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Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Weekly Roundup: Foods Of NY In The News, Amy's Bread Sandwiches For Charity and Who Will Be 2016 Brisket King?

  • Inside the Collapse of Fairway, New York’s Favorite, Failing Grocery Store: Fairway Market started as a fruit and vegetable stand on the Upper West Side in 1933 and eventually grew into the nerve center of a culinary revolution. Throughout the ’80s, ’90s, and early aughts, it was a pioneer in selling the then-rare ingredients we all take for granted now.
  • A New Dining Club Connects Toddlers and Parents to Michelin-Caliber Cuisine: Nibble + Squeak, which aims to make high-end restaurants more accessible to children (and the adults who look after them). Think of it like a giant playdate, with smoked mackerel and fine china.
  • The Hottest Restaurants in Manhattan Right Now, March 2016: Where should I eat right now? NYC dining obsessives want to know what's new, what's hot, and what the Torrisi Boys and Girls are up to these days. So here you have it, a guide to the 18 hottest restaurants in Manhattan this month.
  • Who Will Be Crowned The Brisket King Of NYC?  First there was the Prince of Porc and now the monarchy of meat will be crowning its Brisket King in the next big celebration of artisan butchering. The crowning jewel of Texas barbecue will be the cut of choice at the March 16th event, which will feature dishes from some of NYC's top meat slingers, a butchering demo and plenty of booze—for those of us not wielding sharp knives.

  • A Guide to Pizza Styles of Italy: Pizza Napoletana is the classic pizza that Italians are excited to show off, and rightfully so. But look beyond the touristy pizzerias and check out the local bakeries and street vendors instead to find regional specialties, some of which most likely predate the Napoletana.
  • Italy Moves to Toughen Penalties for Olive Oil Fraud: The decree is intended to regulate penalties for counterfeiting olive oil and its origins. One example of counterfeiting would be declaring that an oil was 100 percent Italian extra-virgin olive oil when, in fact, it contained olive oil from other countries.
  • WHAT 8 FAMOUS CHEFS WISH THEY COULD TELL THEIR YOUNGER SELVES: We asked some of the country’s top chefs what pearls of culinary (and common sense) wisdom they would have given their greener, less world-weary selves in their early days of slaving over the stoves. From shucking oysters with a steady hand to peeling onions with goggles on, here are some of the lessons they learned the hard way.
  • Alcoholic Seltzer Has Arrived: The first entrant into the adult-seltzer arena is the three-year-old SpikedSeltzer. Its founder, Nick Shields, wanted to get woozy without also getting fat or having a terrible hangover.


  • Bobwhite Brings Its Fried Chicken to the West Village: Here's some good news to kick off the weekend: Bobwhite Lunch & Supper Counter — arguably one of the greatest places in New York to eat fried chicken — has expanded to the West Village.
  • Suprema Provisions Is Essentially a Teeny-Tiny Eataly: It's long been challenging for restaurants, as opposed to clothing stores, to survive on Bleecker Street, but perhaps because newly opened Suprema Provisions has a retail component, it'll fare better than August, Manatus, and Café Angelique.

  • Potato Frybread Is Here to Dethrone Measly Toast: At chef John Fraser's newest restaurant, Nix, he focuses on vegetables, but that doesn't mean he's cooking spa food. Case in point: the Yukon potato frybread, a riff on the traditional deep-fried, doughnutlike breads sold on the street in Eastern Europe.
  • Savory Oatmeal: It's What's For Breakfast In NYC.  OATMEALS; There are probably thousands of oatmeal permutations you can make here—I'm not a mathematician, so this is my educated guess—using the many different sweet and savory toppings and additions they offer in the Build Your Own section of the menu.

  • NYC bakery joins forces with top chefs for monthly sandwich campaign for charity: Starting on Tuesday, Amy’s Bread — which specializes in handmade, traditional breads as well as sandwiches and other pastries — has launched the campaign “Chef Sandwiches for Good.”  Through the campaign, Amy’s Bread is partnering with chefs from some of the city’s most popular restaurants to feature monthly specialty sandwiches which will be sold at all of the bakery’s New York City locations and kiosks. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the sandwiches will go towards different charities — individually selected by each chef.

  • Sauerkraut Rolls and Other Shanghai Surprises at Yaso Tangbao: Nearly everything on the menu at Yaso Tangbao in Downtown Brooklyn summons up the streets of Shanghai: those soup dumplings like sleeping volcanoes, waiting for a trigger; giant shaggy pork-belly meatballs, called lion’s heads, majestic and mystifyingly airy; a cool, monochromatic huddle of chicken thigh, poached and submerged in Shaoxing rice wine, that tastes gentle, with vague allusions to mushrooms and licorice.

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