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Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Weekly Roundup: Where In NYC To Get Your Thanksgiving Supplies, Best Cocktails Under $10 and The Best Theater District Restaurants

  • Foods of New York Tours! I found something called "Foods of NY Tours." The reviews all said it was amazing and not too touristy, so I checked it out a little more. There's 6 different tours to pick from, so I went with the Original Greenwich Village tour. The cool thing about these tours is that if you're like me, you can't decide on just one thing to eat. The tour lets you eat a little of everything.

  • The Absolute Best Theater District Restaurant in New York: There are many, many places to eat in and around the Theater District, but here are the absolute best for having exactly the right kind of dinner there.
  • Cousin of H&H Bagels Opens Near Site of Upper West Side Original: The Upper West Side will once again be home to H&H Bagels. H&H Midtown Bagels East made its debut at 526 Columbus Ave., between 85th and 86th Street, on Thursday. It’s not the original H&H that was once a mainstay in the neighborhood, but as hands have changed and lawsuits happened, H&H Midtown Bagels is the closest relative to the famous bagel recipe. Like the outpost on the Upper East Side, the UWS location offers bagels, a slew of flavored cream cheese, fish, and sandwiches.
  • Where to Get Your Thanksgiving Turkey, Sides, and More in NYC:   Yes, it’s nice to be chef for the day and make everything for Thanksgiving from scratch. But, also, it’s hard. That’s a lot of food, and sometimes you need a helping hand — or don’t feel like cooking at all — but still want a great meal at home.
  • THE BEST COCKTAILS UNDER $10 IN NYC: But there are a select few places in New York City where you can have your booze and more money in your wallet, too. We searched across the city to find the best cocktails for less than $10 -- none of which require rushing to happy hour.
  • 12 Impressive New Noodle Dishes That Will at Least Make You Feel a Little Better: Winter is right around the corner, both literally and metaphorically, which means: It is noodle season. New York’s ramen obsession hasn’t abated yet, and new shops continue to open, while some of the city’s top spots introduce new and often very creative bowls. But there’s a good chance you’re going to need more in the noodle-soup department than just ramen to get to the finish line this year. With that in mind, here are 12 new noodle soups to check out.



  • New York’s Best Fall Dishes: Gabe Stulman’s cozy trattoria, Perla, may have relocated to West 4th St. (and added “Café” to its name), but you’ll still find the same brand of simple, honest, unpretentious Italian fare, such as Squash Salad with cloumage, pumpkin seeds and brown butter vinaigrette, cabbage-stuffed Agnolotti strewn with hazelnuts, Strip Steak paired with jewel yams, and Chicken over barley and brussels sprouts, seasoned with salty guanciale.
  • French Fare, Sans Meat: Mushroom Snails and Seitan Steak in the West Village: Located in a tiny, brick-walled space on a tree-lined stretch of Christopher Street just off Sheridan Square, Délice & Sarrasin is the Platonic ideal of a cozy French bistro, if Plato had been a vegan more concerned with comfort and atmosphere than epicurean adventure.

  • Her Big Idea, Season 1: Watch a great video about Sarabeth's founder and baker Sarabeth Levine’s “Big Idea”.

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