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Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Weekly Roundup: Your Christmas Day NYC Dining Guide, Worlds Cheapest Michelin Star Restaurant Opens In The Village and Decorate Cookies Like A Boss

  • A Guide to Obnoxious Hotel Restaurant Bathrooms (And How to Find Them): Some of New York’s most exciting restaurants are located in hotels these days. And many of these establishments have bathrooms that are located across lobbies, inside basements, or hidden around corners where you’d never expect to find them.  Here, now, is Eater’s official list of Obnoxious Hotel Restaurant Bathrooms, with notes on how to find them.
  • The Top 10 New York Dishes of 2016: As time passes, though, it’s the less frenetic stuff that tends to stand out in my memory. The juicy rosé-colored slab of roast beef, the egg on toast served Mumbai style, the île flottante that vanished on my tongue leaving behind just a memory of transient happiness — these are some of my favorite dishes from new restaurants in New York, listed here in no particular order.
  • Where to Dine on Christmas Day 2016: If you don’t especially feel like fussing with a turkey, ham or goose this Christmas (or squeezing friends and family into your miniature NYC apartment), there’s zero shame in passing the buck to a talented, trained chef.  Booking a table at one of the following restaurants guarantees double the courses and double the truffles with 100% less of the dishes; so skive off some of your holiday-related responsibilities by scoring a spot at Fowler & Wells today!
  • The Absolute Best Dumplings in New York: New York has always been a great dumpling town. But recent developments have thrust the dough balls further into the spotlight.

  • How the Hospitality Industry Is Adapting to Laptop Squatters: Glass Hour is America’s first “anti-cafe,” a cultural import from Russia that, at least in New York, embraces the current trajectory of the modern work space. Rather than have customers pay by the cup and justify their stay by continually buying more, laptop rats simply have to pay a rate of five cents per minute. (The first hour, however, is fixed at $6 to make sure customers don’t run off with a 10-cent cup of coffee.)
  • Climate Change Could Mean the End of Fish and Chips: Warming waters might mean the end of fish and chips as we know it in the United Kingdom. The fish traditionally used for the dish — species like cod, flounder, and haddock — are moving north as water temperatures rise in the North Sea. Moving in are warmwater species more commonly found near countries like Spain and Portugal, including anchovies, sardines, and particularly squid.
  • Bocuse d’Or Team USA Just Created Epic Cereal Bowls For Kellogg's NYC: Kellogg’s NYC, the recently opened cereal bar in Times Square (with recipes by Christina Tosi), is rolling our new creations from Bocuse d'Or Team USA starting this week. Two years ago, the U.S. team placed second at the competition many consider to be the culinary Olympics. Next month, Team USA heads out once again to the biennial event in Lyon, France.
  • A Royal-Icing Tutorial: Decorate Christmas Cookies Like a Boss.  When it comes to an afternoon of bonding with the kids, there's something to be said for living in the moment, and letting the frostings fall where they may. At other times, it can be super satisfying to exercise your creativity and treat Christmas cookies like a work of art.


  • Boucherie Does Right By The Classic French Bistro: The bistro format will never go out of style—who could get sick of steaming bowls of mussels and steak frites?—and there's another in the city's fleet of classic French restaurants at Boucherie, open now in the West Village. 

  • Kati Roll Wants to Be New York’s Next Big Fast Casual Export: Before fast casual restaurants became trendy, New York had The Kati Roll Company. It opened in a 300-square-foot space in Greenwich Village in 2002, primarily serving the Indian street food that’s a paratha flatbread wrapped around beef or chana masala or paneer cheese. 
  • SoHo Scores New By Chloe Location, Open Thursday: Sweet news for SoHo workers and residents: The superb vegan restaurant by Chloe will open its third NYC location tomorrow (Thursday) on Lafayette Street. Doors will pop on the place for breakfast starting at 7:30 a.m., and continue on through lunch and dinner.
  • THE BEST THING WE ATE FOR UNDER $10 THIS WEEK: MANOUSHEH'S $6 COCKTAIL MANOUSHEH. Manousheh is technically a breakfast dish in Lebanon, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be consumed at other times of the day. Each one of these circular flatbreads is baked to order in the cozy store’s brick oven until it’s puffy and slightly chewy. There are six different topping options available, but none involve your standard tomato sauce and globs of mozzarella.

  • World's Cheapest Michelin Restaurant Opening Dim Sum Eatery Friday In NYC: Tim Ho Wan, the dim sum-centric eatery started by Mak Kwai Pui and Leung Fai Keung in Hong Kong, opens their first United States location—and 45th global location—this Friday on 4th Avenue in the East Village. The restaurant, noted as the the world's least expensive eatery to earn a Michelin nod, classifies its chefs as "Dim Sum Specialists" who'll be crafting classic dishes, all of which are priced under $5.50.

  • Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare Makes the Move to Manhattan: The Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, one of America’s most acclaimed fine dining restaurants, moved from Downtown Brooklyn to Hell’s Kitchen earlier this week. Chef César Ramirez didn’t tell anyone about the move, except for his staff and his guests, but now the three Michelin-star tasting counter is up and running in a space attached to the 37th Street location of the Brooklyn Fare grocery store.

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