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Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Weekly Roundup: Anthony Bourdain's Blade Runner Inspired Market, Riis & Rockaway Beach Season Eats and Badass NYC Female Chefs

  • Greenwich Village food tour, New York: Manhattan's ultimate foodie experience - the 'walking picnic: Pace your eating, is our guide Bert James' advice, but from the twinkle in his eye he doesn't really mean it. We've come to the west side of Lower Manhattan to do a "walking picnic" – otherwise known as the Greenwich Village gourmet food and culture tour. There will be food.

  • Anthony Bourdain’s “Blade Runner” inspired market coming to New York’s Pier 57: Bourdain envisions a Blade Runner – inspired Hawkers Market in the heart of the sprawling 1952 structure on New York’s Hudson River. 
  • MEET THE MOST BADASS FEMALE CHEFS IN NEW YORK: If the modern culinary landscape has taught us anything, it’s that women are a force to be reckoned with. But even in an age where there’s a totally female-focused food outlet like Cherry Bombe; consecutive women being named editor-in-chief of Food & Wine; and big wins for women at the James Beard awards, female chefs still don’t get the same airtime as their male counterparts.
  • All The New Things To Eat & Drink At Rockaway Beaches This Summer: It seemed like there were an unusually large number of new restaurants and concessions opening out on Rockaway last summer, and the good news is that the best of the bunch are back to feed all of our beautiful beach bodies once again. 
    • What to Eat at Riis Beach this Season: Not to be outdone by the Rockaways, nearby Riis Beach has significantly upped its food game in recent years.  So now, instead of slinging frozen burgers and fries from one or two dingy stands, they’ve lined the boardwalk with 18 notable, highly unique vendors — from Wild Feast Foods and its Atlantic-caught fish dishes, to the shawarma-serving Samesa and Coney Dog-slinging Ed & Bev’s, both courtesy of the infamous Sussman brothers. 

  • The Best, Weirdest And Most Disgusting Candy At The Sweets & Snacks Expo: Chicago played host to the behemoth trade show known as the Sweets & Snacks Expo for another year this past week, and we were on-hand to sample (okay, stuff our faces) with the newest and "most innovative" products to be found on the trade-show floor.
  • FDA Finally Takes a Stand Against the Food Supply’s Crazy-High Sodium Levels: The FDA finally gave the food industry a strong incentive today to cool it with the insane amount of salt it crams into what people eat. The agency has long tsk-tsked Americans for their sodium intake, noting that it's linked to a variety of health problems, but this move marks the first major step by the government to curb salt content at the source.
  • General Mills Just Recalled 10 Million Pounds of Flour Over E. Coli Fears: Hold the measuring cup if you're planning on baking. General Mills issued a voluntary recall Tuesday for 10 million pounds of its Gold Meal, Wondra, and Signature Kitchen brands of flour due to the possibility that they may be contaminated with E. coli. 
  • The Eater Guide to the Whole Entire World: We tapped dozens of local experts to open the doors to the best, the coolest, the weirdest, the most inspiring culinary experiences a traveler can have — in short, these maps are exactly what we want to have at our fingertips when we step off a plane.


  • Meet the Legendary Dosa Man of Washington Square Park: It's strangely difficult to describe what a dosa is. The "NYDosas" street cart, operated by Thiru Kumar, tries to get ahead of this with a sign that reads: "A crepe made of rice and lentils." Yes, that is technically true, but dosas are so much more than that: South Indian in origin, vegan, crunchy, sizable, cylindrical, cinematic, made from a fermented batter... whatever they are, they're insanely delicious, and Kumar, aka "The Dosa Man," makes the finest in the city.

  • Chelsea Market owner doubles down on retail space: Jamestown, the real estate investment firm that owns Chelsea Market, is planning to double the building’s lease-able space by renovating the mostly unused lower level of the property to add 80,000 square feet of retail space.

  • The Meatball Shop’s Sauce Hits Shelves: Plenty of regulars at the Meatball Shop savor the tomato sauce that often accompanies those meatballs. Now, they can take it home.
  • Summer Places: Dispatch From Pig Beach.  The most important aspect of a summer place is a summery outlook, partly expressed through the selection of food and drink, partly through a build-out that invites carefree lingering. Here begins an Eater series on New York City’s greatest summer refuges, with some hints on what to eat and sip.

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