a taxonomy for its many diverse forms.


  • Italy in New York: Where to find Italian ingredients in NYC.  Any serious restaurant chef or home cook wants to source the finest ingredients for whatever type of meal they’re cooking. It’s no secret that Italian food is among the world’s most popular however, finding authentic Italian ingredients is–more times than not–easier said than done, sadly. 

  • Copenhagen Vs. New York City: A Tale Of Two Meatpacking Districts. As some traditional butchers and meatpackers have migrated outside of the city, the transformation of the neighborhood has drawn natural comparisons to the now uber-chic Meatpacking District on Manhattan’s West Side, where landmark status preserved many old buildings but not the old businesses.

  • Why Chefs Resort to Secret Tactics to Cook Some of Their Best Food: After a visit from inspectors at New York City's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the staff of Il Buco was faced with a dilemma: Either douse its homemade sausages in bleach or shut down completely. The kitchen chose the former, treating its carefully cured products as if they were toxic waste and wiping out months of work in the process. "We had created our own setup that was very regimented," says Il Buco owner Donna Lennard of the encounter with the DOH. "They didn't understand; they didn't want to talk about it."
  • Genuine Superette Bringing Artisanal Ice Cream Sandwiches To Nolita: Having successfully charmed far-west Hell's Kitchen with Gothamist West Market, the AvroKO team are now launching a spinoff to their Cali-style burger joint Genuine Roadside located inside the 11th Avenue food court with Genuine Superette, opening this week in Nolita. 

  • EVERY DIM SUM SERVICE WORTH GOING TO IN NYC: Things every New Yorker needs: 1) money, 2) other money, and 3) a list of every single restaurant in NYC with quality dim sum. And since exactly zero New Yorkers have that last one, we decided to try our hand at creating it. After scouring Chinatown, Flushing, and everywhere in between, we came up with this: FORTY-THREE restaurants in TEN NYC 'hoods, all of which have real-deal dim sum service
  • Dimes Brings SoCal To Chinatown: Smart, affable New Jersey natives Sabrina De Sousa and Alissa Wagner have pulled off a neat trick with their SoCal-ish restaurant Dimes, both in its first incarnation on Division Street and in their newly-opened space a couple of blocks west on Canal. Basically, it's as if a slice of Venice Beach were plopped down onto what is still a nicely grimy stretch of southeast Chinatown.

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