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Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Weekly Roundup: NYC Labor Day Events, Your US Open Eating Guide and Sadelle's Finally Opens In SoHo

  • Eat Your Way Through Labor Day:  Before you put your white clothes into storage and steel yourself for six months of roots and tubers, the weekend presents one final opportunity to party.  So check out our guide to New York’s edible, end-of-season goings on — from a shellfish celebration at Grand Banks to an alfresco barbecue at Pig Beach.
  • Watch a Bluefish Go From Fishing Line to Plate in Under 90 Seconds: lot goes into a great plate of fish: Patience, labor, and skill, but also the many miles traveled can often be overlooked when considering the simplicity of seafood. But it's quite a journey.
  • HERE'S HOW TO ACE THE FOOD GAME AT THE U.S. OPEN: It's true: there's a tradition of remaining silent during tennis match play. But enthusiastic (and hungry) attendees at the U.S. Open — scheduled to run Monday through September 13 — have plenty of eating options to choose from inside Arthur Ashe Stadium.
  • Sadelle’s Is Officially Open and Ready to Appetize: The year of the bagel has officially has arrived: As of this morning, Sadelle's — the bagel bakery, neo-appetizing store, and bistro from baker Melissa Weller and the Major Food Group — stealthily opened the doors to its retail bakery, with its current hours running from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
    • 7 Important Facts Gleaned From the Opening Day of Sadelle’s: Sadelle's — the most anticipated restaurant of fall 2015 — opened its bakery/appetizing counter today at 8 a.m. A steady steam of reports from readers has flowed into the Eater tipline ever since news first broke about the opening this morning. The shop is closed for the evening right now, with service resuming again tomorrow, but here are seven facts about the Major Food Group's newest.

  • Send Off Summer Right: 25 Delicious Side Dishes for Labor Day: Since you'll already have the grill going, put it to use by making sides like grilled potato salad, corn, and cabbage (trust us, you need to try grilling cabbage). But throw in a couple of off-the-grill dishes, too, for cool, fresh flavors and creamy and crunchy textures to complement your smoky mains—maybe a banh mi–inspired panzanella will do the trick. Here are 25 recipes to round out your end-of-summer bash.
  • QUIZ: CAN YOU IDENTIFY THESE ICONIC BURGERS?  Test your burger IQ by seeing how well you know the country's most famous patties.
  • Amazon is testing farmers market produce delivery: Imagine getting greens and herbs from Maggie’s Farm, Mangalitsa pork from Peads & Barnetts, black cod from Wild Local Seafood and melons from Weiser Family Farms all delivered to your doorstep within 36 hours of harvest, ordered with just a mouse click.
  • How to Not F#&k Up a Caprese Salad: You want the short version of this? Get the best damn tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil you can find, put 'em on a plate, sprinkle them with salt and pepper, drizzle them with the best damn olive oil, and stop right there.


  • The West Village: Bohemian Past, Lofty Prices: Many longtime residents are concerned that the area’s charms and its vivid bohemian past have made it a less affordable place to live. “The prices are insane,” said Susanna Aaron, who was born in the West Village and has lived most of her life there, now in a townhouse with her husband and two teenage sons. She still loves the area, though. “It retains some of its legacy,” 
  • IFC Theater Planning Expansion Onto Cornelia Street: The IFC Center is planning on doubling its capacity with an expansion into the vacant lot behind it.  An application filed with the city last week details a $5.3 million expansion that will add six new screening rooms, bringing the 10,328-square-foot movie theater up to 20,071 square feet.
  • America’s 25 Best Cheese Pizzas Slideshow: Since 1975, Joe’s Pizza has served fresh, hot, cheesy slices to tourists and residents alike, making it a truly iconic New York City landmark. It’s as synonymous with New York City as the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building.

  • The folk rebellion that preserved free speech in Washington Square Park: They carried guitars, banjos and autoharps. They sang lilting folk songs that seemed as dangerous as doves. Their ever-larger Beatnik and interracial followers crowded the iconic Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village for informal Sunday concerts.  Yet the popularity of seemingly mild mannered folk musicians in the park sparked one of the city's most legendary free-speech fights in 1961.

  • Los Tacos No. 1 Launches Breakfast Burrito Cart in Chelsea Market: Hold everything — Chelsea Market's Los Tacos No. 1 (likely the greatest taco stand in lower Manhattan right now) just debuted a breakfast burrito cart "El Donkey" operating M-F from 8AM-11AM. The cart is also stationed in Chelsea Market right in front of the waterfall near Ninth Street Espresso.

  • A New Mexican Restaurant That Doesn’t Skimp on the Spice: The restaurateur Dario Wolos began making tacos a decade ago, selling them out of a Volkswagen bus in Mexico. Since then, he’s moved to New York and opened four restaurants, all called Tacombi, around the city, each focusing on a different Mexican regional cuisine. 

  • 50 Cheap Eats Destinations You Should Know About in NYC:  Of the handful of ancient Vietnamese restaurants that line tree-shaded Baxter Street on the western edge of Chinatown, with the jail known as the Tombs looming overhead, New Xe Lua is the newest. It has a jazzier interior than the others, with a tropical wall mural, cane furniture, clouds painted on the ceiling over lazy ceiling fans, and tiny lights that confer a festive air.
  • A Guide To The Lower Lower East Side: Walk around the little area south of the Lower East Side, but east of Chinatown, and you’ll find one of the largest concentration of new, attention-grabbing restaurants in Manhattan: Mission Chinese, Dimes, a new location of Pies-N-Thighs, the constantly mobbed new Greek restaurant Kiki’s. The bars are packed too, from the leopard-print covered 169 Bar to the new Mr. Fong’s.

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