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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Rolling Stones EXHIBITIONISM Rocks The West Village!

Get Ready To Rock!

Ladies and how you are greeted into the home of The Rolling Stones for the next few months as EXHIBITIONISM rock and rolls a its way into the the west village. From die hard Stones fans to the weekend music enthusiast this experience has it all!  From early history candid pictures, signed contracts, instruments, posters, costumes  and an actual reproduction of the bands first apartment together…this exhibit couldn’t immerse you into their legendary career any better!

From the first moments of EXHIBITIONISM you are transfixed on the video wall flying through a multi media journey from the bands early black and white home videos to the monstrous live concert productions they are known for today, you quickly realize that you are in for a ride.  Who knew that two childhood friends Mick and Keith would randomly reunite on a train over a shared love of blues albums, and that they would later go on to create one of the best rock and roll bands in history.

First Band Photo

We walk through the early years and a reproduction of the bands first apartment together, which is so believable you can smell the stale cigarette butts and beer bottles.  Early artifacts are at every turn like their first record deal contract and fan club bio’s that they wrote themselves.  Hand written lyrics so personal it felt like we were snooping in Mick’s old diary.

Recreation Of The Bands First Apartment

Mick Jagger Lyric Book

We stumble upon the recording studio set up like they just left the room with a slight haze still lingering around and guitar reverb echoing off the walls.  Scroll through quick video snippets explaining the entire recording process from each band members perspective.  We even get to play producer by mixing a selection of Stones songs on a touch screen mixing board.

Recreation of Studio

Around the corner is a collection of the bands guitars that would bring any axe player to tears.  Mick’s 1963 Hummingbird Gibson and harmonicas, Keith’s 1957 Gibson Les Paul hand painted by him during an acid trip.  This room was more of a shrine with out the angelic music playing, but rather “Sympathy for the Devil”.

Mick's 1963 Hummingbird Gibson

Keith's 1957 Hand Painted Gibson Les Paul

From there we travel upstairs to a visual journey through the Stones years starting with the many forms the tongue logo has taken over the years.  One of the most prolific logo’s of rock and roll history you can see how it kept the band on the tip of everyone’s tongue!

Tongue Art By Shepard Fairey

We stroll by walls of concert posters, record albums and the stories behind them.  Like a bird perched at the top of a stadium, we gaze at the mega concert stage models that really show you how spectacular of a production they really were, even if you weren’t there in person.

The costume room was like the Met Gala of Rock and Roll.  Some of the most intricate and fashionable clothes Mick and the guys ever wore.  You could see how these musicians also influenced the fashion world and created their own trends.

From there we get the VIP access to “backstage” for the inner workings of live concert…which we get to experience first hand!  To end your journey you virtually attend a live concert from 2013 filmed in Hyde Park (complete with lights, smoke and 3-D glasses) to cap of the ultimate Rolling Stones experience!

EXHIBITIONISM located right around the corner from our Chelsea Market tour at 775 Washington St., is running now thru March 12th and is the perfect alternative to the area museums for the music fan, new and old.  Check it out for some truly amazing rock and roll “Satisfaction”!

By: Mason Kardon
Foods Of NY Tours Operations Manager

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