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Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Weekly Roundup: A First Look At FiDi Eataly, Union Fare's Croissant Ice Cream Sandwich and How To Eat Korean BBQ

  • First Look Inside The Gigantic New Eataly Location At 4 World Trade Center: Eataly, hellbent on turning New York into a Rome with streets that are easier to cross, will open its second location in New York this month in the Financial District at 4 World Trade Center. We got a sneak peek at the 48,000 square foot food emporium today, and it was basically like diving into a beautiful sea of bread.
  • New York City’s Last Remaining Dairy Plant Is Closing: A little-known fact about New York City is that a good amount of milk was once produced here. The area’s dairy heartland is upstate, but for centuries — literally since the Dutch were calling it New Amsterdam — somebody in this city has been bottling milk, and for most of that time even raising the dairy cows. Sadly, that era will come to an end on October 30, when Elmhurst Dairy, the last remaining producer inside city limits, closes its 80-year-old plant in Jamaica, Queens.
  • 12 New Desserts That Are Essentially Deluxe Childhood Favorites: Chocolate spheres and conceptual cakes can be great. More often than not, though, what you really want is a dessert you know and love. Nothing more complicated then an old-fashioned sundae or a couple of slices of a classic butter cake. Thankfully, chefs at many spots around town are turning out their own takes on the sweets they, and you, grew up adoring. Here, a dozen for your sweet tooth.
  • Union Fare’s Bakery Turns Super-Creative Croissants Into Lobster Rolls and Ice-Cream Sandwiches: They did it by eschewing novelty techniques and instead focusing on flavors, rolling out croissants that would probably feel out of place in Paris: birthday cake, matcha, cookies and cream, red velvet, and crème brûlée. And, as of today, they’re taking those flavors and also using them as the base of some brand-new ice-cream sandwiches.

  • Fifty Finalists Are… An onigiri-slinging food truck, a pintxos party in the Rust Belt, an absolutely zero-frills taqueria, a French-Mexican brunch hangout, and 46 more of the most memorable restaurants we ate at this year. Check back August 16 to find out which spots earn a coveted place in the Hot 10.
  • What It Takes to Run an Oyster Farm: On this episode of Shokunin, host and sushi chef David Bouhadana dons rubber pants and wades into the Pacific to learn more about oyster farming  —  specifically, the work of Moro Bay Oyster Company owner and manager Neal Maloney and his team.
  • A Beginner's Guide To Eating Korean BBQ: Korean BBQ is one of the most fun and delicious communal dining experiences one can have, but for a newbie who doesn't know their banchan from their bulgogi, or their soju and their ssambap, it can be a little intimidating the first time. 
  • Northeast Braces for Devastating Peach Shortage: New England’s freak-show weather earlier this year — 40 degrees below zero on Valentine’s Day, 70 degrees above it a few weeks later — is having precisely the toll forecasters feared on the region’s fruit supplies.


  • Inside Casa Apicii, A Gorgeous New Restaurant In A Greenwich Village Townhouse: In an era of minimalist Edison bulbs and reclaimed wood, a restaurant that selects a bold, dramatic design aesthetic deserves a round of applause, at least. Casa Apicii, which opened on West 9th Street last week in a historic townhouse, deserves plenty of claps for its embrace of the dramatic.

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