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Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Weekly Roundup: FNYT In The News, 11 New NYC Lunch Menus and The Doughnut Project Introduces The Sweet "Restaurant Series"

  • Escape to New York City: Journal entries from a constant wanderer.  I took to Trip Advisor in search of some ideas in our budget and it wasn’t hard to stumble on the Foods of New York Tours. It was rated one of the top things to do in NYC with more than 2,622 reviews. If you know Trip Advisor, that is an accomplishment in itself.

  • Why Chefs Can’t Resist Reviving the French Dip: The French dip isn’t just a recipe; it’s a national treasure. Said to have been invented in L.A. circa World War I by either Philippe the Original or Cole’s P.E. Buffet, depending on which old-fashioned dive’s colorful origin story you believe, it’s a simple dish that transcends its simplicity — just meat and bread and heady pan juices.
  • Cuomo Says New York Movie Theaters Should Sell Beer and Wine: In the 2017 budget he proposed yesterday, Cuomo calls on the State Liquor Authority to issue beer and wine licenses to all theaters statewide, and then “incentivize” the libations in particular from New York breweries and wineries, which thankfully are growing in number every day. 
  • State Senate Takes Aim at Plastic Bag Fee in New York City: Republican-controlled State Senate approved a bill that would kill the fee, amplifying a criticism that has dogged the plan and delayed its implementation by months: that it is not only financially burdensome for some, but also a broad government overreach meant to annoy shoppers into changing their ways.
  • 11 New Lunch Menus to Check Out in New York: While the on-the-go lunch might be the New York norm, some kitchens are taking things up a notch during the noon hour with creative menus and lunch-only dishes. Ranging from the prix fixe power meal to a cozy spot for a midday stop, here are the latest spots offering a midday fuel-up. 

  • Half of the Fish in L.A.’s Sushi Restaurants Aren’t What You Ordered: Anyone dying to see how out of control fish fraud’s gotten these days can apparently just visit their favorite L.A. sushi house for a 50-50 shot of experiencing it firsthand. A new, four-year-long study from researchers at UCLA and Loyola Marymount University found that just shy of half — 47 percent — of 364 fish samples at the city’s sushi restaurants were mislabeled. 
  • The 16 Most Anticipated Restaurant Openings of 2017: It's all happening. It's a new year, a new president, and, lo, a new crop of restaurants to obsess over. Winter's not known for being the busiest season when it comes to openings, but this year, there's a slew of chefs who set their eyes on making the first months of 2017 way more delicious. Among the many restaurants coming down the pike, a few really stand out.
  • Our 9,000-Year Love Affair With Booze: Alcohol isn’t just a mind-altering drink: It has been a prime mover of human culture from the beginning, fueling the development of arts, language, and religion.
  • MAKE A BETTER MEATBALL WITH THIS SECRET INGREDIENT: Most people have a meatball recipe in their repertoire, and for good reason: the versatility of this culinary staple grants home cooks a blank canvas on which try out a multitude of flavor combinations. Nebraska chef Joel Marr’s technique yields an elevated take on the humble dish, letting pork cheeks shine as the star ingredient.


  • Anita Lo's 17-Year-Old West Village Restaurant Annisa To Close In May: Annisa, Anita Lo's 17-year-old West Village staple, will close in May. In a dispiriting report from the Times, Lo reveals that a substantial increase in real estate taxes, coupled with the new minimum wage increase, made business untenable and she feels it's "impossible for her to keep up with costs."
  • Restaurant Dishes Turned Into Doughnuts Are Doughnut Project's Latest Experiment: The Doughnut Project's continuing mission to expand the parameters of the doughnut universe continues with their latest batch of speciality yeast treats, which are inspired by founders Troy Neal and Leslie Polizzotto's favorite restaurant dishes. The "Restaurant Series" doughnuts will be weekend specials at their small West Village shop, with a different doughnut available each week for six weeks.
    • Making Doughnuts at The Doughnut Project: In this episode of “Food Skills,” we head to The Doughnut Project in the West Village where owners Troy Neal and Leslie Polizzotto are frying up some outrageous, sweet-and-savory creations. 

  • Pig Bleecker Wants to Marry Barbecue and Fine Dining in a ‘Big Old Hug’: The newest restaurant from the team behind seasonal Brooklyn barbecue restaurant, Pig Beach, is technically not a barbecue spot, though smoked brisket, beef rib, and corn bread are on the menu in composed dishes. Chef Matt Abdoo who’s opening Pig Bleecker on Wednesday, Jan. 18 at 155 Bleecker St. is calling it “refined, smoke-centric comfort food,” with dishes like brisket ravioli, beef rib with a Tomahawk steak, and cheddar cornbread in madeline form.
    • Barbecue Meets Fine Dining at Pig Bleecker, Opening Tomorrow: That’s how Pig Beach landed on the banks of the Gowanus Canal two summers ago: Shawger, along with Ed McFarland (Ed’s Lobster Bar), Shane McBride (Balthazar), and Matt Abdoo (Del Posto) parlayed experience gained on the BBQ circuit into a seasonal smoke-shack sideline. 
  • A Shop Devoted to Raw Cookie Dough Is Opening in New York Next Week: DO (pronounced dough) is terrible news for anyone whose only obstacle to gorging on raw cookie dough is the FDA’s warning against eating uncooked eggs and flour. Founder Kristen Tomlan found a way to render the stuff harmless, with a pasteurized-egg product and heat-treated flour, and launched an online company that celebrates proto-cookie goop in every imaginable form.

  • Lauded French Chef To Take Helm at New Chelsea Market Restaurant Grand Crew: A new restaurant with an acclaimed French chef will replace the short-lived Bar Truman inside the Chelsea Market.  Chef Laurent Gras, known for his now-shuttered, Michelin-starred restaurant L20 in Chicago, will take the helm at Grand Crew, documents filed with Community Board 4 show.
  • The Sound and Fury of Handmade Dough at Very Fresh Noodles: The chef stands alone behind a pane of glass in a cramped corner stall in Chelsea Market. It is not yet noon, the hour of madness. With the back of one hand, he swiftly pats down a small loaf’s worth of dough. When it’s flat, he snaps it on the counter, each snap stretching it, making it looser and sheerer, until it shimmies like a Chinese dancer’s never-ending sleeve.
  • Shakes and Breakfast All Day at New Creamline: The new Creamline shop, a branch of the company’s flagship in Chelsea Market, serves comfort food like fried chicken sandwiches, all-day breakfast, fried Oreos, and soft-serve and milkshakes from Ronnybrook Farm Dairy.

  • Can this restaurant reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s?  Bring an appetite, but leave your mind behind, when you drop into Honeybrains.  The new Noho restaurant is co-owned by a neurologist, and it claims to be more that just a mere grab-and-go spot for grains bowls and avocado toasts. Rather, it bills itself as a “public health care initiative set in a cafe.”
  • Passed Dim Sum With Dumplings In Duck Pho Broth Begins This Weekend: Fish Cheeks in NoHo is doing a Thai lunch of dishes like Senn Lek Tom Yum with Prince Edward Island mussels, shrimp, squid, thin rice noodles, soft boiled egg, cilantro, galangal, shallot and lemongrass broth and Pla Muk Kai Kem with stir fried squid, salted duck egg, scallion, celery leaves, onion and long red chili over rice. 

  • Chinatown’s Fong Inn Too Closes Today: The family-run shop has been making tofu, rice cakes, and rice noodles since the 1930s.
  • Where to Dine During Chinese New Year 2017: According to the Chinese Lunar calendar, the New Year (i.e., the Year of the Rooster) doesn’t really begin until January 28th.  And there are a whole host of other — frequently edible — traditions that surround the multi-day celebration, so if you want to hedge your bets for longevity, prosperity, family togetherness and happiness in the coming months (and goodness knows, we all need it), consider feasting on spring rolls, dumplings and noodles at the following observant spots.

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