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Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Weekly Roundup: Shake Shack's New Chicken Sandwich, NYC's Most Delicious Ice Cream and A Cookie Recipe From Eleni's

  • Shake Shack Debuts Their First Fried Chicken Sandwich: With new locations opening literally everywhere, it's hard to get excited about a new Shake Shack announcement...UNTIL TODAY. The homegrown chain finally introduced a fried chicken fast food sandwich, the ChickenShack, the first radical departure from burgers in their new food items since those breakfast sandwiches. But here's the catch: you gotta go to Brooklyn.
  • The Problem With Restaurant Seating In NYC:  New York is a city of small spaces. If you are not prepared to live in a tiny apartment, squeeze into a crowded train car, and brush up against a sweaty stranger on the sidewalk, then you are in the wrong town. But as New Yorkers, we also reserve the right to rant passionately about things that annoy us, and this is where we're drawing the line at small spaces.
  • José Andrés Will Open the Bazaar in New York Next Year: Yesterday, José Andrés backed out of his deal to open a flagship restaurant in Donald Trump's D.C. hotel — a very wise move. Now news hits that he's bringing the Bazaar (his restaurant with locations in Beverly Hills, South Beach, and Las Vegas) to another hotel, the forthcoming SLS New York at 444 Park Avenue South.
  • How NYC’s Leading Chefs Plan to Turn Overlooked Local Fish Into Seafood Delicacies: "I can't think of a chef who would say, 'I want to rape and pillage the ocean'," says Blue Hill's Dan Barber. "And, along the same lines, I can't think of a chef who isn’t actively thinking about fish in different ways." Barber has a point: A number of big-name New York chefs are breaking down the complicated issue and trying to serve seafood with a big focus on responsibility. 

  • Condiments Galore at New York’s Fancy Food Show: Condiments, notably those that are Asian and fueled with searing heat, continue to ride high in the specialty food business, as showcased at last week’s Fancy Food Show at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York.
  • Why The World Might Be Running Out Of Cocoa Farmers: Chocolate might be headed toward a crisis, depending on whom you ask.  That's at least what the 2015 Cocoa Barometer has to say. It's an overview of sustainability issues in the cocoa sector, written by various European and U.S. NGOs, and was released in the U.S. this week. And what they're really worried about is the people who grow the beans that are ground up to make our beloved treat.
  • This Man Created the Ice Cube’s Multimillion-Dollar Industry: Lucrative profits from shipping ice to India solidified Tudor’s ice export company’s success. The Indian Gazette even took out an official announcement, thanking Tudor for making “This luxury accessible, by its abundance and cheapness.”
  • California’s Drought Changes Habits in the Kitchen: Across California, home cooks and restaurant chefs are adjusting to a new reality in kitchens where water once flowed freely over sinks full of vegetables, and no one thought twice about firing up a big pot of water for pasta.  The state is in the fourth year of a severe drought, but the reality of living with less water began hitting hard in the spring. For the first time, state officials ordered residents of every city and town to conserve water or face consequences.


  • Bob Dylan’s Quiet Debut in New York City: “On his first night in Greenwich Village, on or around Jan. 24, 1961, Bob went into the Cafe Wha? on Macdougal Street,” Mr. Sounes writes. “It was ‘hootenanny’ night, open-mike night when almost anybody could get up and perform. ‘I been travelin’ around the country,’ he told the crowd. ‘Followin’ in Woody Guthrie’s footsteps.’ ”

  • Chefs Club Draws Out-of-Town Crowd Downtown: Take the restaurant Chefs Club by Food & Wine, TripAdvisor’s top-rated restaurant in New York this week out of more than 11,000. Chefs Club serves recipes from what Food & Wine magazine considers the best new chefs. 
  • Catch A Fantastic Fish Feast At The Summery Seamore’s: Seamore's is a pretty, comfortable space—Chernow helped design the interior—with lots of light wood, splashes of bold color, and those huge (open, when appropriate) windows all along both Mulberry and Broome. When it gets loud and busy inside, and it already has been both, the festivities tend to spill out into the street.

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