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Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Weekly Roundup: FNYT Chelsea Market Food Tour in the news, Chefs Dish On Juicy Turkeys and The Guide to NYC Ultra-Luxe Burgers

  • CHELSEA MARKET FOOD TOUR NEW YORK CITY: As you can imagine there are quite a few choices of Food Tours in New York and a great variance of price. I wanted to do a tour of the famous Chelsea Markets and I also heard that Foods of New York Tours not only have a Chelsea Market tour but they throw on a walk along the “The High Line”, one of New York cities great draw cards. More about that later. That meant that Foods of New York Tours won the race hands down for me.
  • Brooklyn food tours: Ray’s Food and Walking Tours, Foods of New York, and more: This nearly five-hour “Best of Brooklyn” excursion—a combination of walking and driving—starts in Greenwich Village before taking guests to Williamsburg and Greenpoint then onto Sunset Park then back to Dumbo, sampling everything from pierogies to an authentic Cuban sandwich to Jacque Torres chocolates.

  • A Guide to New York's Ultra-Luxe Hamburgers: These burgers are ridiculously priced compared to average ones, but considering the ingredients at play do they actually offer a relative value?
  • Seamless Ghosts Are Still Haunting New York City: An ongoing practice in the restaurant industry to create fake listings on Seamless and Grubhub to increase potential orders is apparently still going on. NBC found that more than 10 percent of New York's 100 top-rated Seamless and GrubHub restaurants were "ghosts," or fake restaurants that are created by either a different, existing restaurant or unlicensed kitchens.
  • A Guide To NYC's Many Delicious Food Halls: There's the older guard like Chelsea Market, Eataly, and Grand Central Terminal, which combine the food court concept with gourmet grocery stalls and fine dining restaurants. And then there's the new wave, which is all about getting a quick meal pieced together from multiple vendors, if that's what you're in the mood for.
    • Breaking Down the Brunch Options at UrbanSpace Vanderbilt: Instead of waiting hours on line for weekend brunch at that one, overwhelmingly popular spot, why not hedge your bets and head to UrbanSpace Vanderbilt?  The stylish, new food hall adjacent to Grand Central Terminal just launched a killer brunch program from 9am- 5pm on Saturdays & Sundays, and all their vendors are in on the action. 
  • Why Are So Many Chefs Leaving New York?  As one of the great restaurant capitals of the world, NYC’s kitchens are a revolving door for young cooks who want to learn from some of the greatest in the biz. The pace, the volume and the ambition of the concepts executed here is unrivaled by most other places in the world. But recently, an alarming number of chefs have announced that they're packing up their knives and getting out of the Big Apple.
  • Where to Buy Your Thanksgiving Pies: If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner at home this year (or spending it at someone else’s), consider saving yourself the trouble of crimping dough or pre-baking pastry shells.  That’s because NYC is absolutely glutted with spots serving incredibly innovative, artisanal pies, including Bien Cuit, Butter & Scotch, Momofuku Milk Bar and more.  So if you really want to make an impression this holiday, go ahead and place your order now, for apple-lined, pumpkin-filled and pecan-topped treat

  • Chefs share tips and techniques for the juiciest Thanksgiving turkey: At the most basic level, brining refers to presalting protein before it gets cooked. Think pork shoulder, chicken legs and even fish. Salt loves water, and when it's sprinkled onto the skin of these proteins, it draws out the water and then fills that empty space with salty brine.
  • AB InBev Officially Buys SABMiller to Create Beer Mega Giant: Budweiser producer AB InBev has finally announced its acquisition ofSABMiller, reports the Associated Press, a merger of the two largest global brewers that results in a company set to produce one-third of the world's beer. As AB InBev continues to purchase distributors to squash craft beer competitors, its latest buy will create a beer giant that owns 29 percent of the global beer market, with Heineken in a distant second at 9 percent.
  • Amazon to Bring Restaurant Food Delivery to More Than 20 Cities in the U.S.: major player has entered the ongoing food delivery wars: Amazon announced late yesterday it would be expanding its Prime Now-based restaurant delivery into 20 major metropolitan areas across the U.S. Tech Crunch notes the service went live in parts of Los Angeles this week.


  • First Look: Quality Eats Opens Tonight in the West Village.  The folks behind Midtown steak emporium Quality Meats are dropping the "M" (and the fancy ambiance) to bring you Quality Eats, opening tonight in the former Whitehall space on Greenwich Avenue. The first downtown outpost for Michael Stillman's restaurant group who also owns Quality Italian and Maloney & Porcelli, the vibe here is "casual, meat-centric neighborhood restaurant."
  • Chef Harold Dieterle to Close Kin Shop and Perilla: Harold Dieterle, the 38-year-old Long Island native who rose to nationwide fame as the winner of Bravo TV's inaugural Top Chef season, and who once presided over a trio of well-regarded Village establishments, is closing his remaining restaurants and at least temporarily leaving the hospitality industry.
  • Court Street Grocers Opens in Greenwich Village Tomorrow, With Brand-New Sandwiches: Eric Finkelstein and Matt Ross will open the much-anticipated Greenwich Village outpost of Court Street Grocers, their excellent sandwich shop and general store, Thursday at 8 a.m. The new location is their third brick-and-mortar and will be a full-fledged store along the lines of the Carroll Gardens original, as opposed to the sandwiches-only Hero Shop. To start, they'll only open for breakfast and lunch, but they expect to roll out dinner service no later than a month from now — or as soon as their beer-and-wine license goes through.

  • Beneath Washington Square, Forgotten Tombs Begin to Yield Their Secrets: When they died, their bodies were placed in six-sided coffins and taken to the northern outskirts of the city, near the corner of Wooster and Sixth Streets. There, in a 27-foot-long underground burial chamber with randomly coursed fieldstone walls and a whitewashed, barrel-vaulted brick ceiling, they were laid to rest behind a locked wooden door. Then they were forgotten.  Until Tuesday.

  • 'Berlin Currywurst' Brings German Street Grub to Chelsea Market: A German-couple who fled their corporate jobs for the restaurant business in 2010 will bring a classic Berlin street dish to Chelsea Market this January, according to a spokeswoman for Chelsea Market.  Berlin Currywurst, specializes in the sausage, curry, ketchup combo that's a staple of the Berlin street food scene.

  • Team From Uncle Boons to Open Diner in NoLIta: The restaurant, Mr. Donahue’s, which they hope to open in early December on Mott Street, will be a diner-ish tribute to the meat-and-three restaurants that are commonly found throughout the South. Named after one of Mr. Danzer’s grandfathers (a New York cabdriver, a detective and “a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy,” according to Mr. Danzer), the sliver of a space will likely have fewer than 20 seats, but will have a strong focus on delivery.

  • Is Prosperity Dumpling Moving to Broome Street? All Signs Point to Yes.  Beloved New York cheap eats destination Prosperity Dumpling may live again — this time in a bigger, renovated space on Broome Street, sources say. The Department of Health shut down the popular dollar dumpling spot at 46 Eldridge St. in late August after a tipster sent Gothamist a photo of Prosperity's alley, where people can be seen making dumplings. The restaurant received 65 violation points — including four critical violations —and it's yet to reopen despite the owner's assurance that they would clean up shop.
  • Wo Hop's Chinatown survival secrets: Chop suey, cheap rent and a 21-hour day: Wo Hop, hidden below street level at 17 Mott Street, in the heart of Chinatown. Owned by the Huang family since 1938, the 77 year-old Wo Hop just keeps plugging along.

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