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Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Weekly Roundup: Ice Creams From Around The World, Chef Wylie Dufresne Moves On and The Best Summer Dishes In NYC

  • 7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About NYC Street Carts: Street vendors selling everything from bagels to hot dogs to oysters have been roving the streets of New York for more than 200 years. This weekend, The New York Post took a look back at how those carts got started and how things have changed for their operators. Here are 7 facts about carts you might not have known.
  • AFTER 90 YEARS IN MANHATTAN, CAN STREIT'S MATZO REINVENT ITSELF UPSTATE?  Matzo sales topped $85 million in the United States in 2014. Menachem Lubinsky, president of the marketing and consulting firm Lubicom, estimates Streit's makes about 35 percent and Manischewitz 65 percent of domestic sales, with Israeli brands owning around 40 percent of the overall market share. 
  • Behind the Scenes: Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest.  Every summer, a group of the country's best competitive eaters gather at Coney Island for the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest. This year, we talked to two of the pros to see how they get ready for the gut-busting event.
  • A Map of Manhattan Farmers Markets: Farmers markets flourish throughout the city. Find one near you.
  • Wylie Dufresne Plans to Shutter Alder at the End of the Summer: Sweet, sweet Alder, say it ain't so. After two and a half years of business on Second Avenue, Wylie Dufresne and his team have decided to close their casual, unusual, frequently excellent restaurant Alder at the end of August. 

  • HOW BRISKET CONQUERED THE BBQ WORLD:  The once lowly hunk of beef has eclipsed pork and ribs to become the power-player in the 'cue circuit.
  • Americans Are Finally Eating Less:  After decades of worsening diets and sharp increases in obesity, Americans’ eating habits have begun changing for the better.  Calories consumed daily by the typical American adult, which peaked around 2003, are in the midst of their first sustained decline since federal statistics began to track the subject, more than 40 years ago. The number of calories that the average American child takes in daily has fallen even more — by at least 9 percent.
  • America’s Best New Restaurants 2015:  Every year, we announce the Bon Appétit Hot 10, our list of America’s Best New Restaurants. And it all starts with these 50 nominees. 
  • An Illustrated Tour of Ice Cream Styles Around the World:  This is a selective tour of the ice cream styles you'll find around the world, with a focus on all the different wonderful ways ice cream is made. We'll save ice cream desserts and novelties (sundaes, sandwiches, and the like) for another survey; instead, this tour is all about what really makes gelato different from ice cream, why Midwestern frozen custard is totally different from than how the FDA describes it, and how Thai street vendors are turning ice cream into finger food.


  • The Best Summer Dishes in NYC:  Market Table; As the name suggests, the ever-changing menu at this West Village favorite is inspired directly by the greenmarket, resulting in options like Brooklyn Burrata with strawberry agrodolce, Heirloom Tomatoes topped with basil and avocado crema, Halibut with English peas and minted crème fraiche, and plump Sea Scallops, teamed with corn risotto and cucumber salsa fresca.
  • Charm, Not Macho, Adds to Village Prime's Steakhouse Appeal:  I will happily call Village Prime charming and consider its décor just about what it should be for a small steakhouse in West Greenwich Village, a neighborhood with few options in the genre.

  • Sandwich Heroes Court Street Grocers Will Open a New Shop in Greenwich Village:  Court Street Grocers owners Eric Finkelstein and Matt Ross have built a business out of digging deep into Americana, stocking the shelves of their Carroll Gardens original with a collector’s haul of regional comestibles and serving over-the-top sandwiches inspired by American classics. Along the way they’ve developed a reputation as one of New York’s most vital and endearing sandwich shops and general stores. 
  • Last of its kind: Inside Caffe Reggio's never-changing cup of old New York.  In the bygone days of the 1960’s, several classic coffee houses flourished on MacDougal Street in the heart of Greenwich Village including Café Borgia, Caffe Dante, Caffe Reggio, and Le Figaro Café. Figaro closed, Borgia high-tailed it to SoHo, Caffe Dante reopened in June 2015 with a new owner and menu and only Caffe Reggio remains the way it was.

  • A Further Ten of New York's Craziest Sandwiches:  Santina Sandwich — Available breakfast and weekend brunch at Meatpacking hotspot Santina, the self-named sandwich begins with a sesame-seeded brioche that is rubbed with red ripe tomato.
  • Restaurant Review: Untitled at the Whitney in the Meatpacking District.  Untitled is on the ground floor of the Whitney Museum of American Art. The Whitney is the second major art museum in the city to choose Danny Meyer to run a big, semiformal restaurant — the Museum of Modern Art is the other — and yet Mr. Meyer is resolutely uninterested in arty food. 

  • now brings Chinatown food uptown:  There's a Chinese food revolution happening below 42nd Street.  Venturing to Canal Street is no longer necessary thanks to the launch of  The brand-new food delivery site launched on July 30 and has so far signed 18 Chinese and Asian fusion restaurants in Chinatown and the East Village. Currently,  food delivery is available between lower Manhattan and 42nd Street.

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