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Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Weekly Roundup: NYC Tourist Trap Survival Guide, Meat Popsicles & Activated Charcoal Food Trends and The Best French Fries In NYC

  • 12 New Lunch Dishes To Eat When You Sneak Away From the Office: It’s high time to enjoy the summer and get out of the humidity and into a great restaurant’s air-conditioned dining room. Here, 12 dishes to choose from for your next lunch — just don’t forget the martini.
  • Activated Charcoal: NYC's Next Big Drinks Trend.  Black is the new green: activated charcoal, a substance made by burning carbon at a high temperature, is now overtaking kale as the next big-time beverage ingredient.
  • NYC Tourist-Trap Survival Guide: Just because you're stuck in a tourist trap doesn't mean you can't find something good to eat. Which is where we come in: Here are ten of the most visited tourist-y restaurants and what to order and/or avoid at each. 
  • The Best French Fries In NYC: French fries may be the most magical food in the universe, from the simplest shoe-strings to a loaded-up mess of tots. They're a delightful snack. They're the perfect side dish. They're a glorious meal on their own. I ate dozens of different fries in all their different iterations these past couple of months, at places both fancy and decidedly less so. Here I present the 12 absolute best.

  • It's official: Raw cookie dough is a no-no.  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced it is no longer safe to eat raw cookie dough or batter — even if you're using a recipe that doesn't use raw eggs.
  • America’s Pesticides Are Threatening Organic Honey: As if honeybees weren’t handicapped enough already, it looks like America’s overuse of pesticides now taints so much pollen that honey can’t be called organic anymore. Farmers’ carpet-bomb approach to using pesticides and weedkillers has become ubiquitous, and some beekeepers in the U.S. have actually started advising consumers who seek high-quality organic honey to buy from somewhere else, like Brazil or Mexico.
  • The World Is Eating More Fish, and That May Not Be a Good Thing: According to a new report from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, global fish consumption per capita has reached a record high. Fish consumption now exceeds 44 pounds per person per year, the BBC reported, and the authors of the report included a word of caution that marine resources are being over-harvested at unsustainable levels.
  • The 50 best burger joints in America, ranked: To ensure that you get the truly best burger, we ranked the list based on Foursquare's data, which includes ratings, reviews, and popularity.  Keep scrolling to see which joints serve the juiciest burgers in America.


  • See’s Candies to open first New York store: A candy institution is finally coming to New York City after 95 years in business.  See’s Candies, founded in Los Angeles in 1921, will open its first retail location in NYC in the Greenwich Village neighborhood.

  • Meat Popsicles From Springbone Kitchen In New York City Are Not Your Average Summer Treat: Finally — a new summer confection to tempt your inner carnivore: meat-infused popsicles. A health food restaurant in New York City’s West Village is generating a significant amount of buzz by turning its signature beef broth into (refreshing?) ice pops.
  • Nix Is On-Trend, But All Over the Map: One star for John Fraser's meat-free Greenwich Village restaurant.
    • At Nix, Vegetables Get a Dash of Sex: Not long ago, vegetarian restaurants in the United States were the last place you’d expect to see people who looked as if they couldn’t wait to go home and have non-tantric sex. The crackle in the air at Nix and other recent meatless restaurants is what you get when you liberate vegetables from vegetarianism. Stripped of ideology, Nix is freed up for hedonic pursuits.

  • What's New This Summer at New York City's Chelsea Market?  Unsure where to eat? Don't know what you want to eat? Do you love ramen, tacos, pad thai, or barbecue? Craving ice cream? Doughnuts? Well Chelsea Market has the answers to all those questions for you! With a huge variety of delicous foods, and both sit-down and to-go eateries available, this upscale, urban food hall has everything you need to be satisfied.
  • Luke’s Lobster, Gotham Poké,  and More Premiere at the New Gansevoort Market: After opening in 2014, Gansevoort Market was unceremoniously booted earlier this year so that Keith McNally could take over the food hall’s space for a revival of his Meatpacking District longtimer Pastis, which itself had become homeless due to development. If you’re keeping score in this game of musical chairs, Gansevoort Market has quietly reopened on 14th Street and 9th Avenue with a host of new vendors in addition to some returning favorites.
  • Del Posto Is ​America's​ High Church of Pasta: The linguine alla scampi at Del Posto, Manhattan's grand theatre of Italian dining, looks like a version you'd get at one of those New York institutions straight out of The Godfather: ribbons of flat noodles snaring crustaceans in a buttery gloss. From the first twirled forkful, though, it's clear that Mark Ladner, Del Posto's executive chef, has transformed the classic dish from the inside out.

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