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Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Weekly Roundup: The Best Restaurant In America, A Look Around The New Union Square Cafe and 13 Food Trends For The New Year

  • Where-To-Go Wednesday - Foods Of NY Tours: One of the things New York City is known for is the availability of a wide variety of great tasting foods of all types. If you want the opportunity to learn where to get some of those delicious foods and even a chance to taste some of them, you will definitely want to take part in a Foods of NY Tour.

  • The Prophet of the Soil: There are plenty of restaurants that, like Blue Hill at Stone Barns, create unforgettable experiences for their guests. But this restaurant, set on a working farm tucked among rolling hills 30 miles north of Manhattan, is the best restaurant in America because it is more than a restaurant. 
  • The Absolute Best Restaurant for Group Dining in New York: Here are the five best restaurants for a group dinner in New York, plus a whole host of runners-up that offer a wide range of festive delights, from whole-beast feasts to a private pizza party to Korean with a side of karaoke.
  • At Aska, a Nordic Chef’s Vision Bears Fruit (and Lichens).  One of the 20 or so courses served to me the first time I ate at the new Aska in Brooklyn was a cluster of nasturtium leaves, next to a bundle of burned herb sprigs and flower stalks, tied up with a string. It looked pretty and pagan at the same time, like a page from a Martha Stewart lifestyle magazine for witches.
  • Take a Look Around the New Union Square Cafe, Opening Next Week:  It’s been nearly a year since Danny Meyer’s seminal New American restaurant Union Square Cafe shut its doors, and next week, the hospitality titan's flagship restaurant will open again a few blocks north. It’s not a replica of the old restaurant. 

  • The Best Restaurants in America: Most of all, in a complicated time for our country, this body of restaurants represents a definition of the United States that I cherish: multicultural, ambitious, welcoming. These are places for us all to savor. I’ll meet you at the table.
  • A New Warning Says We Could Run Out of Fish by 2048: If the world keeps fishing at its current pace, there will no more fish left to eat by 2048. That’s the dire warning laid out by the World Wildlife Federation, which says that the planet’s fishing fleet is two to three times larger than the oceans can support, and that 85 percent of the world’s fisheries are either fully exploited or overexploited, depleted, or recovering from depletion.
  • Inside Jetro Cash & Carry, the Store Every New York Restaurant Owner Truly Loathes: New York’s restaurateurs have to deal with an enormous number of headaches: managing constant staff turnover, comforting overly demanding diners, struggling with rising rents, hoping ConEd doesn’t turn off the gas, and navigating the terrifying shopping experience at Jetro Cash & Carry, a massive restaurant-supply store in Gowanus, Brooklyn.
  • 13 FOOD TREND FORECASTS FOR THE NEW YEAR: From the triumphant return of French cuisine to the frenzy over fermentation to the new “it” vegetable, we’ve got the roadmap to guide you through the highways and byways of the culinary landscape for 2017.
    • Trending: Poke Shops Popping Up Everywhere in NYC.  Late 2015’s hottest trend only got trendier this past year, and now fast-casual poke shops are spreading like wildfire. The best poke spots during the first wave were limited to mostly Midtown, but you can now find the Hawaiian marinated fish dish in just about any neighborhood. 


  • Rediscovering the Festive Fizz of Lambrusco: Most wine lovers dismiss lambrusco out of hand. It’s burdened by the notion that it’s pink, sweet and fizzy, like the cheap versions that flooded America in the 1970s and ’80s. But only the fizzy part is consistently accurate.
  • Sietsema’s 20 Great West Village Restaurants: Here are 20 of my favorite places to eat, scuttling roughly from south to north, and varying in price from cheap [C} to moderate [M] to expensive [E].

  • A Beginner's Guide To Eating Dim Sum: For a first timer, the system for navigating all the sensory overload can be confusing. Dim sum restaurants don't always offer a menu unless it's for kitchen items like soups, rice and noodles. Dumplings often hide their contents inside opaque wrappers, and shy persons might feel awkward asking a million questions about what's inside.
  • El Rey Chef Takes Chinatown with Lalo: Under Gerardo Gonzalez, El Rey emerged as one of the chicest gathering hubs on the Lower East Side; an area already deluged with impossibly hip people (case in point — it made a cameo appearance on an episode of Aziz Ansari’s “Master of None”).  So acolytes who’ve sorely missed his breezy, healthy Cal-Mex fare since his departure last April would be well advised to follow Gonzalez to Chinatown, where he recently resurfaced with a brand new project called Lalo.

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