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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Brisket King NYC 2016 - The Coachella of 'Cue

Music has Coachella, Craft Beer has the Great American Beer Fest, and now Brisket has their time to shine!  Kings County, NY (Brooklyn) seems like the logical place to hold the annual meat love fest “Brisket King NYC”, and this years mouth watering event left smiles on our face and belly’s full of this BBQ gold!

If your not familiar with the brisket cut and cooking process, it is found in the lower chest area of the cow, right below the the thicker ribs and chuck cut.  There is a lot of muscle in the brisket cut which is why it needs to be tenderized and basted so the collagen fibers that interlace the meat breakdown resulting in a tender meat.  This is why it is used in many cultures all over the world in stews, pot roasts and slow cooked.

But this ain’t your bubby’s brisket!  At Brisket King 2016 we got it smoked, cured, roasted and rubbed all over with some of the most flavorful spices out there.  Paired with grapes, melon balls, kimchi, pickled veggies…wasabi peas!  This event was a carnivores disney land…and we got to take every ride.  Check out some of the highlights and winners below.

Winning 1st prize in the cured category and 2016 Brisket King with their lamb brisket “pastrami on rye”, the Wandering Que was the talk of the night.  They also brought a 9 month aged lambcetta tasting paired w/ a melon ball leaving you with the perfect salty/sweet taste in your mouth.  Going against the popular “smoked” method, presentationally creative, high quality and kosher, this texan pop up really hit it off and won the heart of the judges!

Wandering Que Lamb Pastrami

Wandering Que Lambcetta

Izzy’s took 2nd place in the smoked and overall Brisket King 2016 categories.  This was easily the best “true” bbq brisket taste of the night for us.  Izzy’s presented a premium slice of their smoked brisket, unbelievably tender and oh so moist, simply plated with a slice of pickle and onion.  The spice rub was a perfect balance, not overpowering, but complemented the richness of the meat.  The umami dripping off of this brisket took us to outer space!

Izzy's Smoked Brisket

Taking the win in the “smoked” category was Danny Meyers OG ‘cue joint Blue Smoke, edging out Izzy’s with a thick slab of perfectly balanced brisket walking the fine line between fatty and lean.  They’ve been doing this dance since 2002, and with “smoke” in their name you know they got this right!

The Cannibal’s thin cut candied corned beef atop crispy baltic rye crackers, manischewitz mustard and topped with green grapes was such a surprise of flavors in perfect harmony!  They took 1st prize in the Brisket Innovation category with this palate pleaser.  Tasty, colorful and presentationally appealing, this bite definitely won us over as well!

Cannibal Candied Corned Beef

It’s almost like kimchi and brisket were meant to get married and have tasty bbq babies!  The spice crust and smoke ring was picture perfect, and when you draped some of that delicious slightly spicy kimchi on top it was mouth perfect!

Kimchi Smoke

Smoked slow and steady, Hill Country’s mouthwatering texan style dry rub brisket was one of our top bites of the night.  On top of crunchy itallian bread with thick, juicy slivers of their brisket, you could taste the time that went into preparing this meat.  And a hearty spice crust that lingered in your mouth for hours.

Hill Country
One of the most unique sandwich pairings of the night, This five spice brisket slider was packed full of flavor!  This tasting was covered with hoisin bbq sauce, kimchee slaw, wasabi peas and rubbed with five spices on a potato roll. Thick chunks of meat along side the seasoned toppings created this spicy, crunchy and savory bite, which definitely set Hudson & Charles apart from the other tastings!  Start butcher Jay Fox also gave an in your face butchering demo breaking down a whole beef shoulder!

Hudson & Charles Slider

For a butcher shop that usually does not serve a menu, this tasting was one of our favorites of the night and took second place in the cured category with their brisket “dip” slider.  This mini brioche bun was lathered with a horseradish mayo, topped with their juicy cured brisket, and the top of the bun was dipped into an au jus brennan and carr style!  It just a shame that we may never experience this soul searching treat again.  Smorgasburg anyone?

Marlow and Daughters

Other perks of this meaty night include an awesome take home bottle of Mable’s BBQ Sauce, a selection of beers from Southern Tier brewing Company and Other Half Brewing Company.  Also, an assortment of Whiskey’s including Catskill provisions honey whiskey and Campfire Whiskey out of Park City,
Utah.  We can tell you one thing, we did not leave this event hungry or thirsty, just plain ‘cued out!  Check out some more shots of the night below.

Beast of Bourbon

Dickson's Farmstand Meats

Mabel's Smokehouse

Jay Fox Butchering Demo

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