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Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Weekly Roundup: NYC's 13 Best Craft Ice Cream Sandwiches, The NYT Fall Restaurant Preview and Your Rosh Hashanah Restaurant Guide & Recipes

  • Announcing the Museum of Food and Drink Lab: Today, I'm incredibly excited to announce a first of its kind partnership between Eater, the soon to be iconic cultural institution the Museum of Food and Drink, and our brand partner Infiniti. With the help of Infiniti, the nascent museum — which has existed in various dream states for the last five years — will launch its very first longterm exhibition/lab space. 
  • Where to Eat During Rosh Hashanah 2015: With Labor Day come and gone, fall (and yes, even winter!), holidays always seem to pop up at a fast and furious pace.  And the first on the docket is Rosh Hashanah — aka the Jewish New Year— lasting from September 13th-15th.  Like many Jewish holidays, it actually has a strong foodie throughline, such as eating sweet dishes like apples dipped in honey — thought to portend a sweet new year.
  • The Infatuation Guide To Hell’s Kitchen Restaurants: Unless you live in Hell’s Kitchen, we’re betting you don’t spend a lot of time eating in this part of town. But those who do will tell you there are lots of excellent restaurants in the area, from hole-in-the-wall Thai to upscale Italian. You just need to know where to look.
  • NYC’S 13 BEST CRAFT ICE CREAM SANDWICHES: You know where the best ice cream in NYC is. And you know a thing or two about delicious NYC cookies. But somehow, you have no idea where to find the two gloriously combined. Until now. Well, not now, but like, after you read the article below, so I guess, until... five minutes from now, when you’ll be fully educated on NYC’s 13 best ice cream sandwiches.  

  • The Wages of Cooks Have Declined More Than Those of Any Other Profession: According to new reports, the onion-chopping preppers and burger-patty grillers of America are suffering most from declining real wages. Real wages refers to pay that's adjusted for inflation, and by this measurement, the take-home payments of cooks have fallen by 8.9 percent since 2009. 
  • Food Industry Enlisted Academics in G.M.O. Lobbying War, Emails Show: So Monsanto, the world’s largest seed company, and its industry partners retooled their lobbying and public relations strategy to spotlight a rarefied group of advocates: academics, brought in for the gloss of impartiality and weight of authority that come with a professor’s pedigree.
  • Hydrox Cookies Will Return to Stores This Month: Before there was Oreo — and its many, many spinoff variations — there was Hydrox, the chocolate-and-crème sandwich cookie that debuted in 1908, four years before Nabisco's iconic confection. In fact, many people still consider Oreo, which now makes billions of dollars annually, to be a straight-up rip-off of Hydrox.
  • 17 Crowd-Pleasing Main Dishes for Rosh Hashanah: At-home observance of Rosh Hashanah may vary wildly, but it's a safe bet almost anywhere that a lot of eating will be involved. And while it may be best not to get overly experimental with the menu for a Rosh Hashanah dinner—as with Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, creativity is usually not as richly rewarded as nostalgic conservatism—it doesn't hurt to slip a new dish into your repertoire, or introduce a fresh take on an old favorite. Here are recipes for 17 hearty dishes, like brisket, leg of lamb, and extra-juicy chicken breast, to star at your New Year's table.


  • Discover 30 of New York City's Best Secret Gardens: There's a "secret garden" in every single borough, and we've mapped 30 of the best. They range from plots overseen by neighbors filled with flowers and yoga classes to little strips of foliage tucked away between (or even in) office buildings.  Grab some sunblock, a good book, and a picnic... and enjoy!
  • The Best Non-Broadway Theater Companies & Theaters In NYC: CHERRY LANE THEATRE: This sweet little Greenwich Village space is the city's oldest continuously running off-Broadway theater, having debuted in the neighborhood in 1924. It seats about 179 at its main stage (there's a more intimate 60-person studio), and has been home to performances of works by everyone from F. Scott Fitzgerald to Edward Albee to Sam Shepard over the years. 
  • Harold Moore to Open Moore Food & Wine in the Empire Hotel This Week: It is an unexpected move for Moore, who has heretofore focused his efforts downtown — first at Commerce, which abruptly shuttered in July, and then with the planned openings of Commerce Sweet Shop on Bedford Street and the cafeteria style Harold's Meat + Three in the Tommie Hudson Square hotel. Both of these projects appear to be delayed.

  • Domodomo: Domodomo is a “handroll bar,” which means instead of rolls or pieces of sushi, you’re ordering handrolls. They’re all freshly made, with crisp seaweed, quality rice, and good fish, even if we don’t know how many of them to order.
  • Here Are (Almost) All of Sadelle’s Pastries: As any Major Food Group groupie can tell you, Sadelle’s debuted its retail counter late last week, causing bagel mavens to rush in like wildebeests during the rainy season, then closed down over the long weekend for some additional staff training. As of this morning, though, Sadelle’s is back in business. Bagels and babkas are the hottest tickets, but there are many more dusty relics of the Jewish baked-goods repertoire that Melissa Weller is attempting to revive, not the least of which is the seldom-seen chocolate-chip loaf.
  • Best New Dishes in 8 NYC Neighborhoods: Greenwich Village: Vongole spaghetti soup at Dante.  The Italian classic linguini vongole gets an upgrade at the revamp of the historic Caffe Dante, recently updated for 2015 with a new menu, space and drinks from Naren Young.

  • The Fall Restaurant Preview: Chelsea Creamline Ronnybrook Farm Dairy has closed its milk bar and retail shop in Chelsea Market and is turning it into a casual restaurant serving comfort food. The space will retain its rural barn-board look and a retail counter for dairy products.
  • Restaurants Take the Din Out of Dining: From the outside, Untitled looks like one of those places where intimate conversation gets lost in the din.  The restaurant, which anchors the architect Renzo Piano’s new home for the Whitney Museum of American Art in the meatpacking district, has all the makings of a cacophony box. The primary walls are glass. That back wall is concrete. The floors? Blue Catalan limestone. The cooks chop and sear in an open kitchen, and the tables don’t have tablecloths.
  • A Blurry Line Between Bar and Restaurant: Making formal dinner plans at El Comado Butchery, for instance, would strike most people as a little weird. It is a fairly unprepossessing butcher shop that happens to contain a tapas bar, or vice versa. It’s best seen as a haven of sanity where you can escape the meatpacking district with a glass of Katas manzanilla on tap and a few of Seamus Mullen’s excellent Spanish snacks.

  • Where to Find the Best Tacos in NYC: Tacombi at Fonda Nolita; The colorful, spunky, and ever-popular taqueria has spawned several follow-up projects (an Eataly-lite market, Café el Presidente; setups in the Gansevoort Market and Montauk; and a forthcoming West Village spinoff focused on the food of the Yucatán). But the place to go is the East Side original, where tacos are dispensed from a retro Volkswagen. 

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