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Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Weekly Roundup: Anthony Bourdain's Top 5 NYC Spots, Get Your Bacon On At Citi Field and The 9 Best New NYC Beer Bars

  • Best Spring 2016 Food Festivals: Citi Field Bacon Fest, Vegetarian Fest, More: Get ready bacon and beer lovers: the annual Bacon and Beer Classic is heading to Citi Field the weekend of April 22. This two-day festival includes 50 original bacon-infused dishes form NYC’s best chefs and restaurants, as well as unlimited beer from more than 125 local and regional breweries. 
  • The Big Apple Barbecue Block Party Will Take Place on June 11 and 12: The 14th annual Big Apple Barbecue Block Party (BABBP) will take place over the weekend of June 11 in and around Madison Square Park. The BABBP is a charity event benefiting the Madison Square Park Conservatory that was founded and run by Danny Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Group until last year, when chef Tim Love and a Texas based event company purchased it.
  • Anthony Bourdain's Favorite NYC Restaurants: Mission Chinese, Osteria Morini, and More.  Tony reveals the five restaurants that he visits whenever he's back home in New York City. And those restaurants are: Russ & Daughters, Osteria Morini, Shake Shack, Marea, and Mission Chinese Food.
  • 9 Hottest New Beer Bars in NYC: Beer geeks might argue that NYC's craft-beer scene isn't quite as robust as cities like Philly and Denver, but in the last few years, the Big Apple has stepped up its suds game big time. From new homegrown breweries to trendy food and beer halls, here are the nine hottest places to drink beer now.

  • F&W Best New Chefs: Each year, Food & Wine editors tour the country to uncover America's most brilliant up-and-coming chefs. Here, we spotlight Best New Chefs from the past 30 years as well as their must-visit restaurants, expert travel tips and easiest recipes.
  • Now We Know Why Bee Colonies Are Dying Near Corn Fields: Beekeepers have long said that pesticides are killing off bee colonies in record numbers. Now, for the first time, a landmark law passed by Minnesota in 2014 will actually compensate two beekeepers for damage caused by neonicotinoids, one of the most widely used class of insecticides in the world. The State of Minnesota’s Department of Agriculture found that toxic dust, drifting over from neighboring corn fields, found its way into the bee colonies and resulted in the deaths of a multitude of bees.
  • The Problem with Your Almond Milk Obsession: But the pulp that’s left behind—gritty, bland, and stripped of flavor—is proving to be a challenging ingredient for chefs. At a time when seemingly every chef is creating a new dish featuring whey, juice pulp, and other byproducts du jour, almond pulp is one that just won’t cooperate.
  • Bubble Tea Is Back — With A Vengeance: Whether you call it "boba" or "bubble" tea, the Taiwanese beverage that allows you to chew your drink is back with a vengeance. It first got its start in the 1980s, after an inventor thought to pour tapioca pearls into a glass of iced, sweet tea. Though Asian communities have been drinking boba tea in the United States for many years, the texturally exciting drink is finally reaching a wider audience.


  • Ample Hills Will Open a New Shop Next to the High Line: More good news for New York cream lovers and High Line walking tourists. This May, Ample Hills Creamery, one of New York's most celebrated ice cream makers, will open its second Manhattan outpost, this one in the Meatpacking District.
  • Starbucks Will Open a Massive New Coffee Emporium in the Meatpacking District: Starbucks's planned "Eataly-style" coffee center will open at 61 Ninth Avenue in the Meatpacking District, right next to the tourist hot spot the Chelsea Market and Google's headquarters.  Expected to arrive in 2018, the center will be located in a brand-new, 154,000-square-foot development, where the new shop will take over 20,000 of the forthcoming building's 37,000 square feet of retail space.
  • Del Posto Doubles Down on Luxury: Extravagance — the chef sums it up as “linen, crystal and silver” — has been the stated mission at this cavernous restaurant with a sweeping central staircase ever since it opened 12 years ago. But in recent months, the management has chosen to buck the prevailing winds in local (and international) gastronomy.

  • Nolita's Church-to-Condo Conversion Finally Unveils Its Listings: The high-profile conversion of St. Patrick's Old Cathedral School into seven (expensive) condos accompanied by two townhouses has reached yet another milestone. Sales launched this morning, bringing the condos onto the market from a not-insubstantial $7.74 million. 

  • The Best Soup Dumplings In NYC: SHANGHAI CAFE DELUXE; It's often difficult to distinguish the Shanghainese restaurants in Chinatown from the others, as they all have rather generic names with Shanghai in its title. This one, decorated with futuristic neon lights, is certainly one of the best and serves as an excellent showcase for one of Shanghai's most famous foods.

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