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Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Weekly Roundup: 10 Must Try NYC Chicken Wings for Superbowl, Naples's Best Pizza Maker Lands On The Bowery and 12 Restaurants to Ring In The Chinese New Year

  • Union Square Cafe’s Next-Door Takeaway Shop Opens This Friday: When Danny Meyer found a new home for Union Square Cafe, the lease included the space next door. And so what had been Duke’s Original Roadhouse is now Daily Provisions, a takeout shop and café serving breakfast and lunch, with plans for dinner come spring. 
  • New City Council Bill Would Require Letter Grades on New York’s Food Carts: Lamb over rice is one step closer to being certified as sanitary as well as halal. The Daily News says Queens councilwoman Karen Koslowitz will formally introduce a bill today requiring New York City food trucks and carts to display letter grades. 
  • Madison Square Garden Buys Massive Stake in Clubstaurant Juggernaut Tao Group: It’s a good time to be in the business of building five story-tall buddha statues, or making sparklers that you can stick in the tops of Champagne bottles. The company that owns Madison Square Garden, the Knicks, and Radio City Music Hall in NYC is joining forces with the operators of some of America’s most profitable nightclubs and clubstaurants.
  • The Absolute Best Poke Bowl in New York: Poke, a dish traditionally made with fresh raw fish and toppings like onions and seaweed, has been popular in Hawaii for decades. But in the past year or so, the poke bowl’s fandom in New York has exploded, and poke has moved from something you’d see once in a blue moon to the most popular “food concept” in the city. 

  • Late to the Game, Football Stadiums Aim for Better Food: As another Super Bowl nears, the Vikings, with a few other teams in the National Football League, are leading a charge to upgrade food in the tradition-bound world of football stadium concessions, one of last big captive markets to address the broadening culinary sensibilities of fans.
  • Can Mom-and-Pop Pizzerias Be Modernized? How one entrepreneur is bringing new customers to old-fashioned restaurants.
  • Rao’s Owner Frank Pellegrino Sr. Has Died: Charles Rao opened Rao’s in 1896 — the historic Harlem restaurant that’s arguably the most exclusive place in New York — but it was Frank Pellegrino Sr. (his nephew) who transformed it into what it is today.
  • How Restaurants Literally Stay Warm in Winter: Some cities prefer one style over others. Those acrylic and vinyl vestibules have often been a fascination in New York City, where they’re ubiquitous, but you’re not likely to see many in, say, Toronto or DC. But why? How do restaurants strategize against the cold weather?


  • After 17 Years, This 3-Star Chef’s Closing Her Restaurant Because It’s ‘Grow or Die’: As she told the Times, her real-estate taxes, coupled with the new minimum-wage law, creates too large of a burden to bear, so she’ll close her beloved West Village restaurant in May. But it’s more than just a financial decision — Lo has literally worked herself to the bone. Here, she explains.
  • The New Chumley’s Raises the Culinary Bar: If you heard that Chumley’s is open again, you were misinformed. The dim, spare, beer-scented hideaway in the West Village is gone, torn down, not coming back. At its old address is a restaurant that has nothing in common with the original except a name, a door, an archway and framed photographs of, and jackets of books by, writers who used to drink there. Most of them wouldn’t be able to afford a cocktail there now, let alone dinner.

  • NYC Just Opened A Cookie Dough Cafe And It’s Exactly What We Need Right Now: The shop serves up raw, ready-to-eat dough that’s safe to eat on its own — because the dough is made with pasteurized eggs (i.e., no salmonella here!) and served slightly chilled.
  • Inside Cafe Wha?, The Legendary Club Where Hendrix & Springsteen Performed: Some of the most important music in American history has been played in a dark, narrow basement club off MacDougal Street known the world over as Cafe Wha. Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, and Bruce Springsteen have performed on its stage, and Beat poet legends like Kerouac and Ginsberg have burned the midnight oil sitting in its snug booths. Nowadays, the place still swings, thanks in large part to a cover band of ace musicians that sets the room ablaze five night a week. 
  • 10 Must-Try Chicken Wings Around NYC: For those seeking out serious barbecue check out this newly minted Greenwich Village offshoot of Brooklyn’s Pig Beach. The barbecue chicken wing "lollipops" are fried to crispy perfection and slathered in zesty Hatch pepper vinegar and kicky housemade Alabama white barbecue sauce.  

  • Five Outrageous Feasts to Order for Your Super Bowl LI Party: Michael Solomonov’s famed Philly import is offering a lamb shoulder spread that feeds up to eight people. The roasted lamb shoulder comes with Moroccan carrots, twice-cooked eggplant, freshly baked pita, hummus, and Persian rice with barberries and pistachios. The feast costs $260 and is available for pickup from 10:00 a.m. until noon and 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m.
  • Creamline’s Second Store is a Sweet Addition to Seventh: “Our guests at Chelsea Market are typically very international. We’re very proud of that. Sure, locals go there; but we wanted to see how the locals jump on the train with us, and so far its just been fantastic,” Mayer-Selinger said, adding that most of the customers on Seventh Ave. have been locals.

  • Saxon + Parole And Public Will Soon Serve The Bleeding Veggie Burger: Two more New York restaurants are hopping on the bleeding veggie burger train. Chef Brad Farmerie will be adding burgers made out of the plant-based product from Impossible Foods to the menus of his downtown hit Saxon + Parole and Michelin-starred Public this week.
  • Naples’ Most Famous Pizzaiolo Will Open a Pizzeria on Bowery and More Intel: Neapolitan pizzaiolo, Gino Sorbillo is opening a pizzeria at 334 Bowery, reports Bowery Boogie. “News of his arrival on the Lower East Side came through Community Board 2, as Sorbillo seeks full liquor privileges for the establishment.” One of Italy’s most public food figures, Sorbillo became famous for his oversized, soft-crust, incredibly light Neapolitan pizza topped with high-quality ingredients that’s so otherworldly good, it draws hours-long crowds in his hometown. 
    • Naples’s Best Pizza Maker Is Loved and Hated for Good Reason: Number 32 on this street is home to La Pizzeria Sorbillo, Naples’s best and most famous pizza hub. Pizza-master Gino Sorbillo has garnered a long list of awards (his most recent accolade comes from the championship of Neapolitan Pizza). When he’s not flipping pies, Sorbillo is traveling around the world making appearances on cooking shows, explaining his ethos on perfecting Neapolitan pizza. 
  • At America’s Oldest Cheese Shop, Tony Danza Commands Your Attention: So it is not surprising that I never noticed the Alleva Dairy cheese shop snuggled at the intersection of Mulberry and Grand Streets; according to friends of mine who have been visiting the shop since the ‘80s, I’d been missing out.

  • NYC's 5 Best Buffets: If you’re with a group of 10 or more people, you can help yourself to a dim sum all-you-can-eat dining experience at Nom Wah Tea Parlor. There’s no limit to how many refills you can get on ten of Nom Wah’s most beloved dim sum dishes, and to top it all off, the beer and wine are also bottomless.
  • With Lalo, Gerardo Gonzalez Brings a Taste of San Diego to Chinatown: Few chefs have embraced the challenges of a tiny kitchen the way Gerardo Gonzalez did at Nick Morgenstern's El Rey Coffee Bar and Luncheonette, the cozy Lower East Side café he turned into a destination for designer avocado toast. 
  • 12 Restaurants Where You Can Ring In the Chinese New Year Deliciously: The Chinese New Year is this Saturday, when the Year of the Rooster will be ushered in. Along with the festivities in neighborhoods like Chinatown and Flushing, where the crowds will be humongous, you’ll find plenty of restaurants celebrating the holiday. Some are opting to go all-in with banquet-style menus, while others are serving special dim sum, noodles, and, of course, chicken dishes. Here, 12 places to ring in the Rooster.

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