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Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Weekly Roundup: Your Guide To NYC Outdoor Food Markets, Detroit Style Pizza Lands In Brooklyn and Secrets of Murray's Cheese And The Highline

  • Even Splashy New York Restaurants Can’t Resist the Appeal of Fried Dough: The fried bread that has most captured the imaginations of starchy-food aficionados is lángos, the popular Hungarian street food consisting of a ball of dough usually spiked with potato, roughly shaped and flattened out like a lumpy Frisbee, then fried to a crisp and topped like a pizza. 
  • A Guide To NYC's Best Seasonal Outdoor Food Markets: We can once more leave our apartments with exposed flesh, meaning it's time to take advantage of the city's excellent outdoor food markets. Below, the best options for dining al fresco—and, probably, without a proper table or utensils—and taking advantage of the unique bounty of smaller food purveyors.
  • 5 Things to Know About TurnStyle, Columbus Circle's Subway Food Hall Debuting Tonight: TurnStyle, New York's newest food hall in the Columbus Circle subway, opens tonight. It's not quite like other food halls that have been popping up in New York.
  • How Social Media Has Made NYC’s Ice-Cream Scene More Innovative Than Ever: Three years ago, the instant rise of fake Cronuts demonstrated how social media hyperaccelerates food trends and gives chefs and owners access to a wealth of ideas they've never had before. In the case of 10Below, it gave Tam instant insight into things that were happening thousands of miles away, in Thailand or, say, Taiwan, or Hong Kong, or, for that matter, Southern California, another hotbed of East Asian culinary influence.

  • 10 Big Cooking Tips From This Weekend’s New York Culinary Experience: This past weekend, some of the country's best chefs chopped veggies, shucked oysters, baked bread, and just generally cooked a ton of food with hungry guests at this year's New York Culinary Experience (hosted, as always, by New York Magazine and the International Culinary Center). The lineup included culinary legends like Jacques Torres, Mimi Sheraton, and Jose Garces, as well as hot-this-minute chefs like Judy Joo, Chung Chow, and Daniel Rose. Here's a handful of pro-level tips to take home…
  • New Study Argues the End of Tipping Could Actually Hurt Servers: Now, a new study from an economics professor at the University of California, Irvine argues that abolishing tipping in favor of a blanket "living wage" of $15 an hour could actually be harmful for the very people it's supposed to benefit most: servers, as well as restaurant owners and diners.
  • The Thirty Best Teas, According to people who drink the stuff obsessively: Gyokuro Kakurei is a savory Japanese green tea that is bursting with umami and briny notes. At first sip, my taste buds are sent to memories of oceanic seaweed that tangle with notes of meaty shiitake mushrooms.
  • The Frappening: Why Gourmet Coffee Roasters Are Racing to Perfect Canned Drinks. In fact, there's something of a portable-coffee arms race happening: Last month, around the same time that Carmichael introduced his product, Blue Bottle launched its own canned cold brew — an eight-ounce, $4 aluminum can of water and coffee. 


  • Jianbing, a Chinese Crepe, Migrates to Manhattan: In October, their bright-yellow food truck, the Flying Pig Jianbing, hit Manhattan’s streets, serving students near New York University’s business school, capturing some of the Midtown lunch crowd and, on Monday and Tuesday afternoons, setting up on Broadway outside Columbia. The truck came jianbing-ready, Ms. Lee says, having served as a French crepe maker in an earlier incarnation.

  • The Team Behind LA Blockbusters Gjelina and Gjusta Are Opening an NYC Outpost: The team behind Gjelina, the uber-hip LA restaurant that effectively defines the vegetable-fetishizing, pan-Mediterranean, live-fire-driven New California Cuisine that's increasingly influencing kitchens in this city, is opening their own restaurant right here New York.  An SEC filing reveals that Travis Lett, Fran Cemaj, and Shelley Armistead — owners of Gjelina and its bakery/deli/cafe offshoot Gjusta — have been working with the Spotted Pig's Ken Friedman on building out a restaurant at 45 Bond St.

  • Bite of Hong Kong Requires More Than a Few Nibbles: At Bite of Hong Kong, a Cantonese restaurant that opened in Chinatown last spring, the trappings are classic: great round banquet tables draped in red tablecloths, lazy susans making idle revolutions and those faintly prehistoric fish that land on giant plates, swimming in ginger, still flaring their fins.

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