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Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Weekly Roundup: The Best Frozen Treats In NYC, Denino's Pizza Lands In The Village and The Dominique Ansel & Alex Stupak Ice cream Taco

  • The Best (New) Cheap Eats in New York: If you thought New York held no new surprises in the realm of discount dining, this year’s edition of the budget-gourmet guide will set you straight. 
  • Why Legendary Chef Gray Kunz Has Returned to New York — With an Upstate Steakhouse: It was a bit of a shock last December when it was announced that Gray Kunz, the hugely influential chef behind Manhattan’s groundbreaking Lespinasse, would return to New York. Well, sort of. As it turned out, Kunz would be returning upstate, to Saratoga Springs, with, in a sign of the times to all of the naysayers, a steakhouse called Salt & Char.
  • Great Restaurants For A Last-Minute Date Night: Whether you got out of work earlier than expected and thought it'd be nice to go out for dinner or are just generally bad at making plans but still committed to romance, planning a date night last minute can be tricky. To solve that problem, the following are places that are walk-in only (but not places that will have a three-hour wait) as well as great restaurants where you can usually get a reservation fairly last minute. 
  • Where To Find The Best Frozen Treats In NYC: Bagels and pizza might be a New Yorker's main source of sustenance, but when summer rolls around, people in this city really love ice cream.

  • Beer Industry Agrees to Start Slapping Calorie Counts on Bottles: The labels on domestics like Bud and Miller High Life are about to change: The country’s top brewers — Anheuser-Busch InBev, MillerCoors, Constellation Brands, and Heineken — have all agreed to finally add so-called “serving facts” labels, finally providing people with quantitative data on calories, carbs, protein, fat, alcohol content, and even a freshness date. 
  • Every Question You Have About GMOs, Answered: Surveys show that people overwhelmingly want to know if their food contains GMOs — and restaurants like Chipotle have catered to those demands with anti-GMO marketing pushes — but most of them aren’t really sure why. So what exactly are GMO foods, why are they so controversial, and what’s this GMO labeling debate all about?
  • How to Avoid the Most Common Fake Foods on Restaurant Menus: Restaurants have been taking it tough lately when it comes to food fraud. Traditionally, such scandals have involved supermarket staples like domestic Parmesan cut with high levels of cellulose, extra-virgin olive oil that failed to meet the extra-virgin standard, honey diluted with corn syrup, or dried spices "extended" with chopped weeds.
  • The Most Iconic Restaurant in Every Single U.S. State: Chicago deep-dish pizza. New York bagels. Maryland crab cakes. Food is a big part of a place’s identity. And over the years, certain restaurants have emerged as the ultimate representation of each and every state. From Alabama’s Dreamland Bar-B-Q to Wyoming’s Bubba’s, these are the restaurants (and, OK, fast-food joints) that make America so tasty.


  • Dominique Ansel and Alex Stupak Dreamed Up This New Ice-Cream Taco: Not to be outdone by Daniel Boulud and Nicholas Morgenstern’s hot-dog ice cream, Dominique Ansel and Empellón’s Alex Stupak have collaborated on an ice-cream taco, with sweet-corn ice cream, a masa-waffle cone “taco shell,” a swirl of roasted corn caramel, lime zest, sea salt, and smokey salsa verde on the side.

  • Staten Island-Born Denino's Pizzeria Opens In Greenwich Village This Week: On Wednesday, the first Manhattan offshoot of outstanding Staten Island pizzeria Denino's will open on MacDougal Street, nearly a year after the family revealed the new franchise location. The grand opening celebrations begin on July 13th and run until Saturday, July 16th, when a new borough learns the excellence of one of the restaurant's savory thin crust pies.
  • At Mimi, French Food Is a Celebration of Appetite: Mimi barely ruffled the waters of the crowded pond of New York dining when it materialized on a quiet Greenwich Village block last fall. The partners had never owned a restaurant before. The chef, Liz Johnson, was 25 years old. Although she had been cooking for a decade, it was hard to draw a bead on her busy work history.

  • Museum of Ice Cream to Rock New York This Summer With Pool of Sprinkles: New museum dedicated to all things ice cream is popping up in the Meatpacking District in August — featuring art installations, history, ice cream samples, and an ice cream-themed playground of interactive exhibits like a life size pool of sprinkles. The Museum of Ice Cream, to pop up at 100 Gansevoort St., wants to be "a lick-able, likable, shareable ice cream-centric experience," co-founder Maryellis Bunn says. 

  • New Mini-Food Hall Bowery Market Opens Thursday With Alidoro, Butcher’s Daughter: New, permanent outdoor food mart featuring vendors like Italian sandwich shop Alidoro and hip fashion crowd veggie restaurant The Butcher’s Daughter is opening on the Bowery this week. The Bowery Market, real estate developer Scott Marano’s first food venture, was built on the site of a former auto-body shop at 348 Bowery, with each of the five vendors occupying a "mini-house" on the plot.

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