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Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Weekly Roundup: Philly's Federal Doughnuts Popup in Nolita, Where To Find NYC Poke and A Chinatown Food Hall


  • The 30 Most-Anticipated Restaurant Openings of Fall 2016: Fall is the greatest time to be a food lover in New York City. Between now and the end of the year, many local heroes will debut new projects, and culinary superstars from other cities will open dining establishments around the town. Here's a guide to the restaurants to pay attention to this fall.
  • Bakery Orwashers Opens Second Location 100 Years After Original: Century-old bakery Orwashers opened a second location today on the Upper West Side. The artisanal bakery, which announced plans last summer for a second location, opened this morning on the corner of 81 and Amsterdam. In addition to fresh bread and pastries made in house, the new Orwashers will serve a selection of sandwiches and salads with ingredients from local farms.
  • Meet the ‘Five-Star’ Starbucks Barista Who Now Runs One of NYC’s Most Influential Cocktail Bars: Do not be fooled by Ricky Agustin, the dapper and debonair 27-year-old assistant general manager at New York’s storied Pegu Club. Yes, he will adjust his vintage tie clip, and smooth his fitted vest, and happily explain that the cardamom tincture used in the bar’s Ramos gin fizz takes two weeks to make.
  • Where to Eat Poke in New York: When we fingered poké as a burgeoning trend at the close of 2015, we had no idea just how frenzied the Hawaiian-style, marinated fish craze would actually get.

  • New Report Says Climate Change Will Devastate Major Coffee-Growing Regions in the Next 40 Years: Climate change will wreak havoc on the coffee industry: In this century, it will reduce the land fit for coffee production by half, impacting the livelihoods of 120 million of the world’s poorest people. 
  • Carla Hall on Being Black in the Culinary World: Carla Hall has spent much of her career fighting for visibility in the culinary industry, on television (on shows like Top Chef and The Chew) and in publishing. In this animated excerpt from her interview on an episode of the Eater Upsell, Hall recounts the kind of pushback she's faced when trying to bring African and African-American recipes to a wider audience, including questions of approachability that seem to be reserved mostly for Black chefs and writers.
  • This Former Breakfast Staple Is Vanishing From Grocery Stores: Is frozen concentrated orange juice becoming the ghost of breakfasts past?  Data from Nielsen indicates that orange juice sales are down 13 percent since 2012. And frozen orange juice concentrate has taken the hardest hit in sales, falling a staggering 39 percent in the last four years.
  • Twilight of the Four Seasons: The final days and nights of the most important restaurant of the twentieth century.


  • Trend Alert: Breakfast Tacos Have Invaded NYC.  Lunchtime staple Choza Taqueria serves a slightly more complex version of the basic Austin breakfast taco: corn tortillas are filled with scrambled eggs, guajillo salsa, pico de gallo, chihuahua cheese and a choice of toppings like carnitas, chorizo and garbanzo beans. Breakfast tacos can be judged by the signature mush that comes from the fusion of the eggs with the various fillings – Choza passes this test with flying colors. 

  • Philly's Most Lauded Doughnuts & Fried Chicken Are Coming To NYC: If the name Michael Solomonov is memorable to you it's likely because of his new hummus emporium Dizengoff—itself an offspring of the Philadelphia original—in Chelsea market. Solomonov's behind Federal, too, and he's going to be taking over the fryers at Chefs Club of NY on September 9th to show NYC what he's got.

  • Gluten-Free Crepes From Brazil: The Rio Olympics have come and gone, but tastes of Brazil linger. In NoLIta, a group of Brazilian entrepreneurs has opened a new spot that serves freshly made tapioca crepes.

  • Now Chinatown's Getting A Fancy Food Hall, Too: In November, the Canal Street Market arrives at 265 Canal Street, with 12,000-square-feet of both food, beverage and retail components. The full lineup of over 11 vendors hasn't been announced, but an early release names Davey's Ice Cream, Boba Guy's (a bubble tea operation), and Yori Nori, a new food offering from market and mobile vets Mokbar and Korilla. 

  • Downtown Brooklyn Food Hall Delay, Greenpoint Ice Cream: Downtown Brooklyn’s City Point development has delayed the opening of its highly anticipated DeKalb Market Food Hall, a project with nearly 40 vendors like Katz’s and Ample Hills. It was originally supposed to open this fall, but the debut has been pushed back to 2017.

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