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Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Weekly Roundup: NYC "Dining Out With Kids" Guide, Blue Hill Bar Menu, Noodle Sandwiches and Corn Ice Cream

  • A Guide to Dining Out With Children in NYC: As the millennials have grown up and started having babies, many have changed their minds about the suitability of taking offspring along on a dinner date. Not only have they come to tolerate children in restaurants — their own and those of others — but they learned to look forward to a chance to go out and savor what can be a rewarding intergenerational experience.
    • Kids Eat Free at Thomas Keller’s Per Se for One Intense Day This Fall: Per Se, an ultra-expensive restaurant that has taken a few blows from the critics in recent years, is offering a special kids eat free deal on September 18. On this rare occasion, guests under 16-years-old who have never been to Per Se before will be served seven-course meals free of charge, so long as they are accompanied by parents or guardians who pay the $215 grown-ups price for that lunch.
  • 6 Noodle Sandwiches To Stuff Your Face With In NYC: Baked ziti pizza may have been New York City's original carb-loaded mash-up, but noodle-loaded sandwiches are bringing even more starchy goodness to the five boroughs. Used as bread, in between bread or both, noodles are slowly becoming the key to creating a kick-ass sandwich. Here are some of the best carb on carb-on-carb creations this sandwich-centric city has to offer.
  • 14 New Bars and Nightlife Spots Opening This Fall: BlackTail, This spot from the founders of the Dead Rabbit is meant to recall Cuba during America’s Prohibition. There’s décor culled from Havana antiques shops, palm plants, and (like the bar’s Irish-American sister) a menu that resembles a beautiful book.
  • 10 Best Dishes for Curing Hanger in NYC: Hanger, the physiological love child of hunger and anger, is something that most of us have experienced. But in a city like NYC there's no reason to let hanger get the best of you, with so many delicious quick-bite options around every corner. Here are 10 delicious ways to keep hanger at bay in 10 different NYC neighborhoods.

  • Someone Probably Just Revealed Colonel Sanders’s Top-Secret KFC Recipe: The Chicago Tribune may have just stumbled upon a food-industry scoop for the ages. It sent a reporter to visit the Harland Sanders Café and Museum in Kentucky for what started out as a standard travel piece, but ended with a fried-chicken recipe containing “11 spices” and utter disbelief.
  • The Biggest New Cookbooks of 2016: This year's fall cookbooks appeal to budding restaurant historians, technique-obsessed cooks, pop culture enthusiasts, and even novice chefs. 
  • Tucson Becomes an Unlikely Food Star: Coaxing a vibrant food culture from this land of heat and cactuses an hour’s drive north of the Mexican border seems an exhausting and impossible quest. But it’s never a good idea to underestimate a desert rat. Tucson, it turns out, is a muscular food town.
  • Risky Baking: It’s Hard to Make a Perfect Bagel Without Lye.  The bubbling caldron was the final step in a three-month baking saga that was as maddening as it was gratifying. The good news is it only took me 300 bagels to nail it. The frustrating news is that the key to nailing it had been just across the Bay Bridge all along.


  • Finish Summer Strong by Eating As Much Corn Ice Cream As You Can: At Cones, an underrated South American parlor in the West Village, owner Oscar D’aloisio actually claims that he was the first to ever sell corn ice cream in New York. “My customers from Brazil were asking for the flavor nine years ago, and we didn’t think it was going to be good,” D’aloisio says. 

  • ‘Late Night’ host Seth Meyers nabs a Greenwich Village co-op for $7.5M: Funnyman Seth Meyers has just scored himself a sprawling duplex spread in Greenwich Village. According to city records released this afternoon, the comedian and his wife Alexi dropped $7.519M on the 3,200-square-foot co-op at 32 Washington Square West, a prewar construction that sits at the northwest corner of the beloved Washington Square Park. 
  • Dan Barber’s New Blue Hill Bar Menu Will Reinterpret Fast-Food Classics: “It seems like every chef is taking on fast-casual these days,” says Blue Hill’s Dan Barber, “so we thought we’d throw our hat in the ring.” Not by opening a new restaurant or spinning off a fried-chicken chain, but by concocting a new bar-menu option riffing on iconic fast foods and serving the entire meal (except dessert) on a tray at once.
  • 'Mornings at Dante' May Become Your Favorite NYC Breakfast Tradition: Dante is that casual cool spot in Greenwich Village where you want to saddle up to the bar for a night of craft cocktails… or savor some Italian-American fare with friends surrounded by old world European atmosphere… or maybe just stake out one of the coveted outdoor tables for some prime MacDougal Street people watching.

  • Meatpacking District Clubstaurant Spice Market To Close In September: Acclaimed French chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten's fantastical bi-level homage to Southeast Asian street food Spice Market enters the clubstaurant history books when it closes at the end of September. 
  • Two New Stops for Middle Eastern Food: Dizengoff and Gyro96.  At Dizengoff, a hummus stand that opened in May in Chelsea Market, this glory is achieved not in a traditional wood-fired clay taboon but in a gas oven built for pizza. The chef, Emily Seaman, has to be patient. Every morning she throws the first dozen loaves away. “They don’t have the right finish,” she said.

  • Logan Hicks's Spectacular Bowery Mural Is Now DONE: After a false start in July, artist Logan Hicks spent the last five days (and nights) completely redoing his epic stencil mural on the Bowery Wall. Yesterday afternoon he finished the work, and the result was pretty amazing.

  • Go Fish at Osakana, an Awesome, New Brooklyn Seafood Market: Osakana aims to set itself apart still further from your average fishmonger by launching a regular lineup of discussions, tastings, workshops and classes; from demos on breaking down whole fish and sharpening knives, to how-to’s on constructing sushi and poke. 

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