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Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Weekly Roundup: The James Beard Awards, Madison Sq. Eats Returns and Your NYC Mother's Day Brunch Guide

  • Mad. Sq. Eats Returns for the Season: The Mad. Sq. Eats pop-up food market has reopened in the Flatiron District, and it'll stay through May 28. This year's new vendors include Paella Shack by Barraca, Uma Temakeria, and Bombay Sandwich Co., and veterans such as Red Hook Lobster Pound, Roberta's, and Momofuku Milk Bar will return. It's open every day from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • LETTER GRADES FOR NYC’S FOOD TRUCKS MAY SOON BE ON THE MENU: A bill to bring Department of Health letter grades to street food vendors made it through the NY Senate Cities Committee last week, but has yet to make it out of committee in the Assembly. If it comes through, NYC food trucks and carts will be required to display letter grades and pay fines for violations.
  • YOU CAN NOW GET MOMOFUKU SSÄM SAUCE SHIPPED TO YOUR DOOR: The Ssäm Sauce combines the traditional, umami-rich, hot pepper seasoning called gochujang with miso, sake, soy sauce, and rice vinegar. We plan to put it on mac and cheese, pizza, chicken wings, burgers, and more.

  • The 2015 James Beard Award Winners!
    • Bâtard Tops James Beard Award Winners: On Monday night, for the first time, the annual James Beard Foundation gala — widely regarded as the Oscars ceremony of the food world — was held in Chicago rather than New York, recognizing Chicago’s dynamic and often cutting-edge food scene.  But as has often been the case, New York took home most of the gold.
  • Josh Ozersky Has Passed Away: Josh Ozersky, the celebrated food writer, Esquire contributor, and a founding editor of this site, died this past weekend in Chicago. As Pete Wells first reported on Twitter, Ozersky had been in town for the James Beard Foundation's annual chef and restaurant awards.
  • Why Good Cheese Doesn't Come Cheap: The Sneaky Multipliers of Cheesemaking: While thinking about cheese pricing in terms of real cost helps lessen sticker shock, it doesn't get to the heart of question. It also doesn't address that our cheese (and the milk used to make it) may actually be too cheap. How is that the case? It all comes down to multiplication.


  • Tea Culture Blossoms in New York: One recent morning, he set out the elements of a Chinese style of tea service known as gong fu cha: a slatted wooden tea tray to catch excess water and tea, a lidded dish called a gaiwan for steeping, a pitcher to hold the steeped tea, and a few small porcelain teacups. As he deftly poured, steeped, discarded and resteeped, he provided a guided tour of tea, describing how it is grown, picked, processed and tasted.

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