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Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Weekly Roundup: The Best Veggie Sandwich In NYC, Le Coucou Gets Three Stars and Where To Find Free Bar Food

  • The Absolute Best Vegetarian Sandwich in New York: Putting aside the falafel sandwich, which is ubiquitous enough to be its own category, and the veggie burger, which arguably doesn’t count as a sandwich (and also is its own category), here are five of the city’s most exciting meat-free, veggie-centric options, so good you might choose them over ham and cheese.
  • 9 Excellent Pie Shops Around New York City: Pie is a great dessert because it offers more variety than maybe any other baked good. There is a type of pie for everyone: fluffy cream pie, dense custard pie, tart lemon meringue, nutty pecan, or not-too-sweet good old fashioned fruit pie. And of course, there’s no shortage of any of these types of pie in New York City. So here are nine of the city’s essential pies from some of its best pie purveyors. 
  • Here Are All the Sweets You Can Eat at Chef Gabriel Kreuther’s New Chocolate Emporium:An annex to Gabriel Kreuther (the restaurant), where Aumont is pastry chef, the new shop will have 15 seats for those who can’t help but feast on the bonbons they were supposed to give out as holiday presents. Bonus points: You can watch chocolate being made, Willy Wonka style. 
  • Le Coucou Pays Rich Homage to Old-School French Cuisine: Le Coucou’s cooking is more informed by old-school traditions and focused on animal parts, like the bands of fried tripe, crunchy on the outside and wonderfully creamy within. Or the eel fried in a sheath of rye batter, sauced with a vinaigrette that has a subtle and somehow very French flavor of curry.
    • Eating At A Restaurant The Day It Gets A Rave Review From The Times: "We're all feeling pretty cocky," a beaming Le Coucou staffer told me last night, a fitting sentiment for a restaurant whose mascot is a strutting chicken. Earlier that day, the restaurant learned it had been awarded three stars by the Times's Pete Wells, a notable distinction for a new restaurant.

  • What It’s Like to Be a Turkey Farmer: For farmers, the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving are like a marathon. They start training months before the big day, and until they make the final push across the finish line, anything—erratic weather, predators, equipment breakdowns, knives freezing to the butcher block, foxes, you name it—could happen.
  • Knife Skills: How to Slice and Dice an Onion. No matter how you slice 'em, I'd estimate that onions are used in a good 30 to 40% of any cook's savory-dish repertoire, if not more. They are the first thing you should learn how to cut when you pick up a knife, and, at least for me, still one of the most pleasurable foods to take a sharp blade to.
  • Brew-haha — Millennials are drinking all of what’s left of the world’s coffee supply: The new report notes that young U.S. adults make up 44% of the country’s coffee drinkers, and they’re jonesing for a cup of joe earlier and earlier. In just eight years through 2016, daily coffee consumption rose from 34% to 48% among 18 to 24-years-olds, and jumped from 51% to 60% for those ages 25 to 39, according to the National Coffee Association in New York.
  • Opening a Restaurant Is Hell. So Here I Go Again.  Last week, the Food section published an article detailing, in hard numbers, how daunting the financial climate is for restaurateurs in New York. But Keith McNally, who has opened more restaurants than most, and kept most of them open, believes that money is only part of the equation.


  • 9 New Noodle Spots to Try This Fall in NYC: Mew Men, This new music-themed West Village ramen shop from an Ippudo vet specializes in a lighter chicken-based ramen, offering five varieties in total including the signature Shoyu Chintan. Grab a seat at the chef's counter or at one of the communal tables.

  • Mimi Chef Liz Johnson Shows Us How to Make Salt-Baked Venison for 18: On a Sunday night in mid-October, a group of mostly young chefs is gathered in a Soho loft, watching as Stephan Bogardus, the chef at the North Fork Table, whips out the crossbow that he used to kill a deer 11 days earlier — the same deer that is sitting on a bed of hay in the kitchen, waiting to be carved. The deer and the guests are all here because Liz Johnson, the 26-year-old chef at the tiny, much-adored new French bistro Mimi, has requested their attendance. 
  • 9 Toasty Subterranean Bars To Hide In 'Til Spring: RIDDLING WIDDOW Also on MacDougal Street, this spot is dedicated to the delightful effervescence of sparkling wines. The "underground champagne parlor" is quite small, with just 16 seats for sampling their selection of bubblies. 

  • Where To Find Free Bar Food In NYC: EMPORIO; If you've noticed Italian food's heavy on this list, it's with good reason: they know how to live over there. But they've brought those traditions here, at places like this Nolita eatery, who put out a daily spread of nibbles between 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.

  • THE BEST THING WE ATE FOR UNDER $10 THIS WEEK: PHO BANG'S $9.75 BUN CHA HA NOI.  Nestled on Mott St in that not-quite-Little Italy, not-quite-Chinatown area is a nondescript storefront with a bright-red awning. Pho Bang goes almost unnoticed on the street, getting lost in the sea of restaurants and markets that surround it, but it deserves attention solely because it serves hard-to-come-by Bun Cha Ha Noi. 

  • Adventures in Upscale Brooklyn: Over a weeklong period, I searched out a side of Brooklyn that scarcely existed two decades ago. I visited boutiques and bistros, spas and cocktail lounges, dine-in cinemas and creative new waterfront parks. It was a quest that would not have been complete without at least one afternoon in Williamsburg.
  • Smorgasburg Will Relocate to Downtown Brooklyn for the Winter: This weekend, perennially popular food bazaar Smorgasburg will make its annual pilgrimage indoors. It’s returning alongside sister market Brooklyn Flea to Downtown Brooklyn’s Skylight One Hanson, where 75 Flea and 25 Smorgasburg vendors will set up shop from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday through March, 2017. 

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