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Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Weekly Roundup: Caffe Dante Makes World's 50 Best Bars List, Best Hummus in NYC and Upstate NY Apple Picking Guide


  • This Video Explains What It Takes to Make Some of the World’s Best, Most-Labor-Intensive Noodles:  Called Nanshan noodles, they’re particularly laborious to create and require two people working together to stretch them out before tying them 60 times around sticks for drying. It’s an entrancing process to watch, and one that only 300 people know how to do.
  • Pastry Chefs Are in Demand. Why Aren’t Wages Rising?  In recent years, as fine food has evolved from highbrow preoccupation to a form of mass entertainment, demand for people skilled in the delicate art of dessert-making has soared.  Yet, according to Mr. Pfeiffer and 10 other chefs and restaurateurs, the salaries of pastry makers in the Chicago area do not appear to have budged much, if at all. The key to this puzzle tells us a lot about why the American economy isn’t necessarily behaving the way workers have traditionally assumed.
  • Wine Label Design Is More Important Than You Think:  But in the U.S., labelling laws are much looser, making it a designer’s free for all. What a label says about the liquid in the bottle can be a real mystery. So what’s the relationship between the label and the liquid, and which is more important when selling wine today?
  • This Pho-Stuffed Burrito Is Better than It Sounds: The mastermind behind the world’s first phorrito is chef Erwin Tjahyadi, a first-generation Indonesian-American who was raised in LA’s Asian food mecca known as the San Gabriel Valley.


  • What Happened When I Hung Out with the Cronut’s Inventor:  I’m here to learn how to make banoffee paella, a new dessert that will be exclusive to Ansel’s new London bakery. But it’s clear that three years in, the Cronut is still king. I notice that the majority of customers at the newly opened bakery are digging into the distinctive pastry as I wait for Ansel with a “DKA” (Dominique’s Kouign Amann, his take on the regional French cake-pastry) in my hand.

  • Free Paletas Herald The Arrival Of La Newyorkina In Greenwich Village: Starting tomorrow, however, Gerson's paletas—and her new ice cream!—get a more permanent presence on NYC's dessert landscape with the grand opening of La Newyorkina's Sullivan Street storefront. And to celebrate and give thanks to the good people of the city, she's giving away free ice pops all afternoon, from noon to 6 p.m.
  • World's 50 Best Bars: NYC's Dead Rabbit, Attaboy, Employees Only make list.  There was much mourning when Caffe Dante, a century-old Italian joint in the West Village, closed in 2015. In its place, Dante was born -- shedding the Caffe prefix and adding an aperitivo-heavy cocktail list that will whet your appetite for the small plates coming out of the kitchen. Dante is the only New York bar making its first appearance in this year's top 50, landing at 34.

  • The Absolute Best Hummus in New York:  At Chelsea Market’s colorful, counter-service outpost of the Philadelphia sensation, chef Mike Solomonov and his cooks tease extraordinary amounts of flavor out of their chickpeas for their excellent hummus.

  • Milk Bar Boogies Into Nolita With a New Layout and Opening Day Dollar Soft Serve:  This morning, crack pie sorcerer Christina Tosi opened a spiffy new location of her popular bakery Milk Bar at 246 Mott near Prince Street. The new outpost of the sweets shop has a layout that’s a bit different from the other six Manhattan locations, with two service counters that open out onto the street so Milk Bar fans can grab their Cereal Milk and keep on rolling down Mott. 

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